Chapter 1306 - Unforgivable Person

The instant Berenwoka's body hit the ground, a golden glow enveloped Shi Feng's body as his experience bar increased from 82% of Level 50 to 4% of Level 51. He obtained more EXP from the NPC alchemist than from the two Tier 3 Demonic Hunters he had killed earlier.

Suddenly, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification.

System: Congratulations! You have killed the Fallen Berenwoka. You may head to the Alchemist's Association at a later time to retrieve the Hand of Alchemy as your reward.

So, he was a Fallen. No wonder why he gave so much EXP. Realization dawned on Shi Feng as he read the system notification. He was also ecstatic

Fallen was a very rare title in God's Domain as it was akin to receiving a bounty from the human race as a whole. The Fallen had committed far more severe crimes against the human race than Dark Players. Normally, one only gained this title after destroying an NPC city.

Obviously, anything capable of destroying an entire NPC city had to be terrifyingly powerful. In fact, it was very easy to tell how powerful Berenwoka actually was by his defensive combat technique. If not for Absolute Time's Silence effect, Shi Feng wouldn't even have a corpse to speak of right now.

As Berenwoka died, a pile of items had appeared around his corpse. At a glance, Shi Feng counted at least 50 items.

What a rich NPC! Shi Feng was stunned.

Although the majority of the loot consisted of various Attribute Gemstones, these Gemstones were extraordinary. Even the most inferior among them were Tier 3. Several rare Gemstones had also dropped.

The Mana Gemstone was one example. When equipped, the Mana Gemstone increased a player's maximum Mana by 3%. Each player could equip a maximum of three Mana Gemstones. In the past, these Gemstones easily fetched over 200 Gold on the market; they had never gone out of style.

There was also the Magic Barrier Gemstone. When equipped, it would wrap players in a magic barrier that reduced all damage received by 2%. As with other Gemstones, only three could be equipped at a time. It was an amazing Gemstone for MTs MTs. In the past, each had sold for 400 Gold.

Lastly, there was the Dexterity Gemstone. When equipped, it improved a player's physique by 1%. It was also the most expensive Gemstone on the market, with each easily selling for 1,000 Gold in the past. However, it was as difficult to obtain as it was expensive. Shadow had only ever gotten its hands on a total of 11 Dexterity Gemstones in the past.

Yet, Shi Feng had just obtained four Dexterity Gemstones by killing Berenwoka…

Shi Feng had also obtained six Mana Gemstones and five Magic Barrier Gemstones. Including the other Tier 3 Attribute Gemstones and slightly rare Gemstones, overall, Shi Feng had earned over 10,000 Gold's worth of Gemstones by killing Berenwoka.

Berenwoka had dropped three other items as well, two of which were equipment. One of the two pieces of equipment was a Level 60 Fine-Gold ring called Chanter's Ring. Although its Basic Attributes were average at best, when equipped, it increased the wearer's spellcasting speed by 2%. It was an effect that magic classes were desperate for.

The other piece of equipment was a cape called Alchemist's Pledge.

Although it was only a Level 50 Fine-Gold cape, and its Basic Attributes were very poor, the cape had two Passive Skills that any Alchemist would want: Mental Focus and Soul of Alchemy.

Mental Focus increased the wearer's focus when carrying out a task. Although it didn't seem like a special effect, it was even more useful than high Mana density when one crafted items.

Soul of Alchemy was even more impressive. The Skill increased the wearer's alchemical success rate by 3% and production speed by 30%.

With these Passive Skills, it would be a piece of cake for alchemists to raise their Proficiency quickly. Moreover, these Skills would assist players with their promotion to Master and Grandmaster rank.

I can offer the Alchemist's Pledge as the benefit for the trading firm's Chief Alchemist. Shi Feng smiled.

Any Guild or trading firm that wanted its members to improve quickly needed to provide a competitive environment. To gain this competitive edge, they needed to offer powerful benefits as motivation.

While the Candlelight Trading Firm offered various benefits, none of them were unique. Its benefits weren't particularly tempting to the truly excellent Lifestyle players out there.

However, if he offered the Alchemist's Pledge as a benefit for becoming Candlelight's Chief Alchemist, it would spark a burning passion in the trading firm's Alchemists. He also had Secret Alchemy Techniques. He could similarly use these techniques as a reward for alchemists who performed well.

Following which, Shi Feng picked up the last item Berenwoka had dropped.

This item was an old, gray key. It was clear that it had originated from an ancient era and hadn't truly belonged to Berenwoka.

Shi Feng then clicked to check the item's introduction. However, he discovered that the item couldn't be appraised.

Cannot be appraised? What kind of key is this? Shi Feng's curiosity grew.

Omniscient Eyes!

The system reported that he would need 20 seconds to appraise the key. The duration was even longer than when he appraised Epic items.

Time passed quickly. When the loading bar was finally complete, the gray key transformed. The key started to radiate a faint, golden glow.

[Moon God's Secret Key (Unique)]
Possesses the power to control all magic arrays in the Moonlight Courtyard. Can also be used to lock or unlock the Moonlight Courtyard's rooms.

So, they could enter and leave this place freely due to this key. Realization dawned on Shi Feng.

The Moon God created the Moonlight Courtyard. Even if the Moon God were no longer here, not just any entity could take up residence in the courtyard due to its many powerful traps. Even someone as powerful as Raymond would lose his life if he accidentally triggered a trap.

However, it was a different story if Raymond had the Moon God's Secret Key. With this, he could move around the Moonlight Courtyard as if it were his own backyard.

Raymond must've asked Berenwoka to pick something up for him. This is a convenient development. Shi Feng suddenly thought of a plan to obtain the Seven Luminaries Source Stone.

The Seven Luminaries Source Stone was the key component for completing his promotion quest. Without it, sealing the Demon King was practically impossible.

She Feng hadn't had a way to secure the stone as he wasn't strong enough to take our Raymond. However, the situation had changed. With the Moon God's Secret Key, he had full control over the Moonlight Courtyard.

First, Shi Feng had to rest. Since he had activated Twofold Berserk, he was currently in a Weakened state, his Attributes having decreased significantly. With his current Attributes, he wouldn't even have time to react to Raymond's casual attacks, much less steal the Seven Luminaries Source Stone.

With nothing better to do in the meantime, Shi Feng logged out of God's Domain and entered his offline space.

Unlike in the Dark Canyon, he still had access to his communications system in the offline space. The moment Shi Feng logged out of God's Domain, he received a series of system notifications, all of which were messages from within God's Domain. Overall, he had received dozens of messages and several communication requests.

Why are so many people trying to contact me? Shi Feng gave the notifications an odd look.

Aside from Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow, Phoenix Rain had even sent him urgent messages. Moreover, she had tried to call him three times.

Has something happened? Shi Feng opened his Friends List and called Aqua Rose.



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