Chapter 1286 - Competition Preparations

Big Dipper Tower's fifty-first floor, Chairman's Office:

Currently, two people sat in a large office by the french windows. Upon closer inspection, one would discover that these two people looked somewhat similar. Only, their auras were different. One radiated the energy that was unique to a martial artist, while the other's aura spoke of a high societal position.

These two were none other than the Big Dipper Group's Xiao brothers.

"Big Brother, I've looked it up already. To attract enough attention, the White Tiger Dojo has dispatched three experts from its main branch to participate in the competition. Are you sure we won't have any issues?" Xiao Yan asked worriedly.

The White Tiger Dojo was a titan in the fighting industry. The main branch's talents were all rising stars.

Take Gan Xingteng, who had defeated Chen Wu, for example. Despite being one of the White Tiger Dojo's advanced disciples, he didn't even qualify for the main branch's nurturing. It was clear how impressive the main branch's experts were.

Moreover, the competition had an age restriction that barred those over 20, cutting out organizations such as the Big Dipper Dojo. He wouldn't have been worried if the age restriction had been set to 25. After all, Shi Feng would be able to participate if that were the case. Moreover, they had Fire Dance, who had defeated Gan Xingteng in a single move. With those two, the Big Dipper Dojo could easily secure first place, yet neither could participate this time.

Xiao Yan was very familiar with the Big Dipper Dojo's members. Only a few among them could be professional fighters. Moreover, even if they participated in the city's annual fighting competition, they wouldn't rank within the top 100. How could these members possibly contend with the White Tiger Dojo's elites?

To put it crudely, even in a three-on-one fight, their opponent would win in three moves or less.

If they signed their members up for the competition, it wouldn't be a matter of winning or losing. It would be a matter of how badly they were humiliated. If they embarrassed themselves during such a grand event, it would impact the Big Dipper Dojo's future.

"Shi Feng's people have assured me that everything is in order. I've tried to ask the person himself, but he is still in the game, and it wouldn't be wise to interrupt him. After all, he has already guaranteed success," Xiao Yu responded with a concerned expression.

Big Dipper's future was at stake. He had tried to ask Liang Jing, but she had no information on these matters…

"Big Brother, I think we should try to get an answer from him. The competition is tomorrow. If we can't win, I'd rather be absent than humiliate ourselves. If that happens, we won't have any chance against the White Tiger Dojo," Xiao Yan said.

"Alright. Once Shi Feng leaves the game, I'll ask him." Xiao Yu agreed with his brother's logic.

The White Tiger Dojo was obviously serious about branching out to Jin Hai City and the several neighboring cities. Otherwise, it wouldn't have dispatched its elites to take part in the competition. After all, the qualifiers for national fighting competition would begin soon. Its elites should be either resting or preparing for that event. Taking part in this sudden competition would affect them.

As Xiao Yu and Xiao Yan chatted, Xiao Yu noticed that the do-not-disturb mode on Shi Feng's communication system had been removed. Immediately, he called the man.

"Chairman Xiao, what's with the early call? Has something urgent come up?" Shi Feng asked curiously when he saw Xiao Yu's nervous expression on his quantum watch's display.

"The White Tiger Dojo's friendly competition is tomorrow. May I inquire about Instructor Shi's preparations? If you need any help, just say the word. We will do our best to assist you," Xiao Yu said. Currently, his gaze was fixed on Shi Feng, hoping to determine the young man's confidence of winning the competition by his expression and tone. He had been a part of the business world for some time, so he could easily read the truth and lies on a person's face.

If Shi Feng didn't have the confidence, Xiao Yu would give up on the competition. After all, the dojo's honor was at stake. If others learned that the White Tiger Dojo's disciples defeated theirs in a single move, the Big Dipper Dojo would go of business.

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng replied, "Thank you for your concern, Chairman Xiao. Since you've offered, I could use your help with something.

The answer disappointed Xiao Yu.

However, after considering the matter, he found it to be reasonable. After all, just how long had the Big Dipper Dojo been in operation?

