Chapter 1551 - God's Blood

Inside Zero Wing's resplendent Guild Hall…

As soon as Youlan and the others entered the building, they were captivated by the scene before them.

From the outside, Zero Wing's Guild Hall was no larger than the Guild Halls in superpowers' headquarters. Upon entering the building, however, it felt as if they had stepped into an entirely different world. No matter how they looked at it, Zero Wing's Guild Hall was bigger on the inside.

The first-floor lobby was already the size of a football field. Quite a few Guild members rested in the lobby and conversed, while several players queued up at the front desk to rent Private Rooms. A quest hall, which was even larger than the central room, was located beside the lobby. Many Guild members occupied the quest hall as they searched for suitable quests to pick up. Specifications for high-rank individual quests and high-rank team quests were displayed in rotation on the large screens hanging from the ceiling, with a stupefying number of available quests[1].

This is a 3-star Guild Residence? Youlan smiled bitterly when she saw the quest hall's large screens.

Underworld had desperately tried to increase its Guild Popularity, yet despite its effort, its best Guild Residence only provided five to six hundred high-ranked individual quests and 100 or so high-rank team quests per day. With such small numbers, not even Underworld's core members were guaranteed to receive a high-rank quest every day.

In contrast, Zero Wing was flooded with high-rank quests. Currently, there were over 2,200 individual quests and 400 team quests available. With so many, even the Guild's elite members had an opportunity to pick up a high-rank quest.

Unlike ordinary Guild Quests, which usually awarded Coins, EXP, and GCPs, players had a chance of obtaining rare items from high-ranking quests. Moreover, these quests offered a much higher monetary reward. Players could also help increase the Guild's Popularity.

If Zero Wing had such a large supply of high-rank quests, it could develop more Guild members. In the long run, the gap between Zero Wing's members and players in other Guilds would grow.

"This is where you'll complete the registration procedures. You just need to register here, and you'll become Zero Wing members," Shi Feng explained as he led Youlan's group to the Guild's registration counter. "As for your rank, you'll all start out as normal members. You will then have to accumulate a certain amount of GCPs and pass the appropriate tests to rise through the Guild's ranks. However, since I invited you personally, we can forgo the required number of GCPs. We'll determine your ranks based solely on your performances in the test.

"To become an elite member in Zero Wing, you'll have to reach the early stage of the Trial Tower's fifth floor. As for becoming a core member, you'll have to reach the sixth floor's middle stage."

Youlan and her companions gasped after listening to Shi Feng's requirements.

To ordinary players, a player would be an expert if they could reach the Trial Tower's fourth floor. If a player could reach the fifth floor, they'd be publicly acknowledged as an expert, yet Zero Wing required players to reach the fifth floor to become elite members. The requirement to become a core member was even more terrifying, actually requiring players to reach the sixth floor's middle stage…

Even first-rate Guilds' main force members would barely qualify to become Zero Wing's core members. Guilds handpicked these experts from their core members, yet this was the minimum requirement to become a core member in Zero Wing…

Youlan and the others felt beads of sweat slide down their skin from the embarrassment.

Among the dozen or so experts in their group, only Youlan and Dark Eye met the requirements. The rest of their group was slightly weaker, with the best among them having only reached the fifth floor's late stage.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, what about Lifestyle players?" the dozen or so Lifestyle player behind Youlan asked nervously.

They were Lifestyle players. Although some Lifestyle players were acceptable fighters, these players weren't.

"Relax. There's a separate test for Lifestyle players that join the Guild. But that test is conducted at the Candlelight Trading Firm," Shi Feng explained.

The dozen or so Lifestyle players breathed a sigh of relief. They were Advanced Lifestyle players that Youlan had nurtured. While they weren't good in combat, they were top-notch when it came to subclass standards.

However, they nearly choked when they heard Shi Feng's next words.

"For subclasses, those who have reached the Advanced rank will become Candlelight's official members. To become a core member, you have to achieve a practical success rate of 30% with Advanced items."

