Chapter 1672 - Seven Luminaries Temple

Many players were still fighting in the Primordial Divine Ruin, and the various superpowers on the fourth floor were preparing to raid the recently respawned Frostflame Two-headed Earth Dragon. However, before they could begin, they heard the crisp voice of the system.

Primordial Divine Ruin Region System Announcement: A player has successfully entered Primordial City. From now onward, after 500 players have entered Primordial City, the entrance test's difficulty will increase by 30%. After 1,000 players have entered Primordial City, the difficulty will increase by 50%. Count resets once per day.

The system announcement repeated three times, its message becoming ingrained in everyone's minds.

"How did Zero Wing get into Primordial City so quickly?"

"After the 500th player, the difficulty to enter Primordial City will increase?"

The upper echelons of the various superpowers stuck on the fourth floor revealed somber expressions upon listening to the system notification.

Based on the system notification, they discovered that Primordial City did not have an entry limit. Players only needed to pass a test to enter the legendary city. However, as many as 800 Zero Wing members had proceeded to the Primordial Divine Ruin's fifth floor. If the entrance test were not particularly difficult, then Zero Wing would claim the first 500 slots.

This meant that the tests the various superpowers would have to pass to enter would become far more difficult. Due to the increased difficulty, players who would have been capable of passing the test might fail. This, in turn, would decrease the number of players the various superpowers could send into the city.

Now that they had a clearer understanding of the situation, these superpowers became even more desperate to reach the fifth floor as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, news of Zero Wing entering Primordial City quickly spread outside of the ruin.

"What? Zero Wing is the first Guild to send players into Primordial City? Doesn't that mean Zero Wing will be the first to pioneer and explore the city?"

"I'm afraid that it's not that simple. I've heard that only the first 500 players will face the normal difficulty entry tests, whereas other players' tests will be more difficult. The test's difficulty will increase yet again after 1,000 players have entered Primordial City. I've also heard that Zero Wing led 800 players to the fifth floor. It'll monopolize the first 500 slots. With this, the various superpowers will likely have a tough time completing with Zero Wing when pioneering the city."

"With that many of its members entering Primordial City, Zero Wing will reap a huge harvest. From what I learned after looking into it, it seems like it's pretty easy to obtain combat techniques from Primordial City. This is especially true for Advanced Combat Techniques."

Suddenly, more independent players from various kingdoms became interested in Zero Wing.

Both Basic Combat Techniques and Advanced Combat Techniques were out of reach for independent players like themselves. The various large Guilds treated these combat techniques like family heirlooms, and they had strict requirements for anyone who wanted to learn their combat techniques, such as becoming a core member and signing a restrictive contract with the Guild.

However, Zero Wing could procure a large number of combat techniques from Primordial City, and if that was the case, Zero Wing may have looser conditions for learning the techniques it collected. It might even make the combat techniques available to all of its members, rather than just the core members.

With that hope in mind, many independent players, particularly experts, began to gather in White River City and Zero Wing City from other kingdoms.

As players tried to learn more about the Guild, Zero Wing posted an announcement on Star-Moon Kingdom's official forums. This announcement instantly caused a commotion throughout the kingdom.

"How generous of Zero Wing!"

"With this, even independent players like us can learn combat techniques!"

"But isn't 1,000 Magic Crystals a little expensive? Even experts will have to work hard for a long time to collect enough, let alone weaker players."

"You think that's expensive? You should see what the other Guilds with combat techniques are demanding. Take Heaven's Burial, for example. Although the Guild has plenty of combat techniques, anyone who wishes to learn them has to sign a very strict contract. In addition, members have to pay a certain price to learn each combat technique. Their price is only slightly under 1,000 Magic Crystals. It's better to learn the techniques from Zero Wing. At the very least, we'll retain our freedom."

For a time, a large number of independent players celebrated Zero Wing's decision. The news excited many adventurer teams as well.

Independent players might struggle to collect 1,000 Magic Crystals, but it wasn't any trouble for an adventurer team with several hundred members.

When the various large Guilds discovered the announcement, however, they fumed with fury. This was especially true for the Guilds that had acquired combat techniques of their own. They had planned to use their combat techniques to attract loyal experts and gain an advantage over their competitors, but Zero Wing's latest announcement had ruined that idea.

"Black Flame's means truly are amazing. Heaven's Burial is likely doomed to fall, now," Yuan Tiexin said. He could not help his rueful sigh as he read the report a subordinate had just sent.

"Uncle Yuan, what happened?" Purple Jade asked curiously.

"Take a look for yourself," Yuan Tiexin said as he forwarded the report to Purple Jade.

When Purple Jade read the report, her eyes widened in shock. She found it truly hard to believe that Zero Wing would actually be so generous as to offer its combat techniques to other players. By doing so, it would undoubtedly deal a massive blow to the various first-rate Guilds that had acquired their own combat techniques. Naturally, Heaven's Burial was no exception. The Guild's upper echelons would weep and rage once they heard about this…

While everyone discussed Zero Wing, Shi Feng arrived in Primordial City's Teleportation Hall.

The Teleportation Hall's main hall looked like a massive cave. The hall's ceiling was at least 100 meters from the ground. It also seemed like some kind of miniature sun was stuck in the ceiling, illuminating the hall. As Shi Feng looked around, he discovered numerous Mana-operated elevators, which led towards various spatial junctions. NPCs could arrive and leave Primordial City through these spatial junctions at any moment.

These NPCs weren't limited to the human race, including members from other races as well.

The instant Shi Feng had arrived, both his mind and body had felt energized. The Mana density here was no lower than that of Titan City. Players would definitely have an easier time practicing their combat or producing items here than elsewhere.

Since Shi Feng had visited Primordial City many times in his previous life, he didn't bother to look around the Teleportation Hall like some curious tourist. Instead, he quickly left the hall and ventured to Primordial City's streets.

Primordial City was a city of legend. The city had as many NPCs as the most populated NPC cities in God's Domain. There were easily over four or five million NPCs within the city at all times, which was more than ten times the number of NPCs in Star-Moon Kingdom's capital.

Moreover, unlike the NPCs in ordinary NPC cities, those in Primordial City were at least Level 150. Tier 2 NPCs were insignificant here, usually serving as gate attendants. Tier 3 NPCs, which were rare in other NPC cities, strode down almost every street in Primordial City. One would even find Tier 4 NPCs window shopping.

After leaving the Teleportation Hall, Shi Feng summoned his Demonic Flame Tiger and made his way towards the heart of Primordial City.

Although Primordial City's layout was complex, Shi Feng knew the city like the back of his hand. After traveling for around 20 minutes, he reached a towering temple.

The temple before him was over 300 meters tall and occupied enough space to accommodate 100,000 people. It looked more like a mountain than a building.

This temple was also the most important structure in Primordial City.

The Seven Luminaries Temple!



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