Chapter 1252 - Lively Town

Void Iron? Shi Feng fell into deep thought as he examined the Void Bomb Design.

Thus far, only he knew the secret that Void Iron veins could produce Seven Luminaries Crystals. Hence, the current superpowers shouldn't be so desperate to secure the veins yet. Even so, the fact that a Void Iron vein could produce Magic Crystals was tempting enough. Void Iron was also far more valuable than Magic Crystals. If a Void Iron vein were discovered, many of the superpowers would rush into the competition for it.

Fortunately, it was not completely impossible for Zero Wing to occupy a Void Iron vein.

There were very few Void Iron veins in God's Domain, and they were all located in very dangerous areas, the lowest of which were above Level 60. Among them, one Void Iron vein could be found in the Storm Empire.

If we can occupy a Void Iron vein, with the Candlelight Trading Firm's strength, we'll be capable of mass-producing the Void Bomb. They'll be very useful against Dungeon Bosses or in Guild Wars. Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng's eyes shone with excitement. If even the Basic Mana Pulse Bombs could be so beneficial, mass-producing the Void Bombs would elevate the Guild's strength to a whole new level. It would be a huge waste to pass up mass-production. If there's an opportunity, we'll have to make a trip to the Eye of the Storm.

The Storm Empire's Void Iron vein was located in the Eye of the Storm, which also happened to be the largest canyon in the empire. Due to the area's steep terrain, it wasn't a suitable place for humans to build their homes. Hence, foreign races had ruled over the Eye of the Storm for many years, making it a very dangerous place for humans. As for the map's Level range, it was between Level 60 to Level 90. Players below Tier 2 would surely die if they explored the map carelessly.

Due to these risks, it impossible that any current players or Guilds had discovered the vein. It was even less likely that anyone had claimed it. Just knowing this gave Shi Feng a huge advantage.

"Guild Leader, you're so unfair. How can you admire the items without me?" Fire Dance whined at Shi Feng, who had been grinning silently into the Treasure Chest.

Although she had watched and waited to see what items the Treasure Chest spawned, she couldn't see how many had appeared.

Shi Feng had just opened an Inferior Legendary Treasure Chest. Since there were two items inside, they must be extraordinary.

"Here you go. But let's keep this between us; don't tell anyone." Shi Feng finally remembered that Fire Dance was waiting beside him. He then shared the item's statistics with her.

Upon seeing the information, Fire Dance was dazed.

Both the Nightwalker's Cape and the Void Bomb Design were astounding items. If they could mass-produce the Void Bombs, in particular, they wouldn't have any issues dealing with Mythic monsters in the future.

However, the fact that Shi Feng could equip the Nightwalker's Cape right now was even more shocking than the items themselves.

Her Thousand Transformations only had an Equipment Requirement of 700 Strength and 700 Agility, yet the Nightwalker's Cape required 1,500 Strength and 1,200 Agility!

Even Level 50, Tier 2 players would be hard-pressed to meet such high requirements.

"Guild Leader, what level are you right now?" Fire Dance asked curiously.

"Level 50," Shi Feng responded nonchalantly. He had no intention of hiding the truth from Fire Dance.

Hearing this response, Fire Dance was speechless.

She knew that Shi Feng possessed a hidden class. Moreover, leveling up his class required double the EXP of a normal class. Meanwhile, she had been trying desperately to level up. She had even taken down so many Bosses with Shi Feng. Even so, she was only Level 48. Although she was only two levels away from Level 50, with her leveling speed, she would roughly need another five or six days before hitting that milestone.

"Alright, snap out of it. I'll send the Void Bomb Design back with you, but first, make a few trips to the Sea God's Temples," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

He needed to synthesize a large quantity of Runic Crystals. He did not have the free time to travel to and from the Sea God's Temple. Meanwhile, Fire Dance was both stealthy and swift. As long as she held the Stormwind Emblem, she could convert the Runic Crystals into Sea God's Temple Points before converting those into Sea God's Blessings.

