Chapter 1666 - Insane Loot

The Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon had dropped over 100 items. Although the majority consisted of materials and Magic Crystals, eight weapons and pieces of equipment had dropped.

The reward for First Kill is quite surprising. Shi Feng could not help but grow a little excited after appraising the weapons and equipment.

Out of the eight weapons and equipment, there were five pieces of Level 50 Dark-Gold Equipment and two Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons, one of which was a dagger, and the other was a one-handed axe. The weapons were top-tier even among Dark-Gold Weapons, good enough to tempt Super Guild's peak experts.

Although the various large Guilds' experts had already reached Level 50, most of them were stuck with Level 45 weapons. Take the various superpowers that had entered the Primordial Divine Ruin alongside Zero Wing, for example. Those superpowers' Refinement Realm experts would be fortunate to wield a Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapon. Unfortunately, most were stuck with Level 45 Dark-Gold Weapons, which had both lower Basic Attributes and Attack Power than Level 50 Fine-Gold Weapons.

Surprisingly, the five pieces of Dark-Gold Equipment that had dropped were pieces of the Berserker class's Mad Gale Set and the Elementalist class's Frostflame Set. Two of the five pieces were the Mad Gale Set's gloves and boots, and the remaining three pieces were the Frostflame's hat, gloves, and boots.

Level 50 Dark-Gold Set Equipment was only inferior to Epic Equipment. Players could use the equipment until they were Level 59 before it would go out of date. Moreover, class-specific set equipment was generally specialized for its class. Take the six-piece Mad Gale Set, for example. Its two-piece set effect increased the wearer's Movement Speed and Attack Speed by 15%, which made up for the Berserker class's lack of speed.

The Frostflame Set was also a six-piece set, and its two-piece set effect increased Elementalists'e cast range by 10%. Although the improvement seemed small, a player could easily overwhelm ranged opponents if they took advantage of it properly.

If he could complete both sets, he could even fetch 10,000 for them.

However, the seven items were nothing compared to the value of the last piece of equipment.

[Frostflame Ring] (Ring, Epic Rank)

Level 50 - Level 100

Equipment Requirement: Strength 500, Agility 400, Intelligence 1,000

Strength +55, Agility +42, Endurance +45, Intelligence +74 (Level 50)

Ignore Levels +12

Ice Resistance +15

Fire Resistance +15

Additional Passive Skill-

Frostflame Barrier: Creates a Frostflame Barrier around user. As long as the user is standing, the power of all ice- and fire-type Spells increases by 20% and channeling time reduces by 10%.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Frostflame's Descent: Manipulate ice- and fire-type Mana to deal 700% fire damage to targets in a 40-yard cone. Targets hit will have their Movement Speed reduced by 70% for 6 seconds.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2-

Frostflame Shield: Creates a protective shield that covers an area with a 15-yard radius. The Frostflame Shield is immune to all ice- and fire-type damage. The Frostflame Shield lasts 20 seconds and can absorb damage equivalent to 300% of user's maximum Mana.

Cooldown: 10 minutes

Rings and necklaces were extremely rare equipment in God's Domain. They were worth at least double that of equipment of the same quality, as well. An Epic ring was far more valuable than a piece of Epic Equipment.

If an Elementalist equipped the Frostflame Ring, their combat power would increase by at least 20%. Moreover, the Frostflame Ring offered Skills that covered both AOE offense and defense. It was a treasure worth tens of thousands of Gold.

"Guild Leader, what did the Boss drop?" Blackie could not help but ask curiously as he watched Shi Feng inspect the Earth Dragon's loot.

At Blackie's question, the rest of the team members perked up, curious about the loot as well.

"Take a look for yourselves," Shi Feng said. He then shared the eight weapons and pieces of equipment's Attribute Panels in the team chat, allowing everyone to see the items. "I've also listed the GCPs needed to purchase them. If you're interested in any of them, come to me."

Although Epic items were precious in God's Domain, they were no longer unattainable. Hence, it didn't particularly matter if he revealed the Frostflame Ring. At most, the various major powers would envy Zero Wing when they found out about it. They would not go as far as to wage war over the item.

Moreover, by sharing the Attribute Panels with the team, he could improve the team's morale.

"These Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment pieces are amazing!"

"The Boss's loot is insane! It actually dropped Level 50 Dark-Gold Set Equipment!"

"This ring is godlike! Its Attributes alone can rival the Attributes on my Level 50 Fine-Gold gloves!"

"Screw the Basic Attributes! Look at the ring's Additional Skills! Those effects are amazing! If I had this ring, my DPS would increase by at least 30%!"

Everyone drooled over the eight items.

Any one of these items would easily rank among a Super Guild's most precious treasures. Not even Super Guilds' upper echelons wielded such items, yet Shi Feng had made them available for purchase in the Zero Wing. The only problem was the items' price tags.

Each one of the two Level 50 Dark-Gold Weapons cost 500,000 GCP, which was the equivalent of 1,000 Gold outside of the Guild. Although it was incredibly cheap if purchased with Coins, it was a different story if players purchased them with GCPs. GCPs were, after all, far more difficult to acquire.

The Frostflame Ring, however, cost 4,000,000 GCPs, the equivalent of 8,000 Gold. At this point, no one in the Guild had that many GCPs. However, since Shi Feng didn't want the ring to go to waste, he lent it to Alluring Summer, who was a Tier 2 Elementalist.

"I'm definitely not going to face Summer in PvP. The Frostflame Ring's Skills are game-breaking," Cola said as he watched Alluring Summer equip the Frostflame Ring.

As a Tier 2 Elementalist, Alluring Summer was already a mobile Defense Turret. If she focused on a single target, even a Tier 2 MT of the same level would fall quickly under her attacks. With the assistance of the Frostflame Ring, Alluring Summer's firepower would rise to a whole new level. If she activated Frostflame Shield, she would be able to cast her Spells without worrying about incoming attacks for a short time. She could afford to cast powerful Spells that had long channeling times even in a one-on-one fight.

After dealing with the weapons and equipment, Shi Feng didn't share any information on the other items the Earth Dragon had dropped.

Weapons and equipment would only boost the strength of an individual player, but it was a different story for the two forging designs the Guardian Boss had dropped. One of the forging designs was for the Giant Frost Axe, a Level 50 Fine-Gold two-handed axe, while the other was for the Scorching Sun Gloves, a set of Level 50 Dark-Gold plate gloves. If he allowed Cream Cocoa and the others to learn these designs, they could craft plenty of powerful weapons and equipment pieces for the Guild. The two designs were exceedingly more valuable than the seven Dark-Gold items combined.

Shi Feng had also obtained a leaf of tattered parchment from the Earth Dragon.

Although the words and images on the parchment had long since become indiscernible, it still radiated a faint trace of pressure. When Shi Feng felt this pressure, he was shocked.

After taking a closer look at this parchment, Shi Feng was elated.

The parchment was actually a Hero's Chapter.

Moreover, unlike the Hero's Chapter he had obtained during a previous auction, this Hero's Chapter contained information on a particular Hero and would summon said Hero when used. It was even more valuable than a Hero's Chapter that summoned a random Hero.

The name of the Hero recorded was also one that Shi Feng was extremely familiar with.

It was also a name that everybody in God's Domain had known during his previous life—the Magic King, Craig Midlands!



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