Chapter 1560 - Competition of Wealth

"Take a look at the Four Towers of Elements?" Aqua Rose gave Shi Feng a confused look.

Although Heaven's Burial had just placed a bounty on Zero Wing and wouldn't be able to affect the Guild's development for some time, the consequences would be incredibly severe if they didn't prepare properly. In the best case scenario, the enemy would only weaken the Guild slightly. In the worst case scenario, the Guild would crumble.

Players main goal in joining a Guild was to level quickly and obtain better equipment. Nobody wanted to become prey, spending all of their time avoiding other players.

However, Aqua Rose had no choice but to follow Shi Feng's orders and trail behind him towards the Four Towers of Elements.

Meanwhile, Star-Moon Kingdom's official forums were in an uproar.

"Sure enough, Heaven's Burial really took action! What a generous bounty! Heaven's Burial is actually paying 20 Silver for each normal member! I don't even earn that much in a single day!"

"I know, right? Although it won't be easy to kill Zero Wing's core members, it's a different story for the Guild's normal and elite members. If I can take advantage of this opportunity, I might earn enough money to get myself a Mount."

"Forming a hunting party! Whoever's interested in making some money, contact me quickly!"

"It seems that Heaven's Burial is serious this time. I wonder which Guild will rule over Star-Moon Kingdom in the end?"

"It is definitely going to be Heaven's Burial. Didn't you see Heaven's Burial's background? Now that it has a treasured land like Ancient Rock City, it won't have any lack of funds."

"As expected of the Guild that took down an Orc city. Zero Wing is doomed. Even if Heaven's Burial does not directly attack, it can easily whittle Zero Wing down until it crumbles."

Everyone engaged in heated discussions about the bounty Heaven's Burial placed on Zero Wing's head. The bounty tempted many powerful players. Meanwhile, the kingdom's Dark Players immediately set their sights on Zero Wing. Not only could they secure better equipment by killing Zero Wing's members, but they'd also earn a significant income by doing so.

Moreover, with so many players targeting Zero Wing's members, the Guild couldn't direct its anger at a specific group. Hence, they could kill Zero Wing's members without worry.

Meanwhile, in the Star Alliance's Guild Residence in White River City…

"Heaven's Burial has sure moved quickly, Guild Leader. I wonder how Zero Wing will respond to this. With Ancient Rock City's income, Heaven's Burial can definitely overwhelm Zero Wing in a battle of attrition," Purple Eye said as she read the latest report she had received.

The method Heaven's Burial employed was one of the most troublesome tactics the various large Guilds had to deal with. It was also the method that the various large Guilds avoided using.

Using such a method would require a massive expenditure. Regardless of whether one won or lost the war, they'd still incur massive losses.

However, Heaven's Burial did not have to worry about such a problem now.

Once Ancient Rock City opened to the public, Heaven's Burial would rake in an astronomical number of Coins each day. It wouldn't worry about not outlasting Zero Wing.

"That's right. Had Zero Wing agreed to the Secret Pavilion's acquisition, it would've likely avoided such a perilous situation," Galaxy Past said, lamenting.

Since the Star Alliance was now one of the Secret Pavilion's subordinate Guilds, as the Guild Leader, Galaxy Past had learned many of the Secret Pavilion's internal dealings.

The Secret Pavilion's offer to Zero Wing even tempted Galaxy Past, yet Zero Wing had rejected the offer without hesitation…

Had Zero Wing accepted the Secret Pavilion's offer, Heaven's Burial wouldn't have dared to pull such a stunt. With the Pavilion's support, Heaven's Burial would likely burn out long before Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, When Singular burial read the message he had just received in Ancient Rock City, he sneered.

"Daybreak did a magnificent job. I can't wait to see how Zero Wing intends to survive in Star-Moon Kingdom." Singular Burial was delighted as he read the report Daybreak Fog had sent him.

When Zero Wing had declared that Stone Forest Town would no longer allow entry to merchant players and adventurer teams that visited Red Iron Town, it had caused Heaven's Burial tremendous losses. Now, he would ensure that Zero Wing would experience the same feeling.