Following which, Shi Feng rapidly synthesized one Runic Crystal after another.

A stack contained one hundred individual Runic Fragments, and each synthesis required 50 fragments. Fortunately, the Philosopher's Stone had a synthesis success rate of 100%. In just a few seconds, Shi Feng finished synthesizing a Runic Crystal.

As Shi Feng synthesized Runic Crystals and Fire Dance moved the Runic Fragments from the Shop's warehouse to the second floor…

"Damn it! Why is that bastard still inside the Shop?! How many does he intend to buy?!" Scorpion muttered in annoyance as he glared at the grocery store opposite of the open-air bar he watched from. As he did not want to alert Shi Feng of his presence, he did not dare move too close to the Swordsman. After all, experts of their standards were extremely sensitive to their environments. If he accidentally leaked the slightest killing intent, Shi Feng was likely to discover him. When stalking targets of Shi Feng's caliber, he maintained a distance of over 200 yards.

Stormwind Town's security was much stricter than Blue Jade City's. Although these guards' levels were lower, there wasn't much difference to players of his level. They would die instantly either way. He couldn't afford to strike inside Stormwind Town. It would only be time to make his move after Shi Feng left the town to grind or quest.

Time passed quickly. Before Shi Feng realized it, the 1,000 Gold he had set up to purchase Runic Fragments had depleted. In the end, the Shop had purchased 20,000 fragment stacks in total. With this, he had bought out nearly every player in Stormwind Town.

However, news travels quickly, and players from other cities had discovered that a grocery store in Stormwind Town was purchasing Runic Fragments. They had rushed in from nearby towns and cities. Even now, a long line of players still waited by the Shop's entrance.

"Crap! Why aren't they buying anymore?! I just arrived for god's sake!"

"Are you guys buying fragments tomorrow?"

"I still have 30 stacks here!"

The players outside of the Shop grew flustered, afraid that they had missed their chance to make some money.

"Dear customers, please rest assured that our store will purchase a large quantity of Runic Fragments every day. However, as we have already reached our quota for today, please come back tomorrow," one of the female NPCs managing the store formally announced as Shi Feng had requested.

Hearing the announcement, everyone outside the Shop relaxed. Many reluctant players even decided to spend 2 Silver Coins to set a stall up beside the store. They intended to wait until the next day to sell off their Runic Fragments.

The business district had grown quite lively. As more time passed, even more players rushed to the area as some set up stalls and others visited bars to chat while they passed the time. In less than half an hour, the crowd had doubled.

"Guild Leader, have these people lost their minds? They're actually willing to wait until tomorrow to sell their Runic Fragments?" Fire Dance was confused as she watched the players crowd the street outside the shop.

Rather than waiting here, doing nothing, it would be much more profitable to grind or quest.

"It isn't that easy to make money in God's Domain. These players have particularly larger expenditures," Shi Feng explained, smiling bitterly in response to Fire Dance's question.

Fire Dance was a considerably powerful expert. After joining Zero Wing, her strength had even increased by leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, the Guild paid for most of her costs, including her repair fees and the cost of her usual consumable items. In addition, she wore a set of top-tier equipment. Her equipment needs were met. Even if they weren't, her weapons and equipment were not easy to obtain for players or Guilds. She was oblivious about the suffering independent players faced in God's Domain.

Most elite players in Sea's End only made 10 Silver or so each day and that was if they teamed up. They earned even less if they operated solo. Both land and sea monsters rarely dropped Coins. They mainly dropped materials, and NPCs usually purchased these materials for very little, yet selling one's stock to payers would require a lot of time. For the majority of these players, quests were their most profitable source of income. Unfortunately, very few players actually got their hands on high-quality quests.

To these players, an opportunity to sell their Runic Fragments for 5 Silver per stack was like a gift from heaven. If they had stockpiled fragments, they could easily make several Gold. How could these players possibly bypass such a golden opportunity?

"Alright, now that we've traded for all of the Sea God's Blessings we can, it's time we leave this place."



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