Chapter 1602 - Legendary Reward

When the system notification ended, Shi Feng's experience bar started increasing rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, he went from Level 61 to Level 63. Meanwhile, his Legacy Skill Point count, which had stagnated for a long time now, also increased by 20 points.

What a bountiful reward! Shi Feng could not help getting a little excited as he looked at the quest reward.

Normally, aside from completing special quests, players would receive only one Legacy Skill Point for every three level-ups. To put it simply, Legacy Skill Points were extremely rare. Yet, now, he had obtained 20 points from a single quest—enough for him to exchange for one or two Tier 2 Legacy Skills.

In God's Domain, Skill Books for the Tier 2 standard and higher were extremely rare. Normally, players could obtain Skills and Spells at Tier 2 and above only by using Legacy Skill Points.

Hence, even after reaching Tier 2, players would not have a lot of Tier 2 Skills; they would mostly use Tier 1 Skills for combat and keep Tier 2 Skills as trump cards.

In other words, gaining an additional Tier 2 Skill was equivalent to gaining another trump card.

Moreover, aside from Legacy Skill Points, the quest had also awarded him with 100,000 Free Skill Proficiency Points, which would allow him to fast-track leveling up his Skills. Needless to say, as a Skill's level increased, its overall performance would improve as well. This, in turn, would enhance his combat power.

Following which, Shi Feng spent all of his Legacy Skill Points to learn Purgatory Pentaslash, a Tier 2 Legacy Skill with maximum explosive power.

[Purgatory Pentaslash] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 2, Level 1

Proficiency 0/30,000

Instantly execute five slashes, with each slash being stronger than the former. Each subsequent slash gains an additional 20% Strength and 10% Attack Speed.

Cooldown: 20 seconds

After learning the Skill, Shi Feng immediately invested 30,000 Proficiency Points to upgrade Purgatory Pentaslash to Tier 2, Level 2. Now, each subsequent attack gained an additional 21% Strength and 11% Attack Speed. Although the improvement was small, to a Tier 2 player, an addition of 1% Strength could mean an increase of 10 Strength. Not to mention, this addition would be repeated four times in total.

As for the remaining 70,000 Proficiency Points, Shi Feng used them to upgrade the Tier 1 Chop.

Chop was a Skill that Swordsman players could learn at Tier 0. The Skill could be upgraded only to the Tier 1 standard at maximum. However, it was a Skill that players would frequently use in battle, as it had a very short Cooldown. At the same time, the Skill also dealt a relatively significant amount of damage. Hence, as long as Swordsman players upgraded their Chop Skill, their overall DPS would improve as well.

After Shi Feng invested his remaining 70,000 Proficiency Points, his Chop Skill leveled up twice, instantly going from Tier 1, Level 3 to Tier 1, Level 5.

[Chop] (Action-type)

Requires: Sword

Tier 1, Level 5 (Proficiency 12,612/30,000)

Additional 1,600 base damage. Deals up to three consecutive hits in one second. If attacks land in the same location, damage is increased by 60%.

Attack range: 7 yards

Cooldown: 3 seconds

Compared to when the Skill was at Tier 1, Level 1, after it reached Tier 1, Level 5, not only did the additional base damage it dealt increase by 1,000 points, but the bonus damage multiplier provided, if all three attacks landed on the same spot, had also risen from 50% to 60%. There was a significant improvement in damage. Most importantly, the attack range had also extended from six yards to seven yards, which made it even more difficult for enemies to dodge the Skill.

Shi Feng felt very satisfied with this outcome.

In the past, Level 60-plus Swordsmen normally managed to level up their Chop only to Tier 1, Level 2 or Level 3. Very few had been able to level up the Skill to Tier 1, Level 4, much less Level 5.

After distributing his Free Skill Proficiency Points, Shi Feng set his eyes on the "Disintegration User" title.

[Disintegration User] (Advanced Title)

The proof of ownership for the Disintegration Power. Endow Disintegration Power to a maximum of 30 players within a 200-yard radius, increasing their Basic Attributes by 10% and damage by 20%. The magic damage and physical damage they receive will also be decreased by 30% and 15%, respectively.

