Chapter 1393 - Might of the Number One Expert

As Broken Flow took action, several Elementalists close to him began to chant their incantations, using Ice Spears and Ice Walls to hinder Shi Feng and allow Broken Flow and the other melee experts could surround the Swordsman.

At the end of the day, Shi Feng was still Star-Moon Kingdom's number one expert. Even if their Attributes rivaled that of a Great Lord of the same level, they weren't certain that they could kill Shi Feng with brute force alone.

"Good! Surround him! Do not let him escape!"

Singular Burial had also activated his Berserk Skill, a silvery glow wrapping around his body. He then unfurled the Magic Scroll in his hands. Suddenly, one silver arrow after another manifested in his hand, flying towards Shi Feng as he dodged the incoming Ice Spears.

Dozens of silver arrows formed silvery streaks of light as they shot towards their target. Not only were they astonishingly fast, but they cut off Shi Feng's escape path.

The Guild Leader must be really angry. He's even using his precious Tier 3 Curse. Even if Black Flame survives the attack, he'll be severely injured. Broken Flow was slightly astonished as he watched the arrows bombard Shi Feng.

The Magic Scroll Singular Burial had just used contained the Tier 3 Curse, Light's Guidance. When activated, it would allow the user to fire 30 arrows per second, each arrow containing the might of a Tier 3 Spell. Not only could these arrows repulse a Great Lord, but they also dealt divine damage; all damage reduction effects were useless against this attack. Even Mythic monsters would receive significant damage if the arrows hit, not to mention players. Meanwhile, Light's Guidance had a duration of 10 seconds. In other words, Singular Burial could launch a total of 300 arrows.

With damage reduction effects nullified, a Tier 3 Spell could kill current players instantly. Of course, dodging all 300 arrows was impossible. Even if Shi Feng had an Invulnerability Skill, it wouldn't last him through all ten seconds.

To make matters worse, when Rangers used this Magic Scroll, the arrows would receive a 30% speed boost. The arrows would move so fast that even Great Lords of the same level would not be able to react in time.

As the arrows were about to hit their target, Shi Feng adjusted his footwork and executed Sword's Orbit.

Immediately, a galaxy of stars danced around his body, striking down one arrow after another and causing a series of explosions. The resulting shockwaves were so powerful that even Broken Flow, who stood over 20 yards away, nearly lost his footing.

The resulting white flashes blinded those watching, but even after a few seconds of this attack, not a single arrow had struck Shi Feng. The most these silver arrows did was push Shi Feng back. The ground shattered with each retreating step Shi Feng took.

By the time Light's Guidance's 10-second duration ended, craters pocked the ground where the arrows had landed. When the dust settled, Shi Feng was still in one piece, with silver arrows decorating the ground around him…

"How is this possible?!"

Seeing this scene, Heaven's Burial's experts were stupefied.

Even Broken Flow, the expert team's leader, was speechless.

While Broken Flow had considered the minute possibility of Shi Feng successfully blocking Light's Guidance, he had never expected the man to do so without using a single Skill. Shi Feng had negated the Tier 3 Curse relying solely on his swordsmanship. It was truly inconceivable.

The silver arrows even packed enough power to knock back a Tier 3 Great Lord. If Broken Flow had to face 30 of those arrows per second, even with the Secret Potential Potion and a Berserk Skill, he was only confident in blocking a dozen or so. The arrows were simply too fast.

Yet, out of the 300 arrows Singular Burial had launched, not a single one had struck Shi Feng. They hadn't even torn the Swordsman's cloak. No matter how Broken Flow thought about it, the feat should've been impossible, yet he had just witnessed it….

Sure enough, using Sword's Orbit to block that attack really pushed the envelope, Shi Feng thought to himself as he looked at his own HP. Currently, he only had a little over 30,000 HP remaining. He had lost over half of his HP from countering the attack.

Those silver arrows' power could rival even that of a Grand Lord. Despite blocking them successfully, he still received damage.

