Chapter 1263 - Becoming Famous at Sea

The Reef Sea, famed for its coral reefs, pearls, and other precious materials, was a Level 40 to Level 55 high-resource map.

A short distance away from Reef Island, dozens of speedboats attacked a massive, Level 53 sea monster.

Unlike normal sea monsters, this was a Boss—a Chieftain rank sea monster. It was also one of Reef Sea's overloads.

Right now, this overlord had very little HP remaining.

"It's HP is at 20%! Advanced speedboats, back away! Let the Bronze Speedboats tank it!" Hundred Leaves commanded through the team chat.

After the Freedom Alliance redistributed the leveling maps, the Eighth Fleet's members traveled to the Reef Sea and Echo Canyon to level. The first thing they needed to do was kill the maps' Field Bosses.

The first reason was to guarantee their ships' safety when exploring these maps, allowing their members easy access to towns and leveling spots.

The second reason was to obtain the weapons and equipment these Bosses dropped.

Each map had a limited number of Field Bosses. Once these Bosses were killed, they could take anywhere from one to three days to respawn. Each time players killed these Bosses, they dropped fewer top-tier weapons and equipment when they respawned. Hence, when the area's major powers discovered a Field Boss, they swarmed to kill it immediately.

This was also why conflict was so common in leveling maps.

As independent players passed, they watched the Eighth Fleet with shock and envy.

"The Freedom Alliance's Eighth Fleet is so strong! They're actually challenging a Nineclaw Squid so soon after arriving! Even the Freedom Alliance's Second Fleet never dared to challenge this Boss!"

"Haven't you heard? There's been a huge shift in the Freedom Alliance's ranks. The Eighth Fleet currently ranks the second strongest. As for the Second Fleet, it's ranked tenth."

"We really got lucky this time. If they kill the Nineclaw squid, it'll be easier to get to Reef Island."

The passing players chatted as they watched the battle.

Not only was the Nineclaw Squid one of Reef Sea's overlords, but it was also Reef Island's gatekeeper. Reef Island was a valuable location due to its ancient ruins. One could obtain plenty of treasures and top-tier items in those ruins. However, players had to get past the Nineclaw Squid before they could reach Reef Island.

Some time later, the Nineclaw Squid shrieked as its body slammed into the water. A large number of items then dropped around its body.

The spectators drooled when they saw the loot. As this was the first time the Nineclaw Squid had been killed, it had dropped plenty of items. They could count at least 50 in total. Moreover, every item was top-tier. If put up for auction, the items would easily sell for large sums. Of course, the Eighth Fleet had also paid a considerable price for these items. In total, they had lost three advanced speedboats and eleven ordinary speedboats. The fleet's Bronze Speedboats also received varying amounts of damage. The repairs would be costly.

Repairing ships was far more expensive than repairing weapons and equipment. Even an ordinary speedboat with half of its durability would cost around 2 or 3 Gold to repair. Advanced Speedboats could cost anywhere from 10 to 20 Gold. Needless to say, Bronze Speedboats were even more expensive. Moreover, Advanced Ship Shipwright.

"Someone collect the loot. Everyone else, rest up. We'll dock on Reef Island soon," Hundred Leaves instructed. She then noticed the communication request from Uncle Li. Revealing an excited expression, she accepted the call and asked, "Uncle Li, have you dealt with the issue?"

As far as she was concerned, once she dispatched Uncle Li's party, Shi Feng had no hope of survival. Uncle Li must have contacted her to report his success.

"No. The assassination failed," Uncle Li said, shaking his head.

"Failed?" Hundred Leaves was momentarily stunned. Quickly, she reacted and asked, "Is he that strong?"

Uncle Li was the Sacred Temple's number one assassination expert.

Both Vanishing Cloud and Agile Thunder God were advanced techniques that even Domain Realm experts struggled to learn. Agile Thunder God, in particular, allowed one to become practically invincible in melee combat, giving the player the upper hand in every exchange.

"That's not the case. When we attacked, his companions showed up to protect him." When Uncle Li thought about Fire Dance, he was disappointed that he couldn't recruit the woman.

"Uncle Li, whatever you need for the next assassination attempt, just ask. I can even hire other assassination experts to help you." After hearing about Shi Feng's companions, Hundred Leaves had a rough guess as to what had happened.

Usually, assassination attempts were carefully planned. An unexpected factor would significantly decrease the chances of success.

Unfortunately, now that the first attempt had failed, Shi Feng would be on guard, making it even more difficult to kill the Swordsman.

"I've already discussed this with the Guild Leader, and we have agreed to give up this mission for the moment," Uncle Li said.

"Give up? Why?" Hundred Leaves demanded.

"The target and his companions are all extremely powerful. I believe that they are supported by some superpower. Although we still don't know which superpower is moving in secret, our Sacred Temple has other matters to attend to. We don't have enough energy to fight another superpower," Uncle Li said seriously. "My Guild Leader had decided to ignore them temporarily. We'll decide what to do after we take control of the Freedom Alliance."

"The Guild Leader said that?" Although Hundred Leaves was hesitant, she had to obey the Guild Leader. "I understand. I'll make sure to secure the First Fleet position in the next siege battle."

"Ah, right. Also, the target has declared war on the House of Seas. Don't poke your nose into this matter. Let them wear each other down," Uncle Li warned her before disconnecting the call.

"He declared war on the House of Seas? Why? Has he lost his mind?" Hundred Leaves gaped, wondering if she had heard wrong.

The House of Seas was even stronger than the entire Freedom Alliance. It also had the support of a major corporation. It had both financial strength and manpower in abundance. Moreover, although it wasn't as powerful as a super-first-rate Guilds, due to the situation in Sea's End, it was much stronger than veteran first-rate Guilds.

Yet Shi Feng had openly declared war against the Guild…

She wasn't sure if Shi Feng was brave or just foolish.

Immediately, Hundred Leaves launched an investigation into the matter.

Before, she had focused on commanding the battle against the Nineclaw Squid, so she had been oblivious about anything outside of the battle.

"Who is this guy?" When Hundred Leaves received the information her subordinates had collected, she was astonished.

Shi Feng was simply overbearing!

He actually intended to fight the House of Seas to the bitter end.

Meanwhile, a storm brewed in the House of Seas' main headquarters in Meteorite City.

"Great! A single player dares to declare war against the House of Seas! Now, we're a laughingstock in Sea's End! Pass the word! Use everything we have to take down Stormwind Town! I want him obliterated! Send the Blood Drinking Legion to keep an eye on him as well! If he sets foot outside of the town, kill him! I want everyone in Sea's End to know that no one gets away with provoking the House of Seas!" Tyrant Serpent, the House of Seas' Guild Leader, laughed in anger after watching the declaration of war video on the official forums. "Since he wants to sell the Sea God's Blessing, I'll give him a chance! From now on, sell our Sea God's Blessings in our Shops! Sell them at 1 Gold per bottle! Didn't he recently purchase a large stock? I want to see just how much money he can afford to lose!"



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