Chapter 1699 - God's Item

Inside the quiet storage room, the Evil God's Tablet began to transform after Shi Feng had agreed to feed it 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals. It had only been the size of a washbasin, but it gradually grew into a three-meter-tall table. The blurry images and divine runes engraved on the tablet also became clearer.

As the divine runes and image sharpened, the Divine Might the tablet radiated increased until Shi Feng couldn't even move. It felt as if time had stopped, only sparing his mind.

After ten seconds or so, the Divine Might the tablet gave off disappeared. The tablet itself had also undergone a massive transformation.

The originally dark-gray tablet was now silver in color. The ambient Mana also gathered around the tablet, increasing the Mana density around it until it formed a white mist. This mist gradually spread and enveloped the storage room as a whole.

"What's going on with the Mana?" Shi Feng was indescribably shocked as he looked at the white mist around him.

Normally, Mana that was so dense that formed a white mist felt incomparably pleasant to players. Players who bathed in this Mana would also feel their minds reach an incredible tranquility.

However, Shi Feng felt no such effects from the white mist in the storage room. On the contrary, he felt exhausted. In fact, his body even felt heavier as if something was weighing on him.

Although Shi Feng's mental state was on the verge of crumbling, he mustered his spirit and inspected the Evil God's Tablet's recent changes.

[Third Fragment of Evil God's Tablet] (Fragmented Legendary Rank Item)

Active Skill 1-

Illusory Space: When activated, forms an Illusory Space of 200-yard radius. The Illusory Space will create a copy of any player that enters. Players can then fight their own copies. The Illusory Creature has all Skills of the copied player and can achieve a 100% Skill Completion Rate. Players can choose to challenge Illusory Creatures up to the Dark-Gold rank.

Duration: 50 minutes

Cooldown: 1 hour

(Can be evolved. Requires 1 Evil God Crystal to evolve.)

Active Skill 2-

Evil God Domain:

When activated, create a self-contained field around the tablet that is completely separated from the outside world. Time flows twice as fast inside the field than in the outside world. Mana density inside the field is triple that of the outside world. When Evil God Domain is active, Illusory Creatures will appear inside the space at fixed intervals. Every wave of Illusory Creatures killed will increase the Mana density of the self-contained field slightly. If players are killed by the Illusory Creatures, their souls will be damaged, and they will be prevented from logging into God's Domain for 6 hours.

(Can be evolved. Requires 3 Evil God Crystals to evolve.)

An item created by the Evil God. Evil Energy Crystals can be used to repair the divine runes inside the tablet. Requires 200,000 Evil Energy Crystals to upgrade.

This tablet is amazing! Not even Legendary items have this kind of ability! Shi Feng was astonished as he read the Evil God's Tablet's new Attributes.

The tablet had improved far more than Shi Feng had expected.

The Evil God's Domain alone was a godlike ability, not to mention how many more advanced combat rooms he could set up with the Illusory Space's increased radius.

Regardless of how far players progressed in God's Domain, environments with high Mana density would be quite popular. This was because such environments were a great help when players practiced their combat techniques.

Not only did the Evil God Domain created a Mana-rich environment, but it could also accelerate the flow of time; one hour inside the Evil God Domain was only the equivalent of 30 minutes in the outside world. For players seeking to improve their combat standards without wasting too much of their precious time, the Evil God Domain was the perfect solution. While others spent ten hours training in the outside world, players could achieve the same results in five hours within the Evil God Domain.

If the various superpowers learned about the Evil God's Tablet, they'd definitely gang up and move against Zero Wing.

Plenty of superpowers were already envious of the advanced combat rooms. They only refrained from taking action because the cost wasn't worth the potential gains. However, the Evil God Domain would certainly be the straw that broke the camel's back.