Reading the introduction for the Disintegration User title stunned Shi Feng.

Titles were different from Domain Skills. In the case of Domain Skills, the simultaneous use of multiple Domain Skills would weaken their effects slightly; there might even be a counter-reaction. However, it was a different story for titles. The effects of titles could be stacked with the effects of Domain Skills without them interfering with one another.

Although he could only endow Disintegration Power to a maximum of 30 players, it was still plenty amazing. The Disintegration User title would work wonders in team battles and Dungeon raids.

Meanwhile, although the Disintegration User title's effects were wonderful, Shi Feng had noticed an even more exciting matter.

And that was the increase to his Basic Attributes.

Due to the improvement of his Life Rating, each time he leveled up, he would gain more Basic Attributes than he did before. After leveling up twice in a row, not only had he acquired a large number of Free Attribute Points, but his Basic Attributes had also received a significant boost.

Overall, he now gained 20 more Attribute Points each time he leveled up.

So, this is the power of the Dark Iron Bloodline? Shi Feng was at a loss for words as he looked at his improved Basic Attributes.

Currently, he was still only a Level 63, Tier 2 player, yet the Dark Iron Bloodline was already providing him with an additional 20 Attribute Points with each level up. Moreover, this number would increase as he reached higher levels and tiers. He might even be able to recover the 1,000 Attribute Points he lost today before he got to Level 100.

Just as Shi Feng was feeling shocked by the power of his Bloodline, Seliora turned her gaze to him.

"You're very lucky. The recasting this time was extremely successful. However, as you are too weak right now, despite having established a blood contract with the Disintegration Armor, you still cannot fully control the Disintegration Armor. Right now, all the blood contract is doing is preventing you from being affected by the armor's power. If you wish to fully control the armor, you'll need to become stronger," Seliora said as she turned her gaze back to the Disintegration Armor, which was still sitting in the center of her smithy's magic array. "However, you don't need to feel dejected. Although you cannot use the Disintegration Armor now, since you've already established a blood contract with it, you can utilize a small portion of its power."

Although she had managed to recast the Disintegration Armor, at the end of the day, she was not the armor's creator. She only managed to shoddily reestablish the armor's magic circuits using her limited knowledge of divine runes. The divine runes she drew simply could not compare with those of the Disintegration Armor's creator. The final magic circuit she ended up forming still had many problems. The flow of energy in the armor also wasn't perfect. Without a considerable amount of power, one would not be able to control the armor at all.

Upon hearing Seliora's words, Shi Feng could not help but take a look at the Disintegration Armor's Attributes.

Indeed, just like Seliora had said, the Disintegration Armor was still considerably unstable after being recast. It needed him to reach Tier 3 before he could equip it. Aside from that, there was no other information stated in the armor's Attribute Panel. However, the Disintegration Field Skill granted to him had strengthened considerably[1].

[Disintegration Field]

Disintegrates all Skills and Spells within a 100-yard radius (Skills and Spells at Tier 2 and below will be nullified, while Skills and Spells above Tier 2 will be weakened by 60%). All entities within range of the Disintegration Field will sustain a 40% reduction to Basic Attributes, physique, and Stamina in addition to a 400% increase to their Stamina and Concentration consumption rates. No Cooldown.

This is the real Disintegration Field? After looking at the new Disintegration Field, Shi Feng finally understood why Legendary items could allow players to challenge opponents of higher tiers.

Currently, he could use only a small portion of the Disintegration Armor's power, yet the armor was already providing him with such great benefits. If he could equip the armor now, he would simply be invincible among the current players of God's Domain.

However, Shi Feng only toyed with this thought. Legendary Equipment was not that easy to equip, all the more top-notch Legendary Equipment like the Disintegration Armor. He should just be grateful that the Disintegration Armor no longer suppressed him and provided a stronger Disintegration Field.

After storing the Disintegration Armor, Shi Feng finally shifted his sights to the pitch-black energy bead floating in midair.

Although the energy bead's aura had already disappeared, the energy bead had also formed a zone completely void of Mana around itself.

Just by entering this void zone, Shi Feng felt his entire body becoming incomparably heavy. At the same time, his mind also became sluggish like never before.



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