Chapter 1662 - Edgeless Blade

An Earth Dragon?

Shi Feng could not help but be astonished as he looked at the 50-meter-tall monster standing inside the valley.

[Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon] (Archaic Species, Inferior Dragon, Grand Lord)

Level 58

HP 270,000,000/270,000,000

Compared to other Archaic Species of similar rank and level, the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon was clearly stronger; its HP already rivaled that of Mythic monsters of the same level. It did not look like a Grand Lord at all.

Moreover, aside from the Earth Dragon having superb Defense, the battlefield it fought in was surrounded by pools of scorching lava. From time to time, jets of lava would shoot up and rain down on random locations of the battlefield. Even MTs would be able to endure a direct hit from the lava only three or four times. Should they successfully block the lava rain, the durability of their weapons and equipment would decrease significantly.

In addition to the lava rain, the Earth Dragon itself attacked with its three tails and spewed out frost or flame breaths frequently. As a result, the expert players of the superpowers currently raiding the Boss turned into streaks of light and disappeared from the battlefield one after another. In less than ten minutes, the team made up of 1,000-plus experts was annihilated.

By the time the battle was over, the entire area before the massive stone doors had transformed into a world of flames and frost, the scene both mesmerizing and shocking.

At this point, the spectating members of the various superpowers wore somber expressions on their faces as they looked at the Earth Dragon looming over them arrogantly before the stone doors.

The Earth Dragon's Defense and HP were both ridiculously high. In addition, players raiding the Earth Dragon had to keep an eye out for the lava that would rain down from the sky.

However, after Shi Feng and the others arrived inside the valley, the various superpowers all shifted their sights towards them. When these superpowers saw Shi Feng's group moving past them, heading straight towards the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon, none of them displayed any hostility. They simply watched quietly as Zero Wing's team approached the Boss.

Although there was only one Boss on the entire fourth floor, they were not in a hurry to fight it at all.

The reason for this was their confidence in the Earth Dragon's strength. The task of killing the Earth Dragon was no longer something a single superpower or large Guild could achieve. Multiple superpowers would need to cooperate to deal with the Boss.

"They couldn't possibly intend to take on the Boss on their first visit, right?" Wild Ocean could not help but laugh in ridicule when he saw Zero Wing's team showing signs of wanting to raid the Earth Dragon.

The team that tried raiding the Earth Dragon just now consisted of the strongest experts of two superpowers. In the end, however, they were still no match for the Boss.

The Earth Dragon itself was already a massive challenge to players. The lava rain launched at random intervals from the surrounding lava pools only served to further increase the demands on players' combat standards. Meanwhile, the standard of Zero Wing's members was significantly inferior to that of the members of the various superpowers.

Of course, it would be a different story if Zero Wing could replicate its feat on the third floor and prevent the lava attacks from occurring entirely. However, how could such a thing happen time after time?

"It's better for us if they try. Once they realize where the difficulties of the raid lie, we'll have an easier time negotiating conditions for cooperation with them later on," Broken City said, chuckling nonchalantly. "Though, I do wonder how much of the Boss's HP Zero Wing will be able to shave off."

Zero Wing was behaving similarly to how the Sacred Temple and Crimson Emperor had before.

Although both Guilds had known that the Boss was not easy to deal with, as this was their first time raiding the Primordial Divine Ruin, they had felt that they should have no problem taking down the Boss if they worked together. In the end, however, their combined forces got annihilated before they could even get the Boss's HP below the 80% threshold. Now, the upper echelons of both Guilds were wearing exceedingly ugly expressions on their faces.

"Even the combined forces of the Sacred Temple and Crimson Emperor managed to lower the Boss's HP only to 81%. I'm guessing Zero Wing will have trouble taking away even 5% of the Boss's HP. Just the first two lava showers will most likely wipe out over 80% of Zero Wing's members. With the remaining members, they would be fortunate if their overall DPS exceeds the Boss's battle recovery," Praying Lotus said, shaking her head in disapproval as she looked at Zero Wing's team.

