Chapter 1545 - Unbearable Wrath?

As Shi Feng emerged from the crowd, the present players' gazes shifted towards him.

Although Shi Feng had concealed his appearance, he was obviously a Swordsman based on the two longswords hanging at his waist.

"This brat must be tired of living. He actually dares to ruin the Boss's fun!"

"He must be suicidal."

"He should realize that he can't survive this; is he that eager to die?"

"The Boss must be furious. That kid is definitely going to suffer for this."

Although First Ghost's team members were surprised to see Shi Feng save Dark Eye, their expressions quickly turned to that of pity and admiration.

As a bystander, Shi Feng could've remained silent, and First Ghost would've given him a quick death, but now that he had spoiled the man's fun, his death would be slow and painful.

After all, First Ghost was famous for his brutality in Underworld.

Other players had interrupted First Ghost in the past, and he had slowly shaved off these players' HP with one hit after another. Sometimes, he even had his team's healers recover his target's HP. Experts generally set their pain sensitivity in-game to a certain percentage, and it couldn't be altered while in battle.

First Ghost's team members could already imagine the fate that would befall this Swordsman stranger.

Is he the one that saved me? Dark Eye turned to Shi Feng with a confused expression.

He had never thought that a passerby like Shi Feng would actually save him. In his opinion, passersby usually tried to avoid getting involved with others' disputes.

Unfortunately, even if Shi Feng had saved him once, it wouldn't change the outcome.

First Ghost's team members had already surrounded their team, and the Perception Blur magic array prevented NPC soldiers from detecting their fight.

This person is… Youlan, who stood in the back, could not help but feel a sense of familiarity as she stared at Shi Feng's back. She seemed to have heard his voice somewhere before, as well.

"Kid, you did that just now?" First Ghost didn't hurry to attack Shi Feng. Instead, he evaluated this Swordsman carefully. A moment later, he sneered and said, "You have guts; I'll give you that. I had intended to let a bystander like you live, but I've changed my mind."

"Let me live?" Shi Feng laughed. "Keep that devil's compassion to yourself."

"You saw through that, huh?" Since Shi Feng hadn't bought the lie, First Ghost admitted to it. He chuckled before replying, "Indeed. I never had any intention of letting you get away, but your actions have only earned you a more painful death.

"Kid, you're going to regret stepping in. Restless, make sure to you heal this kid and keep him alive for me! Everyone else, keep an eye on Dark Eye and Youlan!"

"Rest assured, Boss. Until you say 'stop,' I'll make sure he doesn't die!"

With First Ghost's command, his teammates turned their focus to Youlan's team. If any of those players moved strangely, they'd bombard them with attacks. At the same time, a Level 47 Cleric in blue robes kept a close eye on Shi Feng's HP, a hint of playfulness flashing in his eyes as he prepared to cast a Healing Spell.

As soon as First Ghost finished speaking, he appeared behind Shi Feng.

Shadow Steps!

Like a venomous snake, the pitch-black dagger in First Ghost's hand formed an arc as it curved towards Shi Feng's flank.

Kidney Strike!

As the dagger aimed for Shi Feng's blind spot, First Ghost curved his other dagger towards the Swordsman's head, ensuring that the silver dagger was barely visible in the corner of his target's eye.

Crap! That's First Ghost's Double Snake Bite! Dark Eye's expression darkened as he watched the two daggers flash towards Shi Feng from different angles.

When a player noticed an incoming attack, they instinctively tried to block the attack while ignoring those they couldn't see. First Ghost's technique took advantage of this reaction to break past his opponent's defense.

Although this technique looked simple, finding an opponent's blind spots in an instant and launching an attack without unnecessary movement was extremely difficult. A player would also have to execute a second attack simultaneously from an entirely different angle.

Moreover, due to the attacks' lightning speed and precise timing, the technique was nearly impossible for an ordinary expert to counter.

First Ghost had killed many powerful experts with this technique.

Just before the two daggers bit into Shi Feng, everyone saw a blue flash.


Following which, the sound of metal on metal echoed throughout the street. Suddenly, First Ghost stumbled back two steps, his HP falling by over 200. On the other hand, Shi Feng remained steadily in his original position. His HP was also intact.

"How is…this possible?"

First Ghost's companions were dumbfounded after watching Shi Feng repel the Double Snake Bite.

Impossible! Even Dark Eye stared at Shi Feng in disbelief.

Shi Feng had actually repulsed Underworld's number one Assassin with one hit…

Moreover, judging by Shi Feng's expression, it was clear that the Swordsman wasn't satisfied with his counterattack.

What Dark Eye did not know was that Shi Feng currently suffered a 50% Basic Attribute reduction thanks to the Disintegration Armor in his bag. Had Shi Feng been at his peak, his counterattack would've killed First Ghost or left the Assassin near death's door. The outcome wouldn't have been a mere 200 HP loss.

When First Ghost noticed that his hands trembled after receiving Shi Feng's counterattack, his expression hardened as he glared at Shi Feng and asked, "Who are you?"

Even if First Ghost were stupid, he'd realize that Shi Feng was no ordinary expert.

The counterattack Shi Feng had used to negate his Double Snake Bite had been so fast that his senses had barely kept up with the strike. No ordinary expert could achieve such a feat.

"Who am I? I'm just an ordinary bystander that you want to kill," Shi Feng said, chuckling.

"An ordinary bystander? My Double Snake Bite can instant-kill Refinement Realm experts if I catch them off guard," First Ghost snapped, annoyed as he glared at Shi Feng. He had not expected to come across a difficult opponent like Shi Feng during his assassination of Youlan's team.

"So, that's Double Snake Bite? I don't see anything special about it." Shifting through his memories, Shi Feng realized that First Ghost had indeed launched his attacks simultaneously. However, he did not pay any special attention to this.

After reaching the Void Realm, he had a clear grasp of any movement in his surroundings. He lacked the visual blind spots ordinary players suffered. Hence, to him, it merely looked as if First Ghost had simply thrust both of his daggers at once and nothing more.

"What bold words!"

"Boss, let us take him on! I want to see just what kind of ability this kid has!"

Shi Feng's statement enraged the Assassin's team members. As long as First Ghost gave the command, they'd send Shi Feng to meet his maker.

However, rather than reacting rashly, First Ghost calmly and coldly declared, "Although I don't know who you are, Underworld wants the people behind you dead. Underworld's wrath isn't something you can endure!"

"Boss, why bother wasting words on him? Let's just get rid of this brat! We'll teach him the consequences of his arrogance!" All of First Ghost's team members stared at Shi Feng as if he were already a dead man walking.

"Can't endure Underworld's wrath?" Shi Feng chuckled. He then removed his Black Cloak and exposed his adjusted appearance. "I'm very curious to learn what Underworld can do to me."



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