Chapter 1599 - Count Your Deaths on Me

When Shi Feng finished speaking, silence descended on the meeting room.

Heaven's Burial shone like the midday sun in several kingdoms and empires neighboring the Orc Empire. Not only had it annexed many Workshops and adventurer teams, but it had also captured Ancient Rock City. Now, the Guild had nearly as much overall strength as a super-first-rate Guild.

Although Zero Wing was also powerful and had great growth potential, it wasn't as powerful as Heaven's Burial, which had both its own strength and the support of major corporations.

In fact, as members of Zero Wing, they had prepared themselves for a long, arduous battle against their rival Guild.

Yet, Shi Feng wanted them to exterminate Heaven's Burial. He had also made the declaration as if it were a matter of course. For a moment, they wondered if Shi Feng had gone mad.

However, they couldn't help but burn with fighting spirit, knowing that Shi Feng had chosen them for this task.

"Those bastards from Heaven's Burial have always been an eyesore! Guild Leader, just tell us what we need to do!"

"We finally get to start a real fight with Heaven's Burial?"

"I've been waiting to duke it out with Heaven's Burial for a long time! Those cowards only know how to hit and run! If given the chance, I'll beat them until not even their mothers recognize them!"

Everyone's blood boiled with excitement as they looked at Shi Feng. Their hatred for Heaven's Burial was nothing new. In fact, that hatred had only increased due to the Guild's shameless tactics.

"Alright, since none of you have any issues, sign these confidentiality contracts." Shi Feng nodded in satisfaction before handing out a contract.

When players signed confidentiality contracts, they wouldn't be able to discuss the relevant information while logged into God's Domain. Although the Main God System could not regulate information in the real world, if one found evidence of someone violating their contract in the real world, they could hand the evidence over to the Main God System. If the evidence were valid, the player would receive their deserved punishment, the severity of which would depend on the terms of the contract.

Shi Feng wanted to keep the Conqueror's Armor's battle array a secret. Although God's Domain's various powers and players were bound to discover battle arrays eventually, he wanted to reserve the armor as one of the Guild's trump cards. The later the various major powers discovered battle arrays, the better.

The penalty Shi Feng had set for breaking the confidentiality contract wasn't unusual; any player who violated it would have their account permanently suspended.

In general, Guilds chose a consequence that would bar players from God's Domain permanently if they violated a confidentiality contract regarding extremely important secrets. It would not even matter if players deleted their accounts; they'd never be able to log back in.

Hence, Guilds' core secrets hadn't often leaked in the past. The consequences of doing so would be devastating to players who had grown comfortable with God's Domain's lifestyle. Permanently losing access to the game was more of a punishment than death itself. This was especially true for players who earned access to their Guild's core secrets.

Of course, there were bound to be players who would take the risk when offered an astronomical price.

Once the 100 plate armor players from the Dark Gods Legion signed the contracts, Shi Feng pulled one Conqueror's Armor after another from his bag.

While Aqua Rose had gathered the necessary players, Shi Feng had successfully forged another four pieces of the Conqueror's Armor. Among these four pieces, one was even an improved Conqueror's Armor. This increased the count to five improved pieces, just enough for a 5-man party to activate the Basic Strength Battle Array.

"What? There's so much Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment here!"

"Wait, look at the Attributes! They're insane!"

"This Basic Strength Battle Array is amazing! It's basically a mini Berserk Skill! Moreover, it doesn't have a Cooldown and only costs one Magic Crystal per five minutes! It can last until players run out of Stamina!"

Everyone was flabbergasted over the 100 chest pieces Shi Feng had revealed.

They frequently grinded in Level 50-plus maps, so they knew just how difficult it was to obtain Level 50 equipment. Even Mysterious-Iron Equipment was incredibly rare, let alone Secret-Silver rank. Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment's Basic Attributes could easily rival those of Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment, and Level 50 Equipment provided higher Defense than lower-level equipment.

However, the superior Defense wasn't displayed in numerical value. Rather, it came in the form of impact mitigation. When players were attacked in God's Domain, the impact oftentimes disrupted their stance, revealing flaws in their defense. Aside from damage reduction, a player's Defense could also mitigate some, if not all, of the impact from an attack.

