Chapter 1642 - Shocking All Sides

As the players within the city watched the defensive magic array around Ancient Rock City transform into particles of light and disappear, their expressions froze.

"How is this possible?"

"What's going on here?"

"Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array was destroyed?"

For a time, everyone struggled to process and accept the fact that the defensive magic array had actually broken.

Although they were not particularly familiar with the strength of a city's defensive magic array, they knew that normal Spells would be utterly useless against it. Even Tier 4 Spells would barely have an effect.

When Heaven's Burial had tried to capture Ancient Rock City, the Guild had spent many hours bombarding the city's defensive magic array. It had even employed Tier 4 Mythic ranked Evil Beasts to assault the barrier.

Yet, this same, peerless magic array had crumbled under a single attack. It felt like some kind of joke.

"What did that person do?"

"Is he some kind of high-tiered NPC?"

Curiosity filled Ancient Rock City's players as they watched Shi Feng's cloaked figure.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the various players from visiting superpowers within the city glowed as they watched the defensive magic array fall.

"A chance! This is our change!"

"Quick! Notify the Guild Leader!"

Thus far, the superpowers hadn't given up on securing Ancient Rock City for themselves. Its daily income was so astronomical that not even Super Guilds could ignore the temptation. However, nobody had been able to do anything against the city; its defenses were simply too powerful.

Aside from the city's Level 100 NPCs, the city's defensive magic array was impossible for these superpowers to overcome. They'd also have to contend with the defensive magic array protecting the City Lord's Mansion.

Now, however, Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array was gone. City's defensive magic arrays weren't like the defensive arrays players could summon with Magic Array Scrolls. Once shattered, the protective barrier would need a long time to reform. Depending on the Mana supply, forming another magic array could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

During this time, Ancient Rock City would be without the protection of a defensive magic array. Aside from the city's defensive structures, the various superpowers only had to overcome the NPCs defending the city. Not, it was entirely possible to steal Ancient Rock City out from under Heaven's Burial.

The various superpowers' members who rested in Ancient Rock City immediately contacted their supervisors to report the city's situation.

In almost no time, everyone had heard the news of Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array shattering, causing quite a commotion among the various major powers in the Orc Empire.

"What? Someone has broken Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array? How did they do it?"

"Hurry up and look into it! We must know that person's identity!"

"This is a good opportunity. Heaven's Burial has been relying on Ancient Rock City to suppress us in the Orc Empire. Now that the city has lost its defensive magic array, we definitely have a chance of taking Heaven's Burial's place! Mobilize all of our members in the Orc Empire and tell them to gather in Ancient Rock City! Call in all of our elite members grinding elsewhere, too! We can't let the other Guilds get ahead of us!"

For a time, the various superpowers developing in the Orc Empire began to gather their forces in Ancient Rock City.

Twenty-four hours was more than enough for their forces to make it to Ancient Rock City. Without the defensive magic array in their path, they just needed to distract the NPC soldiers and destroy the City Lord's Tablet, which was inside the City Lord's Mansion. Once that was complete, the city would become ownerless, and a City Order would appear. If they could get their hands on that City Order, they would claim Ancient Rock City for themselves.

Meanwhile, silence dominated the Guild Leader's office in Heaven's Burial's Residence.

When Singular Burial had initially looked out his office window and noticed the absence of the city's defensive magic array, he had been stunned for a long moment. Once he recovered from the shock, his expression turned somber as he radiated a chilling aura that even decreased the room's temperature. Everyone in the room shuddered as this aura overwhelmed them.

"Kill… Kill him! I don't care who he is! I want him dead! Dead!" Singular Burial bellowed as he glared at Shi Feng's figure hovering over the city.

Ancient Rock City was Heaven's Burial's foundation. The Guild had sacrificed too much to obtain it.

Now that the city's defensive magic array had fallen, the various superpowers, which had eyed Ancient Rock City for a while, wouldn't miss this opportunity. They would launch fervent assaults against the city, and although Singular Burial was confident that his Guild could repel these usurpers, Heaven's Burial would suffer immeasurable losses in the upcoming battle. It might even cripple the Guild's development.


Finally, everyone reacted and rushed out of the office.

At first, they had assumed that they were dealing with some insignificant lunatic, but that lunatic had actually shattered Ancient Rock City's defensive magic array and threatened Heaven's Burial's foundation.

After Singular Burial issued the command, every NPC in Ancient Rock City dashed towards Shi Feng, hurling all kinds of ranged attacks. At the same time, the city's Defense Turrets and Arrow Towers began to bombard the flying Swordsman.

But despite such powerful attacks flying at him from different directions, Shi Feng didn't try to evade them. Instead, he flew straight towards the City Lord's Mansion. With Gale Domain active, Shi Feng's Movement Speed was ridiculously high, and as a result, very few attacks managed to reach him.

When an attack did reach him, the streams of dark-blue air revolving around Shi Feng struck it down before it could deal any real damage.

"What's that person trying to do?"

"Is he not going to flee?"

"He seems to be heading towards the City Lord's Mansion. He couldn't be…"

When the city's players realized where Shi Feng was heading, they considered a possibility. Although they thought that the chance of such an occurrence was minuscule, and the action was utterly suicidal, they couldn't help but shudder at the thought.

Sieging the City Lord's Mansion!

No matter how they thought about it, no single player could achieve this feat.

The City Lord's Mansion had its own defensive magic array. Only, it didn't require as much energy as the barrier that protected the entire city. Even so, Tier 3 or 4 attacks couldn't easily bring it down.

"Could he be capable of using that Spell again?" Everyone gulped in trepidation at the thought.

The Spell Shi Feng had used was absurdly powerful. The fact that he had already used it once was impressive enough.

It would simply be unfair if he could use it again.

"No! He definitely can't use that kind of Spell a second time! He must be bluffing!" Singular Burial's eyes were bloodshot as he watched Shi Feng soar closer to the City Lord's Mansion, refusing to believe that such a thing was possible.

It wasn't long before Shi Feng stopped above the City Lord's Mansion. With his lips curing into a smile, he raised the Demon King's Horn once more and sacrificed another 30,000 Magic Crystals to the item.

Suddenly, the same gigantic, pitch-black magic array appeared enveloped the City Lord's Mansion. A Demon King's phantom then materialized beneath the array.

"No! This is impossible!" Madness struck Singular Burial as he watched the Demon King cast Hell Meteor again. "Quick! Kill him! Don't let him finish the Spell!"

At this point, everyone from Heaven's Burial realized the severity of their situation. Without hesitation, they tried to tear Shi Feng from the sky with Tier 3 Magic Scrolls. Some even used Tier 4 Magic Scrolls, hoping to kill this intruder as quickly as possible.

"It's too late!"

Shi Feng smiled at the defensive magic array around the City Lord's Mansion. Lightly, he swung the Demon King's Horn down, gesturing at the mansion.



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