The only downside was the Illusory Creatures that would appear inside the Evil God Domain. Based on the Skill's introductory text, it was obvious that the Illusory Creatures would grow stronger. As a result, players could only train for a limited amount of time in the Evil God Domain. When players could no longer fend off the summoned Illusory Creatures, they'd be forced to leave. If they stayed, and the Illusory Creatures killed them, they'd suffer a huge loss.

It seems I won't be able to let the Guild's experts use this casually for a short time, Shi Feng thought to himself as he reread the Evil God Domain's introductory text.

Zero Wing already stuck out like a sore thumb in God's Domain. If he allowed a large number of Zero Wing's experts train in the Evil God Domain, the news of it would quickly reach the various superpowers. Zero Wing had already grown to pose a threat to them, and it was normal that these superpowers would send undercover experts to spy on his Guild.

If the various superpowers learned about the Evil God Domain, Zero Wing would become embroiled in another struggle.

The best course of action was only to allow Fire Dance, Blackie, and the Guild's other core upper echelons to train in the Evil God Domain. Any more than that would be too risky.

If he wanted all of his Guild's experts to use the Evil God Domain, Zero Wing would have to become strong enough for the superpowers to acknowledge its rights to own the tablet. Unfortunately, gaining that recognition would involve a long, arduous process.

However, Shi Feng wasn't too disappointed. Although he couldn't let too many experts train in the Evil God Domain, he'd have no issues constructing more advanced combat rooms.

Illusory Space already had a 200-yard range. If the Evil God's Tablet were upgraded further, the Skill's range would grow. At that time, the Skill's range might even cover the entire floor.

Although such an outcome would also make the various superpowers all the more jealous of Zero Wing, they wouldn't become so envious that they'd resort to cooperation to attack the Guild. After all, the various superpowers all possessed extraordinary foundations. They had their own methods of helping their Guild experts improve their Skill Completion Rates. Only, those methods might not be as effective as the advanced combat rooms.

The next upgrade costs 200,000 Evil Energy Crystals? Shi Feng frowned as he looked at the upgrade condition for the Evil God's Tablet. The cost is certainly getting harsher.

Zero Wing had killed nearly 100,000 Evil Demons to collect 10,000 Evil Energy Crystals. Moreover, the Guild had only obtained such a harvest due to the fact that Evil Demons had a higher drop-rate for Evil Energy Crystals than Evil Beasts. However, players didn't often encounter Evil Demon armies. Collecting 200,000 Evil Energy Crystals would require an insane amount of time, effort, and resources.

Wait, it isn't exactly impossible. Shi Feng suddenly remembered Ancient Rock City.

At this point, Ancient Rock City had become an Evil God's Branch Temple. Over 3,000,000 Evil Beasts and Evil Demons fortified the city. If he could kill every one of those monsters, he should be able to collect nearly, if not more than, 200,000 Evil Energy Crystals.

If the various major powers and Beast Emperor knew that Shi Feng played with the idea of attacking Ancient Rock City, they would most likely think he had lost his mind. While everyone else did their best to avoid the city, Shi Feng actually planned to pick a fight with it.

As Shi Feng was thinking of ways to deal with the Evil God's Branch Temple, a line of small, bracketed words in the Evil God's Tablet's Attribute Panel caught Shi Feng's attention.

These two Skills can be individually upgraded? When Shi Feng saw that he could upgrade the Skills with Evil God Crystals individually, he was instantly ecstatic. Although Evil God Crystals were incomparably valuable, he only had one city that needed a power source. Immediately, Shi Feng chose to upgrade Illusory Space.

Suddenly, the Evil God Crystal in Shi Feng's bag transformed into a streak of light that flowed into the silver tablet.

In the next moment, the first of the six blurry images on the Evil God's Tablet became clear. The image depicted an Ancient God fighting a Nine-headed Magic Snake. The closer Shi Feng examined the scene, the more immersed in the battle he felt.

This is a tutorial for the Realms of Truth? As Shi Feng continued to inspect the image, his heart began to pound.



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