Chapter 1350 - Full-powered Assault

As the Evil Demon appeared, the area's atmosphere changed.

Dense Evil Energy polluted the area, and shadows clustered around the Evil Demon. However, the more frightening aspect was the Evil Demon's aura. Even an expert like Flame Blood could not help but shudder, his movements becoming sluggish.

So, this is a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon? Flame Blood was both shocked and afraid as he stared at the hovering Evil Demon.

His fear wasn't due to the demon's aura. Rather, the Evil Demon before him felt almost human. Its condescending gaze and sneer made it look like a player in an Evil Demon's skin.

Flame Blood had never realized that there was such a massive difference between a Great Lord and a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon.

To upgrade an Evil Demon to the Great Lord rank, Abandoned Wave had to devour many players' souls. Of course, the demon had to have enough potential to evolve. Otherwise, absorbing souls would only increase its level, not its tier. Every time an Evil Demon was promoted, it would require several times more souls to reach the next rank.

One could just imagine how difficult it was to produce a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon.

Yet, Beast Emperor intended to use such a creature to lead the way…

If they had had the help of a Grand Lord during their siege against Stone Forest Town, the battle might have ended in their favor.

"Black Flame, I have given you your one chance. Since you've refused, I'll show you what it feels like for a demon to devour your soul." Beast Emperor smirked at Shi Feng. "If an expert like you turns into an Evil Demon, I'm sure it will have a lot of potential."

Peak experts' corpses were very valuable to Evil God's Temple players. Such corpses had a much greater chance of becoming Evil Demons with high growth potential. The Evil Demon created would have a better chance of becoming a high-tiered creature.

As Beast Emperor finished speaking, the Evil Demon above him vanished as it dashed towards Shi Feng with lightning speed.

In the blink of an eye, the Evil Demon arrived before its target, slashing at Shi Feng's head with claws wrapped in dark-gray fog.

However, mid-swing, the Evil Demon abruptly changed its attack trajectory, creating a silver arc that split away from the gray fog and moved towards Shi Feng's neck. Meanwhile, the gray fog retained its form as it continued towards Shi Feng's head.

Rapid Switch?

Shi Feng could not help his surprise. He hadn't expected the Evil Demon to have grasped such a superb technique. Moreover, the transition was so smooth and sudden that even a Void Realm expert like himself had failed to detect warning signs. It was as if the demon's cells had altered from attacking his head to swiping at his neck.

In this crucial moment, one of Shi Feng's blades, which he had employed to counter the fog-shrouded claws, changed directions. While the Abyssal Blade continued to block the descending claws of gray fog, Killing Ray turned to block the Evil Demon's real claws.

Boom! Boom!

As the blades and claws met, the collision scattered dazzling sparks. The ground beneath Shi Feng's feet sunk slightly. The impact then threw Shi Feng, and he landed over 20 yards away. He instantly lost over 10,000 HP…

Is this a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon's strength? When Shi Feng struck the ground, both of his hands were numb. His blades vibrated, releasing a low hum. Sure enough, its Strength and speed far exceed an ordinary Grand Lord.

If not for his quick reaction and diverting Killing Ray, he would have likely died.

Even so, since he had pulled Killing Ray away from his Parry, he hadn't been able to mitigate the damage completely, causing him to lose one-sixth of his total HP. At this rate, even if he blocked every one of the demon's attacks, he would only last six attacks…

He had only been saved due to his Tier 2 Sword Master class, one of the Ten Great Saint Classes, and his excellent equipment. If a Tier 2 MT of the same level had received that last attack, they'd most likely lose a minimum of 20,000 HP.

"He's not dead?" Beast Emperor was momentarily stunned when he saw Shi Feng stand up with most of his HP intact.

He knew just how powerful a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon was. Even the current strongest MT in God's Domain would die instantly if they didn't activate a Lifesaving Skill in time.

Upon reaching the Grand Lord rank, Evil Demons' combat standards underwent a qualitative transformation. Players had no hope against these Grand Lords' transition speed. After factoring in the Grand Lord's frightening, destructive power, any player that attempted to solo such a creature would die instantly.

He even blocked that attack? Sure enough, Black Flame's strength has improved significantly yet again. Flame Blood was also surprised to see Shi Feng so lively.

Even against a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon of the same level, an MT would be forced to activate a Lifesaving Skill to survive, not to mention against a Level 70 Grand Lord.

If not for the NPC guards and various magic arrays, Zero Wing would have been easily annihilated during the siege.

Yet, even without any support, Shi Feng blocked the Grand Lord's attack. This was simply inconceivable.

"Sure enough, you are quite impressive. But how many attacks do you think you can block?" Although Shi Feng had surprised Beast Emperor, the situation hadn't changed.

As he said so, the Evil Demon darted forward once more. This time, the gray fog around its claws transformed into a dark gray greatsword. It brandished the weapon at Shi Feng, sending five streaks of gray light towards the Swordsman's blind spots.

Just as the five streaks of gray light were about to devour Shi Feng, golden dragon scales and divine runes began to envelop his body. His aura transformed as well, resembling that of a prehistoric beast. A stream of blue energy flowed from Killing Ray and into Shi Feng's palm. Arcs of blue electricity danced across his body. Suddenly, Shi Feng looked like a God that had descended to the mortal world.

Heavenly Dragon's Power!

Tier 2 Blade Liberation!

This was the first time Shi Feng had used Twofold Berserk after completing his Tier 2 Promotion. Even against the King of Darkness, Shi Feng had only used Heavenly Dragon's Power.

However, against the Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon, Shi Feng did not dare to be careless as even the slightest mistake could end his life.

Following which, Shi Feng lightly swung Killing Ray towards the Evil Demon.

Shadow Blade!

Immediately, one streak of blue light and nine streaks of black light sliced at the Evil Demon.

The instant Shi Feng's Sacred Sword and the Evil Demon's greatsword collided, the ground they stood on shattered from the resulting impact. Even Flame Blood, who stood 30 yards away, nearly lost his footing.

The five streaks of gray light were repelled back, carving several long grooves into the dirt.

After repelling the Evil Demon's attacks, all ten of Shi Feng's attacks landed. The streaks of light easily bit into the Evil Demon's steal-like body, green blood spewing from its wounds as the impact threw the creature over a dozen yards backward.

At the same time, the Evil Demon's HP plummeted.




Since Killing Ray dealt double damage against Dark Creatures, the Evil Demon's HP dropped by over 2,000,000 in the blink of an eye.



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