Chapter 1706 - Guild Treasure

Looking at the Guardian Puppet Design in his hands, Shi Feng could not help but inhale deeply as he began scrutinizing it.

In the past, Guardian Puppets were something exclusive to the various superpowers and an extreme few large Guilds. Every Guardian Puppet was treated as a priceless treasure and was the symbol of a Guild's foundations. Almost nobody would choose to sell their Guardian Puppet unless absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, the ones that got sold had been furiously contested over by countless powers.

The Guardian Puppet had been in great demand because it was ancient technology that had been lost in time. Without a proper design, players couldn't replicate the technology since the production of the Guardian Puppet involved too many fields of study such as alchemy, forging, and engineering. Moreover, every subclass had to be at the Master rank at the very minimum. Only after gathering the Masters of these subclasses could players produce a Guardian Puppet.

However, according to rumors, just the materials needed for one production attempt cost over 2,000 Gold—far more expensive than making a slightly below-average piece of Epic Equipment. The final cost for making the Guardian Puppet would simply be unimaginable.

Meanwhile, the reason why the Guardian Puppet was so valuable was its frightening combat power. Even a Level 0 player could instantly become a monster-like existence with the help of the Guardian Puppet. It was a war weapon that no Epic item or even Fragmented Legendary item could compare to. To a Guild, the Guardian Puppet was a priceless treasure.

In the past, there were some first-rate Guilds that dared to provoke even superpowers yet managed to live to tell the tale. The secret behind their survival was their possession of Guardian Puppets.

Even an ordinary Guardian Puppet had the combat power of a Tier 3 existence. Meanwhile, the Guardian Puppet Design Shi Feng currently held in his hands was for Bronze ranked Guardian Puppets. The Bronze Guardian Puppet possessed strength at the peak of Tier 3, and any player controlling the puppet could wield this strength as if it was their own. Moreover, unlike summoned creatures, which would disappear after a certain duration, Guardian Puppets would not disappear unless destroyed.

Regardless of how far players developed in God's Domain, combat power at the peak of Tier 3 would never become obsolete, because many players could not even reach Tier 3.

As expected of a Bronze Guardian Puppet. Just the materials needed for one production attempt cost over 3,000 Gold. Moreover, a Master Forger would only have a 30% success rate at completing the forging portion. The success of the final assembly isn't even guaranteed. It's no wonder the various superpowers treated their puppets like their own babies. Shi Feng was inwardly astonished as he looked at the list of required materials stated on the design.

However, after giving the matter some thought, he found the price to be reasonable. The Bronze Guardian Puppet possessed combat power at the peak of Tier 3 and could be used indefinitely. If a Guild could produce several hundred of these puppets now, it would basically be invincible. After all, there was no level requirement for controlling a Guardian Puppet. The only limiting factor was one's skillfulness at controlling the puppet.

It seems there's a need to place greater focus on Candlelight's development. Shi Feng could not wait for the day Zero Wing could have its own Guardian Puppets.

Although the materials needed to produce the Bronze Guardian Puppet were rare, aside from the main material, Fine Titan Ingot, the other materials could be collected in bulk relatively easily. The main problem was the requirement of various kinds of Lifestyle Masters. Without the necessary Lifestyle Masters, the odds of producing the Guardian Puppet were zero.

If Zero Wing could mass-produce Bronze Guardian Puppets, whether it was in team battles or siege battles, they would become a formidable support since they dealt increased damage to magic arrays and buildings. Moreover, they were much more powerful than Tier 3 summoned creatures.

Just as Shi Feng was figuring out ways to further improve the standards of Lifestyle players in the Candlelight Trading Firm, he suddenly received a call from Gentle Snow.

"Guild Leader, I just received good news. Heaven's Burial's Singular Burial and Lei Jingyang fell out with each other. The Guild has already been disbanded. However, Singular Burial joined Blackwater with some of his trusted aides and Guild experts. Currently, Singular Burial is bringing his men to the Primordial Divine Ruin. By the looks of it, they plan on reaching Primordial City by relying on various resources Blackwater provided them," Gentle Snow said, smiling.

