Chapter 1301 - Competition

Seeing Gan Xingteng block Shi Feng's group, the various upper echelons stopped to watch, curious to see what the White Tiger Dojo intended to do.

The White Tiger Dojo had hosted this friendly competition to spread its fame throughout the six cities.

Yet, the Big Dipper Dojo had benefited. It would be a lie to say that the White Tiger Dojo was not furious.

Ignoring the stares, Gan Xingteng glanced at Shi Feng before turning to Xiao Yu. Displeased, he said, "Hall Master Jiang would like to invite Head Instructor Shi for tea. May I know if Head Instructor Shi is free?"

"An invite from Hall Master Jiang?"

Everyone who heard this was momentarily stunned.

Jiang Tianyuan stood at the peak of the fighting industry. He was practically a living legend. Jiang Tianyuan had also played a large part in lifting the White Tiger Dojo to its current status. Moreover, Jiang Tianyuan's disciples were all extraordinary. He also had influence in various other industries. Countless people dreamed of forming a connection with the man. Unfortunately, very few ever had the opportunity. And yet Jiang Tianyuan had sent an invitation. Moreover, by the looks of it, he only wished to speak with Shi Feng, not the others from Big Dipper.

"This…I'm afraid you'll have to ask Head Instructor Shi himself." Xiao Yu frowned before turning to Shi Feng.

He wasn't afraid of the White Tiger Dojo as a business rival. However, he was afraid of the White Tiger Dojo using other methods to deal with them. One such example was poaching Shi Feng. In fact, these situations were common.

The Big Dipper Dojo's achievements were all thanks to Shi Feng. Now that Jiang Tianyuan wanted to meet with the man, Xiao Yu felt threatened. If Jiang Tianyuan poached Shi Feng, developing the Big Dipper Dojo and the Big Dipper Group further would be out of the question.

The White Tiger Dojo possessed wealth and influence. Even if Shi Feng became one of its Branch Hall Masters, he would enjoy far more benefits than the Big Dipper Group could ever hope to offer.

However, it also would not do to refuse Jiang Tianyuan. After all, Jiang Tianyuan had taken the initiative to invite Shi Feng. If they refused to meet with him, Jiang Tianyuan would consider it disrespect. If that happened, even if Jiang Tianyuan didn't act personally, his followers would be more than enough to make the Big Dipper Group suffer.

Hence, Xiao Yu could only leave the decision to Shi Feng.

"Lead the way," Shi Feng responded calmly and without hesitation.

They were bound to meet sooner or later.

After all, if he wanted You Ziping to join Zero Wing, he would have to overcome the hurdle known as Jiang Tianyuan first.

Following which, Gan Xingteng led Shi Feng to the arena's top-floor lounge.

"Big Brother, what do we do? If Jiang Tianyuan offers Shi Feng something that he can't refuse, the Big Dipper Dojo will be finished," Xiao Yan asked anxiously as he watched Shi Feng walk away.

He had to admit that Shi Feng had already become irreplaceable in Big Dipper. If Shi Feng left, Big Dipper would backslide.

"We can't let Jiang Tianyuan poach him. No matter what it takes, we must convince him to stay. I heard that he and Ruoxi are close. Think of a way to convince her to help us. At most, we'll concede a slightly higher percentage of our profits when negotiating with the Zhao Group." Xiao Yu was determined to compete with the White Tiger Dojo.

In the top-floor lounge…

As soon as Shi Feng entered the room, he sensed four piercing gazes locking onto him. The origins of these ominous looks stood beside Jiang Tianyuan. Three of these people were men, and one was a woman. All four wore black suits and appeared to be Jiang Tianyuan's bodyguards. Although they only stood there, they radiated a chilling aura. It was very obvious that they weren't like the pampered children, Gu Chen and Yi Yuqing. These people must've experienced many trials and tribulations. Moreover, their auras were even more intense than Lei Bao's.