"Guild Leader Singular, you are ruthless. Zero Wing will definitely lose its position as Star-Moon Kingdom's number one Guild. In the end, it might be forced to leave Star-Moon Kingdom entirely," Lei Jingyang said, laughing.

"Zero Wing only has itself to blame for making an enemy of Heaven's Burial!" Singular Burial growled. "It won't be long before I can eliminate Zero Wing from Star-Moon Kingdom entirely!"

Although it was very costly to place a bounty on every player in Zero Wing, it would be devastating to the Guild.

If Zero Wing's members had to deal with constant ambushes out in the fields, it would only be a matter of time before they withdrew from the Guild. After all, repeated deaths would impede their progress in God's Domain. Similarly, no one would be willing to join the Guild in fear of becoming a target. Not only would Zero Wing's development stagnate, but it would also have to spend a significant amount of its funding to compensate its Guild members' losses.

With a constant drain on Zero Wing's numbers and funds, Zero Wing would either crumble or be forced out of Star-Moon Kingdom even if heaven's Burial didn't take any direct action.

While the various large Guilds wondered about how Zero Wing intended to pull itself out of this mess, Shi Feng arrived before one of the Four Towers of Elements.

The Four Towers of Elements occupied the city's four corners. Each tower was 100 meters tall, looming like giants as they protected Zero Wing City.

"Guild Leader, a report just came in. Players have begun to ambush many of our members. Based on our initial estimates, we've already suffered over 4,000 casualties…" Aqua Rose frowned as she looked at the report a subordinate had sent.

The Guild would have to play a lot of Coins as compensation with so many casualties. If this situation continued for a long time, not even the profits they earned from the Candlelight Trading Firm would be enough to compensate the Guild members.

Moreover, this was still not the most crucial issue.

The Guild's prestige was their bigger concern.

"There sure are a lot of players prioritizing money over their own lives." Even Shi Feng was a little astonished.

Zero Wing's recruitment standards were very high. Unless there was an overwhelming difference between the two sides' combat power, players would have a very difficult time killing Zero Wing members and would doubtlessly sustain serious damage. And yet after such a short time since Heaven's Burial announced its bounty, Zero Wing had lost over 4,000 lives. This situation somewhat exceeded Shi Feng's expectations.

"Guild Leader, what should we do?" Aqua Rose asked.

"Since Heaven's Burial wants to play, then we'll play," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "First, have our Guild members move in teams from now on. Anyone who refuses will not receive any compensation should they die. Also, announce to the public that anyone who dares to kill Zero Wing's members will be permanently blacklisted and barred from all of Zero Wing's towns and cities. In addition, place a bounty on every player in Heaven's Burial. Not only will this bounty be effective in Star-Moon Kingdom, but it will also be effective in the Orc Empire!"

When the two women heard Shi Feng's decision, Aqua Rose and Youlan fell silent.

Shi Feng basically wanted to compete with Heaven's Burial with wealth…

Not only would their Guild suffer tremendous losses by doing so, but if they handled this badly, they could even self-destruct.

"Guild Leader, with our Guild's current funds, I'm afraid that…" Aqua Rose could not help but try to dissuade Shi Feng.

To construct Zero Wing City, develop the Branch Guild in the Black Dragon Empire, and supply their Guild members with Mounts, they spent a massive amount of money each day. Adding yet another significant expenditure would only hamper the Guild's development.

"Don't worry about our funds. You can only reap the benefits once you've paid the price. In three hours, we'll open Zero Wing City to the public. Go and make the announcement," Shi Feng ordered with a shrug. He then walked towards the tower before him.

"This…" Aqua Rose felt a headache brew when she heard Shi Feng's commands.

Zero Wing City still lacked much of its infrastructure. To put it simply, the city had very little to attract players right now. Moreover, inviting players into the city now would complicate construction in Zero Wing City. As far as she was concerned, opening the city to the public now wasn't wise.

Unfortunately, since Shi Feng had made his decision, she had no choice but to follow his orders.

Immediately, Aqua Rose made the necessary arrangements and posted Shi Feng's declaration on the official forums in Zero Wing's name.



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