Chapter 1652 - Tier 2 versus Tier 2

Inside the teleportation zone, the five Level 70 Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons furiously attacked the MT trio from Zero Wing, their speed extremely fast. Many expert players present inside the tower could not keep up with the monsters' movements, yet Cola and the other MTs blocked every attack of the Evil Demons using their shields. Moreover, they did so very casually.

Meanwhile, any expert player that accidentally came into proximity of their battle would get killed by the battle's shockwaves.

"They're able to stop even five Grand Lord ranked Evil Demons?" Purple Jade wore an incredulous look on her face as she watched Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian going up against the Evil Demons.

Even the peak MTs of the Secret Pavilion would need to activate their Berserk Skills to go up against a Level 70 Grand Lord.

However, Cola and the other two MTs could actually hold back the Evil Demons without using any Berserk Skills. Moreover, they were even at a numerical disadvantage.

Zero Wing is truly extraordinary. It's no wonder Rain is so adamant in working together with the Guild. Quiet Melody, who was commanding the Sacred Temple's members in battle, could not help her surprise when she sent a glance at the distant Evil Demons. Now, she more or less understood why Phoenix Rain had decided to partner with Zero Wing early on in the game. Phoenix Rain's insight was indeed many times more acute than Nine Dragons Emperor's.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing's members also had their morale boosted further after seeing the MT trio's performance. Brimming with fighting spirit, they started putting even more effort into suppressing Heaven's Burial's members.

Damn it! How is this possible?! Lei Jingyang was filled with envy as he looked at Cola and the other two MTs. Why does Zero Wing possess three Tier 2 MTs?!

Not only did Heaven's Burial receive financial support from major corporations, but it had also managed to recruit plenty of expert players. Despite all this, the entire Guild had only three people that succeeded in their Tier 2 promotion even until now. The Guild had invested everything it had to help these three players complete their Promotion Quests after they reached Level 50.

Moreover, unlike other classes, MT classes faced much more difficulty with their Tier 2 promotions. Although Heaven's Burial had attempted to help its MTs with their promotions, all of those MTs failed. On the other hand, Zero Wing actually possessed three Tier 2 MTs.

The value of Tier 2 MTs was much greater than that of Tier 2 players of other classes. After all, the majority of a Guild's weapons and equipment came from Dungeons. If a Guild possessed powerful MTs, it would have a much easier time raiding Dungeons.

"Boss, what should we do? Those five Grand Lords are all pinned down right now. We're also still getting pushed back by Zero Wing. At this rate, we'll be chased out of the teleportation zone," the Level 50 Ranger commanding the battle asked worriedly.

Although their side had an overwhelming advantage in numbers, Zero Wing's members were simply too powerful. Thus far, their side had already lost over 1,000 players. In contrast, Zero Wing's death toll amounted to only a little over 100. Most importantly, the 30-man Magic Light Team had yet to suffer a single casualty.

"All ranged DPS, change targets, and focus fire on those three MTs of Zero Wing! I refuse to believe that Zero Wing will have another method to stop the Evil Demons once we get rid of the three of them!" Lei Jingyang commanded through the team chat.

After saying so, Lei Jingyang personally led a team of 20 experts, followed by Falling Fire's team, and charged at Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian.

Although it was indeed surprising that Zero Wing possessed three Tier 2 MTs, both Falling Fire and he were Tier 2 players as well. If they went up against the MT trio, they would not necessarily be the one to lose. Not to mention, Cola and the other two still had to tank five Evil Demons.

Very quickly, Lei Jingyang and the others arrived within 40 yards of the MT trio.


Like throwing a javelin, Lei Jingyang hurled the greatsword he carried at Cola, arcs of silver electricity appearing around the weapon as it left his hand.

In mid-flight, the greatsword suddenly split into a dozen serpents made out of silver lightning. Meanwhile, unlike normal Spells and arrows, which could only move in a straight line, the serpents slithered nimbly through the air towards Cola, their movement patterns changing constantly.

"The Boss is getting serious! Zero Wing's members are dead now!" The eyes of the Thunder Legion members glowed when they saw this scene.

The attack Lei Jingyang had just executed was a trademark move of his, a combination of his precision control and the Additional Skill of his greatsword, Electric Serpent Bites.

Each electric serpent summoned possessed 120% of the user's Strength. They also moved ridiculously fast, so much so that even top-tier experts would have trouble coping with just one of the serpents. Going up against a dozen electric serpents simultaneously would be a struggle even for peak experts of the same level, who would have no choice but to retreat temporarily.

As for Falling Fire, who stood beside Lei Jingyang, he was not one to be outdone, either. As he completed an incantation, nine crimson magic arrays appeared on the ground around him. The ambient fire-type Mana immediately began surging towards these nine magic arrays frantically. Shortly after, Falling Fire tapped the butt of his staff on the ground.

Tier 2 Curse, Spark Impact!