Thus, when deciding between Level 45 Fine-Gold Equipment and Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, players usually chose the latter, even if the former had stronger Skills.

Needless to say, not even Level 45, top-tier, Dark-Gold Equipment could compare to Level 50 Fine-Gold Equipment. Unfortunately, such equipment was extremely challenging to obtain. Even when raiding Level 50, 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons, the armor only had a chance of dropping; it wasn't guaranteed.

Yet, Shi Feng had just set 100 pieces of such equipment before them. Moreover, the Conqueror's Armor had a superb Skill for large-scale combat. Every one of these players from the Dark Gods Legion felt as if they were dreaming…

Only a few of them had Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment, while most of them still used Level 45 Dark-Gold Equipment or a combination of Level 50 Mysterious-Iron and Secret-Silver Equipment. Even in a first-rate Guild, their equipment would only be second to those who wore Epic Equipment.

In response to these players' elation, Shi Feng simply chuckled and shook his head.

All of these players only had eyes for the Conqueror's Armor's Basic Attributes. They had no idea that the Fine-Gold ranked Conqueror's Armor was even more valuable than Level 60 Dark-Gold Equipment.

"I want each of you to select one of the chest pieces. Then, I'll split you into twenty parties of five. Each party will take a healer and head to the four high-resource maps where we've sent our Guild members to grind. I need all of you to continue the search for Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's members. If you find a group of 100 or fewer, kill them all. If the enemy overwhelms your team with numbers or peak experts are among their teams, notify the commanders responsible for the region; then send you reinforcements. If that is the case, you just need to keep an eye on the enemy. If they chase after you, try to kite them and regroup with the reinforcements," Shi Feng strictly explained the details of their task as he eyes the players before him.

By having the Dark Gods Legion members move in 6-man parties, they could move swiftly and stealthily. Although splitting these Dark Gods Legion members into 6-man parties, rather than 100-man teams, would limit the legion's combat power, the smaller parties would seem like less of a threat to their enemies. This would make it easier for the Dark Gods Legion members to evade the enemy's detection.

When Shi Feng fell silent, everyone in the meeting room was dumbfounded. They even wondered if they had heard wrong.

Shi Feng actually wanted them to form 6-man parties to take on Heaven's Burial's 100-man teams…

If they targeted ordinary 100-man teams, they'd be confident of their victory, but Heaven's Burial's teams were anything but ordinary. Each team was normally led by dozens of experts.

If they assaulted such a force, they'd be attempting suicide, not starting a battle.

"Relax! I'll take responsibility for any of your deaths!" Shi Feng could see these players' confusion regarding his decision. However, he simply chuckled and said, "Or don't you have the courage for a task like this?"

"So what if these 100-man teams are from Heaven's Burial?! Guild Leader, just you wait! Even if we don't kill them all, we'll definitely make them suffer!"

Initially, worry had gripped everyone's hearts, but after Shi Feng had told them off in such a way, their fighting spirit began to burn anew.

As Shi Feng had implied, if they weren't even brave enough to do this, they might as well stop calling themselves experts.

"Good! Also, the three parties with the highest kill counts will receive a large number of GCPs and gain one opportunity to learn an Advanced Combat Technique. Whether or not you earn the opportunity will depend on your effort," Shi Feng said, nodding in approval at everyone's high spirits. Immediately, he organized his players into parties before sending them off to the four high-resource maps.

When they had heard that they might be able to learn an Advanced Combat Technique, these players couldn't help their growing excitement.

Advanced Combat Techniques were the Guild's core secrets. It was extremely difficult to earn the opportunity to learn one. Normally, they'd only have the chance to earn the opportunity if they achieved some impressive feat or were selected by the Guild for training, yet all they needed to do was rank among the top three for kill counts. Why wouldn't they be excited?

After Shi Feng finished with the Conqueror's Armor and the twenty teams, he made his way towards Seliora's smithy in White River City to repair the Disintegration Armor.



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