Chapter 1565 - Land of Gods

When Shi Feng returned to the World Summit's outer area once again, he felt that the place had changed since his last visit.

More precisely, it wasn't the World Summit that had changed, but himself.

When he visited the World Summit previously, he had merely been a Tier 1 player. He had been weaker in both perception and physique. He also hadn't had a clear understanding of what kind of place the World Summit was. This time, however, he noticed far more details.

He could feel a strange power filling the area. This power gave off a cloud-like feeling. Although it felt vague, it had even suppressed the Disintegration Power's effects in his body. The Disintegrated debuff had weakened his Basic Attributes by 50%. Now, his Basic Attributes were only 30% less than normal. This strange power's effect was striking.

Moreover, the closer he got to the World Summit, the stronger the strange power became.

Sure enough, the World Summit is extraordinary. It should be quite possible to obtain God Crystals here. Shi Feng took a look at the distant mountain that pierced the clouds.

He had been in a rush during his first visit. He had wanted to secure the Bible of Darkness and leave as quickly as possible. He hadn't bothered to explore the World Summit and the surrounding areas properly.

Now that he had returned, he had to research the area. After all, Gods had created this place!

If he had obtained so much from the Moon God's old residence, the harvest he could obtain from a gathering place for many Gods would be extraordinary.

His goal was to obtain God Crystals. The more God Crystals he obtained, the better since he had so many uses for them. Aside from the Disintegration Armor, he needed God Crystals to repair his equipment, such as the Nightwalker's Cape and Soul Orb. He had to search for any possible locations to obtain God Crystals.

Following which, Shi Feng began to explore the World Summit.

Time passed quickly. Before he realized it, he had already spent over ten hours exploring.

The World Summit's map was very large. It was like a large-scale leveling map. There were deserts, forests, and canyons around the World Summit. The map itself was like a miniature world. However, aside from the golden avenue, the other locations didn't house a single living creature…

Don't tell me that I can only obtain treasures by entering the World Summit itself? Shi Feng was speechless.

While there were many treasures in the World Summit, there were quite a few problems he would have while inside. The amount of time a player could remain in the World Summit was based on the strength they displayed.

Previously, he had fought desperately to gain barely enough time to secure the Bible of Darkness. Although he had grown a lot stronger since his previous visit, and he should be able to secure more time, he didn't think that he could gather enough God Crystals to repair the Disintegration Armor.

After entering the World Summit, although countless Shrines dotted the mountain, activating each Shrine would cost a corresponding amount of time.

It was obvious that obtaining one or two God Crystals wouldn't be sufficient to remove the mysterious power suppressing the Disintegration Armor, and no matter how he looked at it, he should only be able to find God Crystals in the Epic ranked and above Shrines. In that case, according to his estimates, he'd be quite fortunate if he could activate two or three Epic Shrines.

Just as Shi Feng was about to give up on exploring the area and reached the golden avenue, he discovered something unbelievable.

What's going on? Shi Feng was dumbfounded as he looked at the golden avenue.


Other players had actually arrived in this special space!

The most unbelievable part was the number of players. There were more than 20 players just within his vision range right now. These players didn't seem to belong to a single, large team. They moved in parties of three to five people, and they were clearly on high alert despite the fact that attacks weren't permitted on the golden avenue.

Shi Feng also sensed the Power of Darkness radiating from these players. To be more precise, it was the Power of Demons. These 20-plus players were all Demon Players.

When the Demon Players noticed Shi Feng, they weren't particularly surprised. They simply glanced at Shi Feng before continuing to make their way toward the World Summit.

Could there be another method of entering this place aside from Moloch's Ring?

After watching the group of players walk away, Shi Feng quickly noticed several more Demon Players approach from behind them. It was obvious that there were quite a lot of Demon Players that had arrived in the World Summit. It was also clear that the Demon Players didn't arrive at this place using Moloch's Ring instead.

Two players wearing Black Cloaks, one male and one female, approached Shi Feng as he pondered. The man looked like a savage with his unkempt hair, while the woman was a beauty with an extraordinary body. A broken sword also hung from the woman's waist.

Shi Feng had met both these players before. One of them was Brute Spear, whom he had met on Demon Island, and the other one was Hidden Soul, the holder of 'Pride' in the Flower of Seven Sins.

He never thought that he would meet these two in the World Summit…

"Fellow friend, are you alone? How about partying up with us?" Brute Spear asked Shi Feng, who fully hid his appearance behind a Black Cloak. Smiling, he continued, "I believe you should know that you'll need to have a lot of time if you want to take advantage of the World Summit. The amount of time allotted if you clear the entrance test by yourself is too limited. You won't be able to explore much with so little time. If you challenge the test as parties of three or five, you'll be able to obtain much more time. How much time each person will get in the end will depend on your own abilities."

Among the members of the Sin of Pride, only Hidden Soul and himself had arrived at the World Summit. Most of the other players that had arrived at the World Summit had formed their own parties. Even players that had arrived alone would opt to join five-man parties rather than a three-man party like theirs.

The difficulty of the entrance test at the World Summit greatly differed depending on if you were challenging the test as an individual or as a party. In the case of parties, the difficulty was no different if you were in a party of three or five. The total amount of time allotted to a party would also remain the same. Each player in a party of five would get less than a party of three. However, a party of five would undoubtedly have greater survivability and overall strength, which would allow the party to challenge a test of greater difficulty and gain more total time.

Now that they had encountered Shi Feng, who looked to be alone, he naturally had to ask and see if he were interested. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn't be able to take the party test and would have to resort to the individual test.

"Challenging the test as a party gives more time?" When Shi Feng heard Brute Spear's words, he more or less understood the gist of the situation. He then nodded and said, "Alright, I'll join your party."

Based on Brute Spear's words, he could tell that the man was relatively familiar with the World Summit.

Previously, Shi Feng had come as an individual, so he didn't notice that there was a party mode for the test. Judging by how experts like Brute Spear and Hidden Soul were willing to accept a stranger like himself into their party before even confirming his strength, he could tell that the party test was much more rewarding than the individual test. Otherwise, Brute Spear wouldn't bother inviting him at all.

Experts on Brute Spear and Hidden Soul's caliber were relatively prideful. If they were capable of achieving their goal on their own, they wouldn't ask for help, especially not from a stranger.

"Hahaha! Wonderful! Brother, it seems you're quite a sensible person as well! If something can be done in a party of three, there's naturally no need to do it in a party of five! Let's hurry up and head for the test, then!" Brute Spear laughed when Shi Feng agreed to his invite.

Hidden Soul merely glanced at Shi Feng before continuing on her way toward the World Summit silently.

It was clear that she held no interest in knowing a hanger-on like Shi Feng.

"Brother, don't mind it. Our commander is always like this," Brute Spear explained awkwardly.

"That's understandable." Shi Feng didn't say much about Hidden Soul's response. After all, his thoughts were exactly the same as Hidden Soul's. They were merely using each other for their own benefits and were far from being friends. There was naturally no need to act chummy with each other.

Shi Feng, Hidden Soul, and Brute Spear walked along the golden avenue and made their way towards the World Summit.



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