Although Zero Wing's previous performances had indeed exceeded expectations, the Guild's deficient foundation would be its downfall on this floor.

Meanwhile, the other Guilds present were sitting back, eagerly awaiting the start of the upcoming show.

After all, as more teams fought the Earth Dragon, spectators like themselves would be able to uncover more of the Earth Dragon's secrets, which would, hopefully, eventually allow them to defeat the Boss.

"Uncle Yuan, how far do you think Zero Wing will be able to go?" Purple Jade asked curiously as she looked at Shi Feng, who stood in the middle of Zero Wing's team.

Other Guilds might not have a clear idea of Zero Wing's strength, but the Secret Pavilion was well informed on matters regarding God's Domain. They were quite aware that, when Phoenix Rain's Phoenix Pavilion and Zero Wing obtained the First Clear of the Sunset Forest, Zero Wing had played an indispensable role in the raid.

"I'm not sure. Maybe they'll shave off around 20% of the Boss's HP. Hopefully, they can get the Boss to enter its second phase. That way, we can get a better understanding of the Boss," Yuan Tiexin replied, shaking his head.

Meanwhile, just as Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade were conversing with each other, Zero Wing's members were also looking at and discussing the Earth Dragon.

"Guild Leader, let's go!" Cola urged excitedly as he looked at the distant Earth Dragon.

Truthfully, dealing with the Bosses on the third floor had not posed a challenge to him whatsoever. He had not been able to fully exhibit the Titan Guard's capabilities when going up against those Bosses. Now that the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon was before him, he was very eager to use it as a sparring partner to improve himself.

"Guild Leader, why not let me be the lead MT this time?" Turtledove eagerly recommended herself.

At this moment, Cola and the other MTs weren't the only ones itching for action. Fire Dance, Shadow Sword, and the other DPS of the team were also bursting with fighting spirit. As long as Shi Feng gave the command, they would immediately charge at the Earth Dragon without hesitation.

"Hold on a moment. Shadow, take this weapon and use it for this raid," Shi Feng said after pondering for some time. He then took out the Tier 3 Mana Weapon Edgeless Blade from his bag and handed it over to Shadow Sword.

Initially, Shadow Sword wanted to say that the Crimson Moon greatsword he wielded was already plenty good and that there was no need to switch weapons. However, after he accepted the Edgeless Blade, he fell into a daze.

Although he had yet to equip the weapon, the instant he took it into his hands, he could feel immense power surging into his body. At the same time, his mind also gained greater clarity.

Shadow Sword immediately inspected the Attributes of the Edgeless Blade.

"What is this weapon?" Shadow Sword muttered blankly as he looked at the Edgeless Blade's Attribute Panel.

Crimson Moon was one of Titan City's 31 Holy Weapons. At this point, he had already upgraded the weapon to Dark-Gold rank, and its Attributes were significantly superior to even ordinary Dark-Gold Weapons. In the future, he could even raise it to Epic rank. However, compared to the Edgeless Blade he was currently holding, Crimson Moon was no different from an iron rod.

He found it truly hard to imagine that such a powerful weapon could exist at this stage of the game. Moreover, even if he eventually upgraded Crimson Moon to Epic rank, he did not think that it would be a match for the Edgeless Blade.

The reason for this evaluation was the sensation he got when he held the Edgeless Blade: it felt as if he had just activated a Berserk Skill. Just equipping the weapon had increased his Strength by 40%. Moreover, the Edgeless Blade's Attack Power was directly correlated to his Strength Attribute. Overall, the Edgeless Blade's Attack Power was 50% higher than Crimson Moon's.

In response to Shadow Sword's reaction, Shi Feng dispensed with explanations. He commanded through the team chat, "Alright, everyone get ready! Cola, Turtledove, and Ye Wumian will be responsible for tanking the Boss. Everyone else, pay attention to your positioning. Make sure not to stand near the Earth Dragon's heads and tails.

"If nobody has any problem, let's begin!"

As soon as Shi Feng was done speaking, Zero Wing's members charged into the Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon's sphere of influence like a frenzied mob.



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