Chapter 1569 - Inferior Legendary Rank

As the final Magisteel Puppet's HP reached zero, both Hidden Soul and Brute Spear breathed a sigh of relief.

"Commander, we succeeded!" Brute Spear excitedly announced.

They had merely intended on giving the entrance test a try. After all, they already knew how difficult the Epic party test was. Moreover, their party's configuration wasn't particularly favorable, which only lowered their success rate.

They never thought that they would actually defeat the two Purgatory Puppets and pass the entrance test.

"That's right; we succeeded." Even Hidden Soul, who had maintained a solemn expression, could not help but reveal a joyful smile. She then shifted her gaze to Shi Feng, the questions she had previously suppressed resurfacing in her mind.

Now that she thought about it, she hadn't chosen two Purgatory Puppets accidentally. It was also unlikely that the system had made an error. Moreover, Shi Feng had been calm when he faced the two Grand Lords as if he had expected the situation. This proved that the Swordsman had chosen the extra Purgatory Puppet.

Moreover, Shi Feng should have no information about her or Brute Spear's strengths, yet he had made such a decision. This proved that Shi Feng was confident in his own capabilities to take down two Purgatory Puppets.

Not only was Shi Feng such a powerful Swordsman, but he was also capable of reaching the World Summit. Based on what she knew, God's Domain didn't have an expert like this man. Someone so powerful wouldn't be able to hide their identity from everyone.

Meanwhile, Skyhawk's party stared at Shi Feng and Hidden Soul in astonishment.

"How is this possible?"

"They actually did it!"

"Commander, what should we do now? They killed one more Purgatory Puppet than we did. They definitely have more time than us."

The Guardian Knight and Cleric in Skyhawk's party panicked when Hidden Soul's party cleared the test.

Time was everything in the World Summit. Players with more time would find more opportunities to grow stronger, and this was especially true as players tried to reach the Epic Shrines. Gaining an additional 5,000 minutes would give a team enough time to enter at least four more additional Epic Shrines.

"Although I don't know where that woman found such a powerful team member, more time won't help them find that item." Skyhawk wore a twisted, ugly expression. Immediately, he commanded, "Alright, we've rested enough. Let's enter the World Summit!"

Saying so, Skyhawk approached the World Summit's entrance.

"Hehe. Commander, look. It seems that Skyhawk can't sit still any longer. He's in such a rush to leave," Brute Spear said, laughing in delight as he watched Skyhawk's party depart.

However, unlike Brute Spear, Hidden Soul had lost interest in Skyhawk's party as questions about Shi Feng's identity filled her mind. As she was about to move forward and thank Shi Feng, the sound of a system notification reached her ears.

System: You have completed the SS-rank difficulty test. Rewarding Inferior Legendary Shrine Key. Time awarded increased by 40%. You have received 8,480 minutes.

An Inferior Legendary Shrine Key and 8,148 minutes?! Hidden Soul was stunned. Immediately, she looked at the system notification window to confirm that the announcement hadn't been a hallucination. She had never expected such a bountiful reward.

Based on her calculations, the best-performing party could only learn around 7,000 minutes after completing an Epic party test, yet despite her party's average performance, she had earned over 8,000 minutes.

Most importantly, the Shrine Key was Inferior Legendary rank. This was the first time she had ever heard of such a key.

One could only open a Shrine of equal or lower rank with a high-rank Shrine Key in the World Summit. Without a key of corresponding or higher rank, players wouldn't be able to unlock the doors to the Shrine.

Even Shi Feng was ecstatic.

His performance had been the best in the party, and thus, he had received more time than his companions. In total, he had earned 13,580 minutes, six times the amount he had earned during his first visit…

He would have ample time to search for God Crystals in the World Summit.

"Brother Maple, we really have to thank you for your help! We'll be able to proceed with our quest far more smoothly! If you run into any trouble in the future, feel free to contact me! If you want to deal with someone, my commander and I can deal with most of God's Domain's experts!" Brute Spear said, grinning as he walked up to Shi Feng.

Hidden Soul nodded and expressed her agreement with Brute Spear's offer.

She admitted that Shi Feng was quite strong in a head-on confrontation. However, she was a professional with assassination and ambushing. She doubted that she'd lose out to Shi Feng when focusing on a single target.

"Alright. If I need anyone killed, I'll make sure to give you a call," Shi Feng said, nodding. He did not try to reject Brute Spear's goodwill.

Although the Flower of Seven Sins wasn't yet fully developed in God's Domain, it wasn't an organization that ordinary superpowers had any hope against. Moreover, there wasn't any enmity between him and the organization. Most of the encounters he had had with the Flower of Seven Sins thus far had been due to other players hiring its services. Such dealings were very normal for an assassin organization. It was unlikely that the Flower of Seven Sins had a grudge against him.

Shi Feng added both Hidden Soul and Brute Spear as friends, but due to his Demon Mask, his name registered as 'Maple Leaf' in their friends' list.

Now, if he really had to deal with someone in the future, he could ask Hidden Soul for help.

Once the entrance test was over, Hidden Soul and Brute Spear decided to rest before entering the World Summit. The previous fight had taken a huge toll on their Stamina and Concentration. Shi Feng, however, had no intention of resting. Instead, he parted ways with Hidden Soul and Brute Spear before entering the World Summit on his own.

Shi Feng hadn't wanted to avoid resting, but he didn't want others to discover his intentions.

After some light conversation, Shi Feng made his way towards the World Summit's main entrance. As he departed, Hidden Soul felt a little lost and crestfallen.

"Commander, we really got lucky. If we hadn't come across Brother Maple, we would've had to watch Skyhawk's party enter the World Summit and search for the item. If Skyhawk knew that we earned Inferior Legendary Shrine Keys, he'd lose his mind," Brute Spear said, sighing ruefully as he watched Shi Feng's departing figure. "It's a pity that Brother Maple seems to have some business of his own. If we could've convinced him to enter alongside us, we'd have a far better chance of obtaining that item. Commander, you should've at least tried to convince him. Who knows? He might've agreed."

"He's already helped us quite a bit. Don't get too greedy," Hidden Soul said as she eyed the grinning Berserker.

"Commander, the Boss has been looking for an expert to help him for a while now. Why don't we recommend Brother Maple? With his strength, Brother Maple shouldn't have any issue catching the Boss's eye," Brute Spear said. "Not only would Brother Maple be able to help out the Boss, but he might even be interested in that matter."

"Perhaps." Hidden Soul nodded in agreement.

While Hidden Soul and Brute Spear conversed, Shi Feng arrived in the World Summit.

The World Summit was far more lively than it had been during his previous visit. Plenty of players even occupied the Bronze area. Some players were even fighting over Shrines.

But Shi Feng had no intention of staying in the Bronze area, and he charged towards the top of the mountain.

Although he had acquired a lot of time, he could still fail to find enough God Crystals to remove the mysterious power suppressing the Disintegration Armor. He couldn't afford to waste a second on low-quality Shrines. Without any hesitation, he dashed towards the Epic Shrines.

However, as Shi Feng was about to climb the staircase to the next area, an enchanting beauty with three pairs of pitch-black wings appeared before him. As the woman hovered in the air, she radiated an aura that suggested that she could triumph over all beings.

This woman was none other than the Fallen Angel Serena!

"Interesting! Someone has finally obtained the Inferior Legendary Shrine Key after so long?" Serena smiled as she gazed down at Shi Feng.



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