Chapter 1564 - Popular Zero Wing City

Following a brief moment of shock, the players visiting Zero Wing City for the first time left the Teleportation Hall.


When these players left the building, they were shocked by what they saw. None of them had expected anything like this.

The Guild had only recently constructed Zero Wing City. Logically, it should still be relatively empty, but although there weren't many players on the street, there were plenty of NPCs. Several wandering merchant NPCs had already set up their stalls and were busy hawking their wares, as well.

These wandering merchants sold a lot more items than those in Stone Forest Town.

Normally, wandering merchants had no lack of rare items for sale. Adventurer teams and independent players were often willing to wait an entire day to purchase these rare items. However, these items were usually beyond the reach of ordinary players unless they were incredibly lucky.

Yet, not a single players stood before Zero Wing City's wandering merchants…

The players, fresh out of the Teleportation Hall, turned to look at each other and gulped. They then dashed toward the nearest wandering merchant NPC without hesitation, terrified that other players would snatch up the rare items first.

Even if they couldn't use these items themselves, they could resell them and make a profit.

The 30 Copper Coins they had spent to teleport to Zero Wing City was worthwhile. By reselling one of the wandering merchants' rare items, they could make far more than 30 Copper in profit.

The players that had just arrived in Zero Wing City burnt through all of their money. Even so, plenty of wandering merchants still had rare items in stock…

"Scorpion, notify the commander immediately! Tell him to bring every Coin we have! This is our chance to make a fortune!"

When faced with the large number of rare items before them, everyone forgot their original goal in visiting Zero Wing City. They contacted their friends or adventurer teams to borrow enough money to take advantage of this valuable opportunity.

As more players entered Zero Wing City, more people found out about Zero Wing City's benefits. More and more players were also coming to purchase rare items.

Although players had tried suppressing the news regarding Zero Wing City's benefits, some players that couldn't afford to purchase any of these items decided to publish information on Star-Moon Kingdom's forums out of spite.

Large numbers of wandering merchants present in Zero Wing City!

Zero Wing City's Mana density is even higher Stone Forest Town's! Players can accumulate the Double EXP buff just by staying in the city! Pictures and videos available!

"There are so many wandering merchants!"

"How is this possible?! You can accumulate the Double EXP buff just by staying in the city?!"

As players continued to post videos and pictures of Zero Wing City on the forums, many of the players who had been interested in visiting Ancient Rock City shifted their sights to Zero Wing City.

Nothing was more important than gaining levels and equipment to current players. This was especially true for independent players, who didn't get to enjoy Guild benefits. It was difficult for independent players to achieve a leveling speed similar to Guild players because they didn't have opportunities to accumulate the Double EXP buff.

Independent players could also enjoy a similar benefit just by paying 30 Copper. They would get more than their money's worth. There were also plenty of wandering merchants in Zero Wing City.

Zero Wing City, which was receiving very little attention from players, became the target location for many independent players and adventurer teams. The players that hadn't had any intentions of traveling to the Orc Empire quickly made their way to Zero Wing City when they heard the news, hoping to get a good look at the city.

As a result, Zero Wing City's player population skyrocketed.

Many players in Stone Forest Town rushed over to Zero Wing City. They had only remained in Stone Forest Town because they had assumed that the town's Mana density was higher. Now that they knew that Zero Wing City was superior to Stone Forest Town in this aspect, they would train in Zero Wing City instead.

Shortly after Zero Wing City's grand opening, the player population rose from hundreds to tens of thousands. Moreover, this number continued to increase as time passed.

"Big Sis Aqua, good news! Based on Zero Wing City's current statistics, there are already over 300,000 players in the city!" the female Summoner named Yaya said joyfully.

"We've already grown past 300,000?" Aqua Rose was also ecstatic to hear the news.

A player population of 300,000 might not seem like much compared to Stone Forest Town's player population, which exceeded 1,000,000, but the value of Zero Wing City's player population was significantly superior.

Any player that entered Zero Wing City would have to pay a 30-Copper entrance fee.

Since Zero Wing City's player population had exceeded 300,000, that meant the city had already collected over 900 Gold in entrance fees…

This was net profit!

As more players visited Zero Wing City, the city's income would continue to rise. It was only a matter of time before the city's population exceeded 1,000,000. If Zero Wing City had a floating population of 1,000,000, the Guild would make 3,000 Gold in net profit every day. Even the Candlelight Trading Firm wasn't capable of making that much net profit in a single day.

There was also the income from Zero Wing City's hotels and Battle Arena. The income from these two establishments would likely be on par with the entrance fees. They also had the rental fees from Shops.

"Big Sis Aqua, several merchant players and adventurer teams have contacted us again. They've stated that they wish to rent the city's Shops. Are we really going to give them the new conditions?" Yaya asked as she looked at Aqua Rose.

The conditions Aqua Rose had proposed were simply ruthless. She worried that the merchant players would flee once they informed them of the changes…

"Of course. Once Zero Wing City's player population hits 1,000,000, we're going to increase this price further!" Aqua Rose said with determination.

Yaya didn't know that Zero Wing City was still an empty shelf. The many 2-star and 3-star NPC Merchants Zero Wing City had contracted hadn't built their Shops yet. Once their Shops were complete, not only would they sell items at a more reliable rate than the wandering merchant NPCs, but they would sell even higher valued items. Even more players would be attracted to Zero Wing City then. Even a population of two or three million might not be impossible, much less one million.

"I understand." When Yaya heard Aqua Rose, she could not help but pity those merchant players. Had they agreed to lease Zero Wing City's Shops earlier, they would've been able to take advantage of the sudden development and made a huge profit. Now Aqua Rose would fleece them of every coin they had.

Following which, Yaya relayed Aqua Rose's conditions to the merchant players trying to conduct business in Zero Wing City.

"This is fraudulent!"

"Is Zero Wing that desperate for money!?"

"Crap! A Shop on a plot of land with good potential costs 400 Gold a week?! I might as well just buy a Shop in a Guild Town!"

The merchant players that received Yaya's message paled and cursed Zero Wing.

If they tried to rent a Shop on a plot of land with good potential, they would have to add over 57 Gold to their daily expenditures. How many items would they have to sell to earn that back? Only large-scale Merchant Guilds would possibly dare to rent such an expensive Shop. These large-scale Merchant Guilds were made up of merchant players spread across multiple countries. With their wide range of connections, they would be able to obtain many items that would be of great interest to players.

Four hundred Gold for a plot of land with good potential? It seems Zero Wing is confident in its city's development. Susie, whom Shi Feng had met in Stone Forest Town's Advanced Auction House, smiled when she received Yaya's reply. This is a good opportunity. I might not be able to rent a Shop on a plot of land with good potential, but I should be able to rent a Shop in the city's outer area.

Although a large number of merchant players chose to give up on doing business in Zero Wing City, there were still a few of them that decided to bite the bullet and rent a Shop in the city's outer area. Although the rental fee of 240 Gold per week was still expensive, at least they could save on some of their cost.

As Zero Wing City became increasingly popular…

Shi Feng had arrived at the Dark Den's central area using Moloch's Ring.

The World Summit!

This was a place created by numerous Gods.



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