Even if they invested a ton of resources in their members, they wouldn't see the results for a long time. How could a few days of training possibly transform their members?

"Can you think of a way to obtain a few more bottles of S-rank Nutrient Fluid? I'm willing to purchase them for a high price," Shi Feng asked, somewhat embarrassed.

He had already troubled Xiao Yu for ten bottles. However, he had given all ten to Shadow Sword and Turtledove. He had nothing left for Fire Dance, Cola, Ye Wumian, Flying Shadow, or the other core members.

The Guild's main force members were nearly ready to challenge their Tier 2 promotion. However, challenging their Hell Mode Promotion Quests would be very difficult unless they improved their combat standards.

If he could get his hands on more S-rank Nutrient Fluids, he could help the others grow stronger.

"This…" Xiao Yu was speechless. Obtaining the previous ten bottles had taken a lot of effort, yet Shi Feng wanted more. Shi Feng was practically treating the S-rank Nutrient Fluid as if it were water. "Instructor Shi, I've already used my connections to obtain the previous bottles. I cannot get any more."

"I see…" After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng understood. If that were the case, he had no choice but to look for other methods to help his companions grow stronger. "Then, Chairman Xiao, I still have matters I need to deal with. I'll speak with you later."

"Wait…" Although Xiao Yu still had something to say, Shi Feng had already disconnected the call.

"Big Brother, how was it?" Xiao Yan asked.

"I don't know," Xiao Yu said, smiling bitterly. "Shi Feng is quite mysterious. If not for him being Ruoxi's classmate, I might even suspect him to be an old man that has lived through countless trials and tribulations. Despite his hundreds of weak points, I can't seem to find a way to strike."

"What? Even you couldn't see through him?" Xiao Yan asked in shock.

Xiao Yu had experienced countless battles in the business world while developing the Big Dipper Group. Many knew him to be a sly old fox. His ability to see through a facade was top-class, yet he couldn't see through Shi Feng. How could this not be shocking?

"Forget it. We'll participate in the competition tomorrow. If we don't, the White Tiger Dojo will have an excuse to slander our names. We just need to avoid losing too badly. In any case, we can redeem ourselves during the city's annual competition," Xiao Yu said after giving the matter some thought.

"The city competition?" Xiao Yan nodded in agreement.

There was no doubt that the White Tiger Dojo would win in the friendly competition. However, it was a different story for the city's annual competition as they would have the assistance of a great expert like Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, back in the Greenwater Villa, Shi Feng's basic training, he logged back into God's Domain.

It would take a lot of effort to clear the Silvermoon Rats from the herb garden. The sooner he completed this task, the better. He couldn't predict when the other Silvermoon rats would evolve.

Compared to his prior grind, Shi Feng had an easier time killing the Demonic Beasts with the help of the Lord ranked Demonic Flame Tiger. Now, not only did he and his summoned Demons receive the tiger's buffs, but the Demonic Flame Tiger's own combat power was even greater than the Tier 2 Demons'.

Fortunately, the Dark Canyon's monsters did not respawn.

After grinding away half a day, Shi Feng finally cleared out the Silvermoon Rats.

Although the grind was boring, he had collected a total of 714 Seven Luminaries Shards. If he used the Philosopher's Stone, he could synthesize 14 Seven Luminaries Crystals. He was now much closer to his goal of obtaining 40 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

He also had five unique pieces of the Magic Moon Set Equipment. He had four duplicates as well. As for the Shadowmoon Set Equipment, he had collected six unique pieces with two duplicates; he only needed the belt now.

As Shi Feng set his sights on the Silvermoon Bears, several figures flew down from the distant tower.

As these several figures grew closer to the herb garden, the Demonic Beasts in the Moonlight Courtyard panicked. Even the Great Lord ranked Silvermoon Bears covered their heads with their paws and shuddered in fear, not even daring to glance at the distant figures.

This is insane! Why are Magic Light Dragonlings here!?

Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the three massive figures fly over him.



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