Chapter 1704 - Master's Power

Once he arrived on the Extraordinary Tower's second floor, Shi Feng discovered that it was still as dilapidated as it had been during his first visit. However, the hall had brightened considerably, and now, Shi Feng could clearly see the armored ghosts that wandered the floor.

As he had left it, the Tyrant's Soul stood quietly before the spiral staircase leading to the third floor.

It's still here? Shi Feng frowned at the Tyrant's Soul.

He had assumed that every monster in the Lost Town had disappeared when he had taken control of it, but it would seem that wasn't the case. At the very least, the monsters in the Extraordinary Tower hadn't been affected.

He had already experienced the Tyrant's Soul's strength. Although it was only a Level 80 Mythic monster, it wielded a Saint Weapon, a Tier 5 Mana Weapon. In terms of combat power, even the Demon Ruler-enhanced Mythic ranked Baphomet paled in comparison to the Tyrant's Soul.

Trying to defeat such a powerful foe was simply too difficult right now.

Yet, if he left the Tyrant's Soul alone, the Soul Doppelganger would continue to hunt him. Although the Soul Doppelgangers wasn't an issue yet, since the most recent had only been a Level 70 Chieftain, they would grow stronger each day. They might not pose a threat right now, but sooner or later, they would become a problem.

The only way to avoid the Soul Doppelgangers' constant annoyance was to defeat the Tyrant's Soul.

However, slaying the Tyrant's Soul was easier said than done. Just the fact that it was a Level 80 Mythic monster made it challenging enough, not to mention its Saint Weapon. Even a 100-man team of Tier 2 experts might fail to take it down, not to mention Shi Feng.

No, that's not right. This is the Extraordinary Tower. As the master of the Lost Town, every construction within the town should be under my control. The tower should not be an exception. Thinking so, Shi Feng opened the Extraordinary Tower's system interface.

In God's Domain, players had full control of the buildings they owned. This meant that players had access to various functions, such as a building's governing mechanics and removing players from the building.

Because of this, players in God's Domain wouldn't cause trouble in other Guilds and players' private properties as doing so would put them at an overwhelming disadvantage. Without overwhelming strength, it was impossible to defeat a property's owner inside their own building.

The Extraordinary Tower should be considered private property. It wasn't like a Guild Residence, which was owned by the Guild, not an individual. In the case of shared properties like Guild Residences, the most players could do to ensure the Residence's security was higher players and NPC guards to protect it. The Residences didn't have an automated function to expel intruders.

Sure enough, I can control the tower. Shi Feng rejoiced when he discovered that he could manipulate the Extraordinary Tower's system interface. Immediately, he retrieved the Bible of Darkness and a Summon Guard Scroll.

Shortly after, a Tier 3 Tomahawk Demon and Anna appeared before Shi Feng.

Dealing with the nine Wandering Souls would be difficult enough for the Level 80, Tier 3 Demon and a Tier 2 NPC like Anna, let alone facing off against the Mythic ranked Tyrant's Soul. The nine Wandering Souls were all Level 80 Grand Lords, and if they worked together, they could easily overwhelm Anna and the Tier 3 Demon.

However, Shi Feng did not mind. He then instructed Anna summon her Golden Giant and Rock Guardians.

Anna's actions immediately attracted the Tyrant's Soul's attention, and the Mythic monster abruptly opened its eyes.

"Despicable thief! You dare to show yourself before me again?! I will tear your soul to pieces!" The Tyrant's Soul quickly recognized Shi Feng's aura, its eyes glowing red with rage. It bellowed with fury and vanished.

Meanwhile, the Wandering Souls turned to charge at Shi Feng.

Even Shi Feng grew nervous while facing a Level 80 Mythic monster and nine Level 80 Grand Lords.

"Seal!" Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng immediately utilized his special privilege as the tower's owner.

Suddenly, countless chains appeared around the Tyrant's Soul and Wandering Souls. Following which, the ten monsters' Basic Attributes plummeted, falling to 50% of their original values in the blink of an eye. They couldn't use their Skills or Spells, either.