In God's Domain, Advanced subclasses only had around a 35% theoretical success rate with Advanced Items. The practical percentage, however, was much lower. The majority of Youlan's Advanced Lifestyle players only had a practical success rate of 25%. Raising their success rates by even 1% would require refining their technique standards quite a bit, much less a 5% increase.

Even Youlan was surprised.

She felt that this requirement was a little too excessive.

She was no stranger to subclasses. After all, she had been supervising the Underworld's trading firms for some time. She had a relatively clear understanding of the present state of God's Domain's subclasses. The dozen or so Lifestyle players who had followed her could rank among the top Lifestyle players in Underworld in terms of production standards. They were only slightly weaker than the organization's top-ranked Lifestyle players, yet in Zero Wing, they didn't even meet the requirement to become core members…

"Right, we just so happen to be running a performance assessment for alchemists today. If there are any alchemists among you that wish to participate, I'll take you there in a bit. If you rank among the top 10, you'll be promoted to a core member. If you rank high enough, you might even get to use a set of Dark-Gold alchemy tools for a certain period. The Chief Alchemist will also have the authority to use a Basic Meditation Room long-term. These benefits will definitely help you reach Master rank. You'll also be able to visit Titan City," Shi Feng said.

When the group's Lifestyle players heard this, a fiery passion ignited in their eyes. Unfortunately, few of them were alchemists. Otherwise, they would definitely compete in this assessment.

In response, a white-haired elder stepped away from the group. He smiled at Shi Feng and said, "This is interesting. May this old man participate as well?"

"Master Aspiration is going to participate" Youlan gave the old man a confused look.

Silent Aspiration was very famous in the virtual gaming world. While he had resided in Star-Moon Kingdom, he had created the Fire Dragon Potion despite being an Intermediate Alchemist. The Fire Dragon Potion had allowed Overwhelming Smile to compete with the Candlelight Trading Firm. Silent Aspiration had long since become an Advanced Alchemist and was only a step away from Master rank.

Silent Aspiration wasn't normally interested in competing against others, yet this old man had actually asked to participate in this competition. His initiative had truly surprised Youlan.

"Mhm. Although Zero Wing has offered us shelter, we can't let them look down on us," Silent Aspiration whispered to Youlan as he nodded.

"Of course. Once we've completed the test here, we'll head over to the Candlelight Trading Firm," Shi Feng said as he looked at Silent Aspiration. He knew a little about this man, but although the man hadn't been particularly famous during God's domain's early stages, practically everyone had known his name after ten years. He had been a Master Alchemist and only a step away from becoming a Grandmaster.

More importantly, he had created the Master ranked potion that even Grandmaster Alchemists admired–God's Blood!

God's Blood was why Silent Aspiration had become famous throughout God's Domain. It had been an incredibly powerful Master ranked berserk potion. In addition, God's Blood could stack with a Berserk Skill without side effects.

Even Super Guilds had offered astronomical prices to purchase the God's Blood recipe. Unfortunately, due to Silent Aspiration's strange nature, he had only sold one recipe in the past. Moreover, he only accepted alchemy tools and materials as payment. The various Super Guilds had competed over the recipe like madmen.

After Youlan and the others revealed their system results for the Trial Tower, Shi Feng led Youlan, Silent Aspiration, and the other Lifestyle players to the Candlelight Trading Firm. As for Dark Eye and the other experts, Shi Feng sent them to join the 100-man expert team under Shadow Sword and Turtledove's leadership to grind for equipment in Level 45, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons.

Ten minutes later, Shi Feng's group arrived before the Candlelight Trading Firm.

The Candlelight Trading Firm was housed in a much taller building than Zero Wing's Guild Hall. One could say that it was the tallest player-owned Shop in White River City. Since the teleportation fees between countries had fallen, an unprecedented number of Lifestyle players visited the Candlelight Trading Firm. The establishment's prosperity could now rival Star-Moon City's Auction House.

After reaching the trading firm, Youlan and her companions discovered a large number of Lifestyle players seeking to join Candlelight. Dozens of Advanced Lifestyle players had lined up to register for the trading firm's test. This had never happened in Underworld's trading firms…



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