Chapter 1351 - Monster-like Player

As the dust settled, it revealed the three-meter-tall Evil Demon half-kneeling on the ground. Cracks broke the dirt for over a dozen yards beneath the demon.

"What?!" Flame Blood's eyes nearly fell from his sockets when he saw the injured Evil Demon.

A Tier 3 NPC would barely be a match for a Great Lord ranked Evil Demon, yet Shi Feng had sent the creature flying…

Beside Flame Blood, Beast Emperor stared at the demon with a solemn expression. He found it inconceivable that Shi Feng could contest and surpass a Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon's Strength.

"You, heal the Evil Demon! I'll have it protect you! Black Flame's Berserk Skill won't last long! Once it ends, he will die!" Beast Emperor roared at Flame Blood. He had lost his previously complacent expression. "We just have to buy enough time for the reinforcements I've sent to arrive!"

Although he thought that it was almost impossible for Shi Feng to kill the demon, he instructed Flame Blood to heal the creature as a precaution. Even if Shi Feng could suppress the Evil Demon, he wouldn't kill it.

He had only ordered the fastest Great Lord ranked Evil Demon to separate from the main contingent to save Abandoned Wave. It would take some time before the rest of his forces arrived.

Once the follow-up forces arrived, Shi Feng would lose any hope of escape or survival.

Flame Blood nodded and immediately went into action. First, he cast Recover on the Evil Demon, healing it for over 2,300 HP every 1.5 seconds. He followed up with a Truth Shield, which could absorb over -11,000 damage.

Although these Spells were almost negligible compared to the Evil Demon's HP, the Truth Shield and Recover would heal the creature's injuries. At the very least, it would be able to fight at peak condition.

Flame Blood began to chant an incantation. As Heaven's Burial's best Cleric, Flame Blood had double-cast right off the bat.

He had chosen to cast the Tier 1 Spell, Life Recovery, and the Tier 0 Spell, Healing Light.

Not only was Flame Blood's chanting very fast, but he was also accurate. He was only slightly less efficient than Violet Cloud. Of course, there was a massive gap between his brain activity and hers.

Shi Feng didn't sit idly by while Flame Blood healed the Evil Demon. Without hesitation, he activated the Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Instant Strike, vanishing and reappearing before the demon in an instant.

Sword's Orbit!

Suddenly, a glittering galaxy formed around Shi Feng's body. Dazzling stars bombarded the Evil Demon, one after another. Both Flame Blood and Beast Emperor were shocked.

Despite the stars appearing slow, in reality, they moved so quickly that they could barely react to the attacks. The stars they saw were simply residual images their brains had created.

Fortunately, the Evil Demon possessed godlike reaction speed. With a physique that surpassed that of ordinary players, it reacted immediately and blocked the incoming attacks with its claws.

However, as Shi Feng had activated Twofold Berserk and Instant Strike, both his Strength and Attack Speed exceeded the Evil Demon's. The Grand Lord couldn't keep up.

The brilliant stars continued to bombard the monster, each collision ripping pained screams from the Evil Demon's throat.

The Evil Demon's agonizing screams echoed across the grassland, causing all who heard it to shudder.

If other players saw this, they'd likely confuse Shi Feng for the monster, while assuming that the Evil Demon was some innocent player.

Each star that penetrated the Evil Demon's Body dealt devastating damage.




For a moment, Flame Blood had even forgotten to chant his Spells as he stared at the screaming demon with a dumbfounded expression.

"Is he a monster?"

Flame Blood had intended to mitigate some of Shi Feng's damage with his heals, but after seeing the Swordsman's devastating power, he realized that his efforts would be utterly futile.

Only now did Flame Blood understand why Shi Feng hadn't prioritized killing him, a healer.

It wasn't because Shi Feng didn't want to kill him. Rather, he didn't need to. Since he was negligible, the Swordsman didn't need to waste time on him. After all, Berserk Skills' durations were extremely limited.

The Evil Demon's HP bar continued to plummet. Every hit Shi Feng landed reduced it by 1%; 2% with a critical hit. The demon's HP rapidly decreased from 93%.

90%... 80%... 70%...

By the time Instant Strike's 3-second duration ended, the Evil Demon had only 64% HP remaining.

However, as soon as Instant Strike's effects wore out, Shi Feng's Attack Speed and damage dramatically decreased. Seeing this, Beast Emperor released a sigh of relief.

Had Shi Feng continued dealing such horrific damage, the Evil Demon would have lost all of its 35,000,000 HP and died in less than 20 seconds.

Now that Shi Feng's Attack Speed had decreased, the Evil Demon could finally keep up with the attacks, blocking them. In fact, the demon launched powerful counter attacks with the dark fog it had summoned, forcing Shi Feng to dodge and waste time.

It was only a matter of time before Shi Feng's Berserk Skill ended.