Had the assault continued for several more seconds, he would've been forced to use Absolute Domain.

"He's not dead?" Singular Burial was dazed when he saw Shi Feng standing.

He was more familiar with Light's Guidance's power than anyone. Most players only knew that the attack was powerful. They didn't realize that the arrows' strongest aspect was their speed.

Keeping up with the arrows' speed visually was already a challenging feat, not to mention keeping up with them physically.

"Just how fast are his reflexes?" Daybreak Fog's eyes widened.

She hadn't even been able to follow the arrows with her eyes, yet Shi Feng had casually deflected every one. If she allowed this player to get too close, the consequences would be unimaginable.

If this battle had taken place before Shi Feng had upgraded the Seven Luminaries Ring, he would've failed to block all of the arrows. He had only dodged and countered the fast, powerful attacks thanks to the physique bonus he had received from the Fragmented Legendary ring's hidden effect and the Abyssal Blade's Passive Skill.

"He's a monster! Is this the Sword King's true strength?!"

The spectating crowd was flabbergasted.

Shi Feng had countered such a devastating Spell with only his weapons. This was simply unheard of.

"Quick! Kill him! He doesn't have much HP left! Don't give him a chance to recover!" Singular Burial hurriedly shouted after regaining his composure.

Although his Tier 3 Curse had failed to kill Shi Feng, the latter had less than half of his HP remaining.

As Singular Burial gave the order, he retrieved another Tier 3 Magic Scroll from his bag and activated it.

Suddenly, multiple small magic arrays formed around Singular Burial.

Meanwhile, Broken Flow and the other experts of Heaven's Burial recovered their senses as well and charged at Shi Feng, not giving him an opportunity to move closer to Zero Wing's healers.

In the blink of an eye, 36 spears of dark fog appeared behind Singular Burial, each spear radiating a deathly aura.

"Die!" Singular Burial sneered at Shi Feng.

This Spell was called Soul Sanction. Although it was not as powerful as Light's Guidance, the 36 spears were not physical; they could not be blocked, only dodged.

Soul Sanction? Shi Feng's expression darkened when he noticed the Soul Spears appear behind Singular Burial. An unstoppable Spell was far more dangerous than a powerful one. Immediately, he executed Void Steps and disappeared.

"Don't even think of running away!" Broken Flow reacted quickly and used Charge, aiming for Shi Feng's previous location. Upon arriving, he stomped the ground powerfully.

Tier 1 Skill, Thunderclap!

When activated, the Skill dealt 20% physical damage to all enemies within a 20-yard radius and inflicted a numbing effect for five seconds. As Void Steps was a combat technique, not a Skill, the slightest interference could easily disrupt the technique.

Suddenly, Shi Feng's appeared a short distance away from Broken Flow.

Meanwhile, Singular Burial had locked onto Shi Feng the moment latter reappeared. He then controlled the 36 Soul Spears, sending them flying towards the Swordsman.

In the blink of an eye, the spears appeared before Shi Feng, giving him no time to react.

The split second before the attack landed, however, Shi Feng activated Divine Steps and switched positions with one of his doppelgangers. He dodged the spears and appeared beside Broken Flow.

Reacting quickly, Broken Flow used Beheaded, his greatsword splitting into three identical copies as it slashed towards Shi Feng.

Elusive Strike!

In response, Shi Feng ignored the three incoming attacks as he swung Killing Ray at an empty space.


Suddenly, a greatsword appeared out of thin air, Shi Feng's Sacred Sword forcing the massive blade to a halt.

Impossible! Confusion twisted Broken Flow's expression as Shi Feng blocked his attack.

Although the three greatswords appeared real, all three were fakes. The true attack was hidden in a corner. Broken Flow had created this technique personally and had yet to use it in battle, yet Shi Feng had stopped the attack without hesitation…

However, Broken Flow didn't know that Shi Feng had seen Elusive Strike hundreds of times. He had long since familiarized himself with the technique.

"You've made your move. Now, it's my turn."



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