Chapter 1318 - SSS-Rank Reward

When the NPC administrator heard that Shi Feng was there to complete his Tier 2 promotion procedures, he retrieved a crystal ball and placed it atop the table.

"Lord Protector, we need to test your power first. Please place your hands on the crystal ball," the administrator said respectfully.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng did as he was instructed.

Although the system would upgrade players' Attributes and physique once they completed their Tier 2 Promotion Quest, players wouldn't get access to all of the Tier 2 benefits right off the bat. Players first needed to register and get themselves tested at the Adventurer's Association. Only after proving that they had completed their promotion quest would players be recognized officially as Tier 2 players.

As Shi Feng placed his hands on the crystal ball, golden sparkles flew from the orb.

"It is confirmed that your physique has reached the Tier 2 standard. Lord Protector, please follow me." The administrator nodded after confirming Shi Feng's upgrade. He then led Shi Feng out the lounge's back door.

Shi Feng wasn't particularly surprised. The crystal ball was only a tool to check whether a player's physique had reached Tier 2 without the bonus of weapons or equipment. The next part was key and would determine what kind of benefits players received after reaching Tier 2.

Only after players had officially obtained their Tier 2 class would they be recognized as an adventurer in God's Domain and qualify to receive personal commissions. This was one of the major differences between Tier 1 and Tier 2 players. To independent players, this gap would determine how successful they would be in God's Domain.

The administrator led Shi Feng to the Adventurer's Association's arena. The arena wasn't particularly large, with less than a 30-yard radius. However, numerous magic arrays enveloped the arena, and dense Mana choked the area. Shi Feng's Weakened state even subsided temporarily, his Attributes recovering to their peak.

"Lord Protector, we will test your strength next to determine which rank you can reach. This will also help determine which commissions are most suitable for you. Please display your strongest abilities," the administrator explained.

"Alright. Let's begin." Shi Feng nodded. This wasn't the first time he had taken the test.

After officially becoming a Tier 2 player, players could accept private commissions from the Adventurer's Association. There were many Tier 2 commissioned quests. However, players could only accept a limited number of such quests each week. This limit was relative to one's adventurer rank.

To put it simply, the stronger one was, the more quests they could accept. They could also accept more difficult quests. The first strength assessment was the most convenient for players when they became high-ranking adventurers. If one wished to raise their adventurer rank later, they would have to fulfill certain conditions first, and doing so would take a considerable amount of time. Even after completing their promotion quests, many players in the past had chosen to train for some time before taking their first strength assessment.

Overall, six ranks divided adventurer players: Bronze, Mysterious-Iron, Secret-Silver, Fine-Gold, Dark-Gold, and Epic. Once mainstream players reached Level 50, players would start determining strength based on this adventurer rank. This was just like how players judged each other's combat standards based on their achievements in the Divine Colosseum's Trial Tower. However, unlike the Trial Tower, which only judged one's combat techniques, the adventurer ranks were determined by a player's overall strength. Commission quests would also vary based on players' adventurer ranks.

Bronze rank adventurers could accept F-rank and E-rank commissions, Mysterious-Iron adventurers could accept up to D-rank commissions, Secret-Silver up to C-rank, Fine-Gold up to B-rank, and Dark-Gold up to A-rank. Meanwhile, Epic adventurers could accept all commissions, including kingdom-level quests and S-rank commissions.

There was no limit to the number of people who could qualify for the first five ranks. However, each kingdom could only have a maximum of ten Epic adventurers. Once these ten slots had been filled, players who wanted to rise to this rank needed to pass the Epic rank assessment. The Adventurer's Association would also hold a competition each month. In this competition, players that passed the Epic assessment could challenge any one of the ten reigning Epic adventurers. If they won, they would take that person's place. The Epic adventurer that lost would be demoted to Dark-Gold rank. If the challenger failed, however, they would have to wait another month before issuing another challenge.

In the past, the names on this short list had changed practically every month, aside from those monster-like players.

By becoming an Epic adventurer, players received the highest benefits the Adventurer's Association had to offer. They could accept the highest number and difficulty of Tier 2 commissions. This was why Shi Feng had rushed to the Adventurer's Association as soon as he had completed his quest.

Three SSS-rank commission quests would be available in every kingdom's Adventurer's Association in the beginning. Once these quests were accepted, they would no longer be available. Even if the player that accepted the quest failed it, no other players could pick up the quest. Moreover, these quests offered astonishing rewards; the rewards of these first three SSS-rank quests could practically rival that of Legendary Quests. Fortunately, these three SSS-rank quests weren't as difficult as Legendary Quests; they were roughly on par with Epic Quests. This was a kind of bonus offered to the players who became Epic adventurers before the rest of the player population.

By the time Shi Feng had completed his Tier 2 Promotion Quest in the past, plenty of players had already obtained their Tier 2 class. However, none of those players had become Epic adventurers. Even the most powerful player in Star-Moon Kingdom had only achieved Fine-Gold rank. Only after some time had someone reached Epic rank and discovered the three SSS-rank commission quests. However, Shi Feng had only reached Secret-Silver rank. He had watched enviously as others got to challenge the SSS-rank quests.

But he was much stronger than his past self. He had to try for Epic rank.

As Shi Feng reached the arena's center, the senior administrator activated a magic array.

The instant the magic array activated, a humanoid monster appeared before Shi Feng. The monster wore pitch-black armor, and through the monster's helmet, Shi Feng saw glowing, blood-red eyes staring right at him.

[Dark Knight] (Illusion, Lord)
Level 53
HP 2,000,000/2,000,000

"Lord Protector, you may begin," the administrator said.

As a Tier 2 strength assessment, Shi Feng needed to be capable of taking down at Tier 2 monster at the very least. If he couldn't even kill a Tier 2 monster, he would not qualify to become a Tier 2 class.

As soon as the administrator finished speaking, Shi Feng took a step forward and vanished.

Void Steps!

Compared to Shi Feng's previous status as a Tier 1 player, his physique was terrifying. In the blink of an eye, he had crossed a distance of 20 yards and appeared beside the Dark Knight, the Abyssal Blade in his hand lightly slicing at the monster.

Shadow Blade!

Before the Dark Knight could defend itself, nine pitch-black sword lights descended on it.

Immediately, the Dark Knight's HP fell rapidly.




Suddenly, the Dark Knight lost nearly one-tenth of its HP. Only now did the Dark Knight react and brandished its greatsword at Shi Feng.

Cross Slash!

Two slashes crisscrossed as they flew at Shi Feng. However, rather than dodge, Shi Feng countered the attack with a simple swing with Killing Ray.


Shi Feng instantly sliced apart the Dark Knight's Cross Slash. The Swordsman's momentum didn't slow in the slightest as it struck the Dark Knight's helmet. The strike forced the monster to retreat by three steps. The difference between the opponent's Strength was obvious. There was simply no comparison.

In less than 30 seconds, the Dark Knight transformed into particles of black light and disappeared. From beginning to end, it hadn't even been able to counterattack.

"Congratulations, Lord Protector. You have passed the Bronze rank assessment and officially become a Tier 2 Sword Master. Do you wish to continue the strength assessment?" the NPC administrator congratulated.

"Continue!" Shi Feng roared.



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