Suppressed, the Tyrant's Soul was forcefully revealed. The Tier 3 Tomahawk Demon then charged at the Tyrant's Soul.

Seeing this, the Tyrant's Soul wielded its blue lightning blade and swung it at the Tomahawk Demon's battle axe. When the two weapons clashed, a storm began to brew in the hall. The impact also forced the Tomahawk Demon to retreat by three steps, its battle axe slightly vibrating.

Surprisingly, the Tyrant's Soul had also slid back four steps, the lightning blade in its hands instantly shattering.

Although the two monsters had only clashed once, the difference in their Strengths was obvious. The Demon Ruler-enhanced Tomahawk Demon definitely triumphed over the Tyrant's Soul.

Fortunately, the ten Rock Giants were able to hold back the ten Grand Lord ranked Wandering Souls by themselves. This allowed the Golden Giant to join the Tomahawk Demon against the Tyrant's Soul. Meanwhile, Anna continuously bombarded the Tyrant's Soul with Tier 2 Spells.

Naturally, Shi Feng didn't hold back either as he charged into the fight.

With the Tomahawk Demon and Golden Giant serving as MTs, fighting the Tyrant's Soul became very easy. Shi Feng was able to deal around -6,000 damage with his normal attacks, while his Skills dealt damage in the tens of thousands. Although his damage couldn't compare to Anna and the two Tier 3 summoned creatures, who dealt hundreds of thousands of damage, he still helped to shave away the Tyrant's Soul's HP.

Following which, the Tyrant's Soul received a one-sided beating as its HP continued to drop.

98%... 95%... 90%...

Eventually, the Tyrant's Soul became thoroughly enraged and tried to summon its Saint Weapon, but despite chanting the incantation, the Saint Weapon was nowhere to be seen. As a result, it could only watch helplessly as its HP decreased.

With its Basic Attributes heavily suppressed and unable to use its Spells and Skills, the Tyrant's Soul was likely the most miserable Mythic monster in the game right now.

Not even the system had expected Shi Feng to accomplish the near-impossible feat of collecting 100 Darkness Stones and acquire the Lost Town before dealing with the Extraordinary Tower's Boss.

However, as a result of Shi Feng's unconventional way of acquiring the Lost Town, the Tyrant's Soul couldn't use its abilities. This was especially true for its Saint Weapon.

If the Tyrant's Soul were at its peak and had the aid of a Tier 5 Mana Weapon, not even the Tier 4 Valkyrie would be its match. One could just imagine how powerful the Tyrant's Soul truly was. It was definitely invincible among those of the same level.

Unfortunately, the Tyrant's Soul couldn't use its Skills or Spells, let alone summon its Saint Weapon.

Although the Tyrant's Soul had a maximum HP of 210,000,000 even after the suppression, its HP fell steadily under Shi Feng and his minions' assault.

80%... 50%... 20%...

Time passed quickly, and eventually, the Tyrant's Soul's HP fell to 20%. Due to the rough battle, the monster's armor was now in tatters.

However, despite losing most of its HP, the Tyrant's Soul could only use normal attacks. It couldn't even go berserk like normal monsters did after their HP reached a certain point.

Finally, after over 30 minutes, the Tyrant's Soul's HP fell below the 1%. Shi Feng then activated Divine Providence and arrived beside the Mythic monster. His swords transformed into streaks of dazzling light that tore through the Tyrant's Soul's unguarded side.

Flame Burst!

Damages exceeding -60,000 appeared above the Tyrant's Soul's head, one after another.

By the time Shi Feng had exhausted all of Flame Burst's 16 attacks, the Tyrant's Soul's HP had reached zero. The Mythic monster released an agonizing scream before transforming into particles of light and disappearing. To Shi Feng's disappointment, the Tyrant's Soul had only dropped its dilapidated armor pieces and two items.

However, Shi Feng heard the sound of a system notification after the Tyrant's Soul had died, and when he heard its message, he was stunned.

System: Congratulations! You have slain the Tyrant's Soul. Rewarding a Town Building Order.



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