Chapter 1654 - Shocking All Sides

As Falling Fire collapsed, silence descended on Zero Wing and Heaven's Burial's battlefield.


"The commander actually died?"

"Do they also have a Tier 2 magical class expert?"

Blackwater's members gaped at Aqua Rose, who was responsible for Falling Fire's death.

Falling Fire was both one of the scant few Tier 2 players and a top-ranked expert within Blackwater. Normally, the Elementalist killed them instantly when they sparred with him. However, they had just watched this man die after one hit. No matter how they looked at the situation, it was utterly unbelievable.

The tier suppression Tier 2 players had over Tier 1 players was much greater than that of Tier 1 players over Tier 0 players. Moreover, as an Elementalist, Falling Fire had a few Passive Skills that increased his Magic Resistances, making him much tougher against Spells.

Yet, Aqua Rose had annihilated Falling Fire with a single Spell. There were only two possibilities to explain the outcome. The first was that Aqua Rose had used a Berserk Skill followed by a Tier 1 Curse. The other possibility was that Aqua Rose was also a Tier 2 player.

When players activated a Berserk Skill, some kind of special effect would change their bodies. Only, not all Berserk Skills generated visible indicators. Regardless, when a player activated a Berserk Skill, the intensity of their aura would increase drastically, informing others that the player had activated such a Skill.

However, Aqua Rose displayed neither phenomena, so it was obvious that she hadn't activated a Berserk Skill. There was also no way they'd miss the resulting changes. They all had keen senses as experts, and activating a Berserk Skill was akin to turning on a light in a dark room.

When Blackwater's members considered the possibility that Zero Wing also had a Tier 2 magical class, they couldn't help but shudder.

Tier 2 MTs were only powerful when tanking monsters; their DPS was lacking. However, it was a different story for Tier 2 magical classes. Magical classes already wielded extremely high DPS even at Tier 1, and they had more AOEs than other classes. After their promotion to Tier 2, magical classes attacks would grow even stronger. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to call Tier 2 magical classes mobile Defense Turrets.

When solely comparing combat capabilities, Tier 2 magical classes were stronger than another class by far.

While everyone struggled with their shock over Falling Fire's death, Aqua Rose used the opportunity to cast the Tier 2 Spell, Aqua Precinct.

With the female Cursemancer at its center, a water domain manifested, covering a 70-yard radius. Any of Heaven's Burial and Blackwater members caught within Aqua Precinct soon noticed the rapid drop in their Basic Attributes. In the blink of an eye, their Basic Attributes had fallen to 70% of their original values. Following which, twelve, eight-meter-long water serpents rose from the pool of water, releasing enraged bellows that echoed throughout the tower.

Every water serpent possessed the Strength to rival a Great Lord of the same level. Under Aqua Rose's control, the water serpents jumped at the players from Heaven's Burial and Blackwater.

Aqua Precinct wasn't like normal AOEs and was categorized as a Domain Skill. When using it to attack, Aqua Rose wouldn't harm her allies as normal AOE Spells would as long as she controlled the Spell properly.

Tier 1 experts would have a very difficult time coping with a Great Lord's attacks. Only Tier 1 MTs of the same level could block such attacks without receiving much damage. However, unlike normal Great Lords, which had monotonous attack patterns, the water serpents were flexible since Aqua Rose controlled them. Any MT that failed to block the serpents' attacks instantly lost over 20,000 HP. Since Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's MTs had lost 30% of their Basic Attributes, the water serpents only needed two hits to finish off a Level 50 MT.

In the short moment since Aqua Rose had cast Aqua Precinct, she had killed four Level 50 MTs. The rear line healers had never even had a chance to heal their allies…

"Monster! She's a monster!"

Heaven's Burial's and Blackwater's experts stared at the female Cursemancer in utter horror.


"Run! There's a monster!"

With Zero Wing's Magic Light Team and Conqueror Parties gaining the upper hand, followed by Aqua Rose's sudden massacre, Heaven's Burial's and Blackwater's members panicked. Rather than a slow, organized retreat, they turned and fled like cowards.

Not only would they lose a level if they died, but they'd also lose a piece of equipment. To expert players like them, the loss was unbearably painful. Hence, now that they knew that they were no match for Zero Wing, they wouldn't continue to throw themselves into the jaws of death. Furthermore, their commanders, Lei Jingyang and Falling Fire, had already died.

"Big Sis Aqua, you couldn't hold back a little? We've barely killed any enemies, yet you've already scared them all away. How are we supposed to earn extra income now?" Shadow Sword and Zero Wing's other Tier 2 players sighed in frustration as they watched Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's members flee.

They had previously held back because they were worried about scaring off their prey.

It had actually taken quite a bit restraint to drag this battle out, yet their prey had run in fear of them before they could reap the benefits and slaughter them all. This frustrated Shadow Sword and the others.

"My bad. I'll be more careful next time," Aqua Rose said, sending her companions an apologetic glance. She hadn't expected Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's players to be so cowardly. Thus far, the battle between their Guilds had been fairly even. In fact, Zero Wing wouldn't get off easily either if Heaven's Burial and Blackwater continued the fight. Yet, rather than stand their ground, the two Guilds' members had turned and fled.

"This will work, too. Just kill as many as you can, but be careful to stay near the team and in the teleportation zone," Shi Feng commanded. He was not particularly surprised by their enemies' response.

Although Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's experts were no weaklings, the series of mental blows had thrown them into a panic.

Fortunately, Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's reaction was a good thing for Zero Wing. At the very least, Zero Wing could now secure more entry slots for the Primordial Divine Ruin.

Shadow Sword, Blackie, Violet Cloud, Rampant Blade, Alluring Summer, and Zero Wing's other Tier 2 players began to put all they had into their battles.

With the overwhelming strength of Tier 2 classes, Shadow Sword and the others charged into Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's ranks like lions charging into a flock of sheep. The Guild's magical class players, such as Blackie, Violet Cloud, and Alluring Summer, dominated the battlefield like humanoid Defense Turrets. Without anyone to hinder their progress, they each killed over a dozen players with every attack.

This only encouraged Zero Wing's other members to fight with more fervor.

By the time Heaven's Burial and Blackwater's members left the teleportation zone, they had littered their path with corpses and equipment. The two Guilds had lost nearly 2,000 experts since the battle had begun. The outcome was startling.

If these casualties were only ordinary or elite players, the loss wouldn't be as painful, but the players Zero Wing's members had killed were all experts. These two Guilds had lost just as many experts as there were in an ordinary, first-rate Guild.

"Amazing! So, this is Zero Wing's strength?"

"Didn't someone say that Zero Wing was no match for Heaven's Burial and Blackwater?"

"Heaven's Burial sure is unlucky. Not only is it in danger of losing Ancient Rock City, but entering the Primordial Divine Ruin will also be a major challenge."

The various major powers had been paying very close attention to the battle between Zero Wing and Heaven's Burial, and the superpowers present were no exception. However, none of them had ever imagined that this outcome was possible. Even Purple Jade, who had a high opinion of Zero Wing, had assumed that the Guild would fight its enemies to a draw at best.

Yet, Zero Wing had actually chased Heaven's Burial and Blackwater out of the teleportation zone while suffering minimal losses. This had completely exceeded her expectations.

As for the various Guilds and adventurer teams, which had planned to enter the teleportation zone near Zero Wing, shrank back in fear after seeing the Guild's prowess in battle.

"Commander, are we still going to charge in?" a Level 50 Shield Warrior clad in black armor could not help but ask his commander.

"Charge in? Are you suicidal? We're retreating! We'll go in from another side!"



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