In the next moment, the nine magic arrays started launching small meteorites one after another into the air. After reaching a certain altitude, the meteorites then changed trajectories and flew straight towards Cola. The power packed within each meteorite was visibly stronger than that of Lei Jingyang's electric serpents. Their speed was on par with the electric serpents' as well.

They're working together to attack me? Despite seeing the electric serpents and small meteorites rapidly approaching him, Cola showed no sign of panic whatsoever. Instead, he gave the ground a mighty stomp, taking a defensive stance, and activated Titan's Heart.

The instant Cola used Titan's Heart, a yellow, earthen barrier formed around him, shielding him from the electric serpents and small meteorites.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Let's see how you people from Zero Wing stop the Evil Demons now." Lei Jingyang laughed in ridicule as he looked at Cola's position.

Although Cola had activated a Lifesaving Skill, Lei Jingyang's Electric Serpent Bites possessed extraordinary Attack Power. It was not something that could be received head-on. Not to mention, the Tier 2 Curse that Falling Fire used possessed even greater power.

Falling Fire likewise laughed as he looked at the dust surrounding Cola's position. He then turned to look at Turtledove and Ye Wumian.

However, as the dust settled, a figure emerged standing where the electric serpents and meteorites landed. Meanwhile, this figure was none other than Cola.

At this moment, Cola's surroundings had already been charred black. However, Cola himself remained completely unharmed. In fact, not only had his HP not decrease by the slightest, but it had even increased quite significantly.

"He's not dead?"

Lei Jingyang and Falling Fire were stunned.

Both of them had used their respective aces in the hole, each of which was easily capable of instant-killing a player of the same level. Yet, Cola actually managed to survive both attacks without taking any damage. In fact, aside from blocking their attacks, Cola had also fended off the attacks of three Evil Demons.

What powerful attacks! They actually managed to deplete half of my Protective Energy. Cola could not help being startled when he looked at the remaining energy of his barrier, as Titan's Heart created an Energy Shield that had an HP equivalent to ten times his own. Had he tried receiving all those attacks without Titan's Heart, even if he activated Protection Blessing, he still would have gotten killed instantly.

An Invulnerability Skill?

Both Lei Jingyang and Falling Fire shared the same thought as they looked at Cola. In God's Domain, although Invulnerability Skills were extremely rare, some still existed. Meanwhile, every one of them was extremely troublesome to deal with.

However, after Lei Jingyang and Falling Fire exchanged glances, they sprang into action again, targeting Turtledove this time.

No matter how strong an Invulnerability Skill was, once its duration was up, it would disappear. Hence, all they needed to do now was attack other MTs instead of Cola. They also refused to believe that all three MTs had learned Invulnerability Skills.

However, when Lei Jingyang was within 30 yards of Turtledove, he suddenly felt a chill crawling down his spine. Immediately, he tightened his grip around his white-bone greatsword and activated Whirlwind Slash.


In the next moment, Lei Jingyang felt as if he had just struck an impenetrable wall as his greatsword stopped abruptly, sparks flying from the edge of his greatsword. Then, a lithe figure gradually appeared before him.

"Zero Wing's Fire Dance?" Lei Jingyang sneered as he looked at the lithe figure facing him. "Are you here to get yourself killed?"

He sent a slash at the female Assassin before him straightaway.

An Assassin was most powerful when conducting an ambush. As long as the ambush failed and their body became exposed, their combat power would decrease drastically. In a frontal clash, an Assassin was significantly inferior to a Berserker.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

However, after exchanging several attacks with Fire Dance, Lei Jingyang started panicking.

As a Tier 2 Berserker, his Strength should be overwhelmingly superior to most players at this stage of the game. Moreover, he was currently geared in three pieces of Epic Equipment. Despite that, not only did every one of the dozen or so attacks he had sent at Fire Dance get blocked, but his arms even started falling numb from the resulting impact.

Could she be a Tier 2 player as well? Lei Jingyang could not help entertaining such a thought. However, even if Fire Dance was a Tier 2 Assassin, it should be impossible for her to be superior to him, a Tier 2 Berserker, in terms of Strength.

Lei Jingyang very quickly shook the thought out of his head and calmed himself.

In terms of combat standards, he was no doubt superior to Fire Dance. Since he couldn't win using a forceful approach, he simply needed to target her weak points.

He immediately activated the Tier 2 Skill Battering Slash.

Battering Slash allowed him to ignore his target's Defense and block effects. Although the damage his attacks dealt would decrease significantly, it would be more than enough to kill an Assassin, a class that had both low HP and Defense.

However, when his greatsword passed through Fire Dance's body, Lei Jingyang's complexion immediately darkened. The reason for this was the sensation he felt coming from his greatsword; it did not feel as if he had just cut through a physical entity at all. He tried using Blade Storm right away, but before he realized it, Fire Dance had already appeared behind him, the Thousand Transformations in her hand stabbing towards his back.

Tier 2 Skill, Shadow Raid!

Fire Dance instantly transformed into numerous streaks of shadows that pierced through Lei Jingyang's body. Damages ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 appeared rapidly above the Berserker's head one after another, depleting his HP to zero.



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