Of course, that was not to say that these four people were stronger than Lei Bao. It was simply because Lei Bao kept his aura hidden.

Shi Feng didn't doubt that, if he showed the slightest hint of a threat, these four would immediately move to kill him.

The White Tiger Dojo really is impressive. They've even hired such extraordinary bodyguards. Shi Feng swept his gaze across these four people, noticing that they all had falcon tattoos on the back of the hands. This mark belonged to none other than the Black Falcon Alliance.

The Black Falcon Alliance was a globally-renowned mercenary alliance. Anyone who wanted this tattoo had to earn the Black Falcon Alliance's acknowledgment first. The organization's ordinary members simply weren't worthy.

As Shi Feng entered the room, Jiang Tianyuan smiled as he gestured to the sofa before him and said, "Sit."

Only then did the four Black Falcon bodyguards relax a little. However, their gazes never once left Shi Feng.

Shi Feng ignored the gazes as he approached Jiang Tianyuan.

Seeing Shi Feng's reaction, Jiang Tianyuan inwardly praised his guest.

He was very familiar with his four bodyguards' strength. If all four worked together, even an internal force expert wouldn't walk away unscathed. Very few youngsters like Shi Feng could remain unperturbed under their attention.

After emptying the teacup placed before him, Shi Feng smiled and asked, "Hall Master Jiang, may I know what business you wish to discuss?"

"Young man, you are quite impatient. This isn't your average tea. This is the Green God Company's Harmony Tea. Savoring it properly will aid in one's mental recovery and help expand one's mind," Jiang Tianyuan said, his heart aching as Shi Feng downed the tea.

Shi Feng couldn't help his surprise.

"So, this is the rumored Harmony Tea." Shi Feng looked at the teapot on the table incredulously. The taste had been unique. However, he had not paid much attention to it. Although he had considered the possibility that it might be poisoned, it was highly unlikely. Even if the White Tiger Dojo disregarded its reputation, Jiang Tianyuan would keep his intact.

Harmony Tea was unique to the Green God Company. Unfortunately, it was difficult to produce, so it wasn't sold to the public.

Although its recovery and enhancement effects were not as strong as the S-rank Nutrient Fluid, it had an aspect that the Nutrient Fluids couldn't compare to. Unlike the S-rank Nutrient Fluid, Harmony Tea had a milder energy. One might not notice any immediate effects, but in the long run, the tea could help improve a person's physique and extend their lifespan. It could also assist in developing one's mental potential.

It was no wonder that, despite being over 50 years old, Jiang Tianyuan only appeared to be in his 30s.

As expected of the White Tiger Dojo. They can get their hands on such a rare product. Shi Feng was a little jealous.

If he could obtain a large amount of Harmony Tea, he would have a much easier time nurturing Zero Wing's experts.

He had to admit that, no matter what he wanted to do, resources were very important.

"Alright, I'll cut to the chase. I don't want to waste a youngster's time. I've asked you here for two things." Seeing Shi Feng's interest in the Harmony Tea, Jiang Tianyuan could not help but smile as he said, "The first involves You Ziping. I hope that you will allow him to return to the White Tiger Dojo. He has a lot of potential. He will have a better future if he develops in the White Tiger Dojo.

"That is up to him. I cannot choose for him." Shi Feng waved his hand, showing that he had no interest in this issue. In reality, he did not care which dojo You Ziping developed in. He only cared about You Ziping's choices in God's Domain.

"You are quite the mysterious youth." Shi Feng's reply stunned Jiang Tianyuan. He simply couldn't fathom why Shi Feng would willingly let go of such a talent so easily. However, he didn't think that Shi Feng had lied. He had prepared counter arguments if Shi Feng refused, but his efforts had been wasted. "Since that is the case, I'll have to trouble you to pass the message on.

"Now that the first issue has been addressed, let's get to the second matter."

"Please speak."

"The second matter involves you. I'd like to invite you to join the White Tiger Dojo."



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