Sure enough, one person's Strength isn't enough, Shi Feng thought as he was forced into a corner. The Grand Lord ranked Evil Demon's superb physique was even more powerful than a Tier 3 player's. Players of the same tier might have some difficulty blocking his slashes, but to the Evil Demon, doing so wasn't difficult in the least.

Reacting quickly, Shi Feng retrieved two Summon Guard Scrolls from his bag.

Although he was strong enough to suppress a Grand Lord for a short time, whether it was an Evil Demon or a normal monster, players had one disadvantage—HP. This was why it was so difficult to solo monsters of the same or a higher tier as players progressed in the game.

When Shi Feng finished chanting, two golden magic arrays appeared beside him.

Kite and Anna emerged from the arrays. Although it hadn't been long since Shi Feng last saw his Personal Guards, the two NPCs had leveled up considerably.

After completing his Tier 2 Promotion Quest and returning to White River City, Shi Feng hadn't immediately resummoned his Personal Guards. Instead, he left them in the Dark Canyon to continue leveling.

Compared to the time flow in God's Domain, time passed five-times faster in the Dark Canyon. Moreover, the canyon's environment was far more suitable for training.

The last time Shi Feng had seen Kite, the NPC was Level 70. Now, Kite had reached Level 74. As for Anna, she was already Level 75. She was undoubtedly the highest-level Personal Guard in the game right now.

The instant these two NPCs appeared, Kite swung his greatsword down. Countless wind blades surrounded the Evil Demon, sealing its movements completely. As for Anna, she waved her staff and chanted an incantation, summoning forth ten Level 75, Lord ranked Rock Guardians and a Great Lord ranked Golden Giant.

Under Anna's control, the Rock Guardians positioned themselves to form a magic array, lowering the Evil Demon's Basic Attributes by 15%. Unless one of the Rock Guardians died, the array would remain active.

Without wasting time, Shi Feng activated Phantom Kill and Nine Dragons Slash. At the moment, his doppelganger's Attributes were even higher than Kite's. Each Abyssal Blade phantom also dealt as much damage as the Lord ranked Rock Guardians.

With his doppelganger and Kite's support, Shi Feng overwhelmed the Evil Demon. Although Kite's and Anna's damage output was no match for Shi Feng's individually, when combined, they dealt even more damage than their master.

Time passed gradually. Although Shi Feng's Berserk Skills were running out, the Evil Demon's HP decreased at a rate visible to the naked eye.

60%... 45%... 30%...

When the Evil Demon's HP fell below 20%, it finally went Berserk as it shrank and its skin turned crimson. Its entire body began to release more gray fog.

Evil Energy Outbreak was a desperate Skill that only Grand Lord ranked demons and above could use. When activated, the Skill would increase the user's Strength, Movement Speed, and Attack Speed by 30% and physique by 15%. However, the Skill was a double-edged sword that would also decrease the user's maximum HP by 30%.

Only 2 seconds remained of Shi Feng's 24-second Twofold Berserk state. His aura had already begun to weaken.

As if it had realized that Shi Feng couldn't hold out much longer, the Evil Demon's lips curled up as it formed a sharp spear with the gray fog surrounding its body. With the slightest movement, the spearhead sliced space itself and created a spatial tear. The Evil Demon then threw the weapon at Shi Feng.

As the spear flew through the air towards Shi Feng, a loud boom shook the area.

Responding quickly, Anna directed the Golden Giant to block the attack. Surprisingly, however, the dark-gray spear passed through the giant without causing any harm.

As the spear was about to find its target, Shi Feng instinctively used Divine Steps, summoning ten invulnerable doppelgangers around the Evil Demon, switching positions with one of these doppelgangers.

Instinctively, Shi Feng turned his blades on the Evil Demon.

Flame Burst!

Divine Providence!

At this time, his Phantom Kill doppelganger activated Flame Burst and attacked the Evil Demon in tandem.

Although the Evil Demon responded very quickly, Shi Feng switched positions with another doppelganger after every slash, not giving the demon a chance to block his attacks.

By the time Shi Feng landed his 15th hit, his sword's scorching flames had devoured the demon's last strand of HP. When the Grand Lord collapsed, it transformed into innumerable light particles like shattered glass and disappeared.

Shi Feng's experience bar rose madly, his level instantly increasing from 53 to 54. He had earned even more EXP from killing the Evil Demon than from soloing an Archaic Species.

It had given him nearly as much EXP as a Level 70 Mythic monster… Shi Feng was astonished. If he could kill a few more of these Evil Demons, his level would skyrocket.

"Hm? This is… an Evil God Crystal?"

As the Evil Demon disappeared, the gray fog condensed to a single point. The gray fog then formed a crimson crystal that hovered quietly in the air, releasing an intensely mighty aura.



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