Heaven's Burial's destruction was something she and the rest of Zero Wing's upper echelon had anticipated. Only, they had not expected Heaven's Burial to disband so quickly. Caught off guard, they had a hard time taking over the Shops located in the various cities Heaven's Burial ruled before, many of which were snatched away by other Guilds.

However, Heaven's Burial's sudden disbandment also saved Zero Wing plenty of trouble. At the very least, there was no longer any need to wage price wars with Heaven's Burial's Shops in Star-Moon Kingdom, nor was there any need to dispatch larger armies to capture Heaven's Burial's Guild Towns.

"So, they've given up on Star-Moon Kingdom and are shifting their focus to Primordial City?" Shi Feng could not help but chuckle. Looking at Gentle Snow, he asked, "Have you gathered the necessary manpower yet?"

"As you've requested, I personally contacted every one of the selected candidates and had them secretly gather at Zero Wing City. Currently, we're just short by a few dozen people before we have the required number," Gentle Snow replied.

"Good. Have them gather at Zero Wing City's Candlelight Trading Firm. I'll head over there myself right now. It's about time we gave Beast Emperor and Singular Burial a little surprise," Shi Feng said with a nod before disconnecting the call.

Even now, Gentle Snow still had no idea what Shi Feng intended to do by summoning 1,500 experts. However, she continued notifying the selected experts to gather at Zero Wing City's Candlelight Trading Firm.

Meanwhile, after ending the call, Shi Feng spent 3,000 Gold to have the NPCs in the Lost Town construct a Guild Residence. At the same time, he hired 100 Level 150, Tier 2 NPC guards and 1,000 Level 150, Tier 1 NPC guards for town defense. With this, the town should have no problems fending off monster attacks in the short term.

Once that was done, he took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported to Zero Wing City's Residence.

After the heaven-defying battle at Stone Forest Town, the number of players visiting Zero Wing City each day had skyrocketed. Now, the city's player population had already shot past the 4,000,000 mark. Just the entrance fees collected each day totaled roughly 22,000 Gold. Not to mention, there was still the income from Stone Forest Town, the Candlelight Trading Firm, and many other enterprises.

Now that there was no longer any need to continue placing bounties on Heaven's Burial's members, all that income could be invested into the Guild's development.

Meanwhile, even after including the Guild's various expenses such as providing Guild benefits and the Guild's expansion, Zero Wing still saved up around 15,000 Gold per day. This income could make any first-rate Guild crazy with jealousy. For first-rate Guilds, just being able to get their Guild to operate normally was already a challenging task. Moreover, the Guild benefits they offered their members weren't even comparable to Zero Wing's.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that no first-rate Guild in God's Domain could compete with Zero Wing in terms of wealth.

After returning to Zero Wing's Residence, Shi Feng first went to the Guild Warehouse to retrieve some materials obtained from Team Dungeons and through trading with the various first-rate Guilds. Then, he started producing Magic Array Scrolls for the Divine Beast's Descent Magic Array.

Once he completed two sets, he took out the two remaining Elemental Sources from his bag and combined them with the Magic Array Scrolls. Suddenly, the two sets of Magic Array Scrolls started evolving. Originally, Divine Beast's Descent was an Intermediate Magic Array, but after the fusion was completed, the magic arrays exuded an aura that was even more powerful than Advanced Magic Arrays. Following which, Shi Feng stored the two sets of Magic Array Scrolls and left for the Candlelight Trading Firm.

By the time he arrived at Zero Wing City's Candlelight Trading Firm, Gentle Snow and the others were already waiting for him. Currently, the lounge on the second floor was filled with players, every one of whom was curiously wondering why their Vice Guild Leaders had gathered them here today.

However, when they saw Shi Feng, who was currently disguised as Black Flame, enter the lounge, the entire room suddenly fell silent.

"Guild Leader?"

"Why is the Guild Leader here? Were we gathered here today under the Guild Leader's orders?"

Everyone in the lounge could not help but discuss Shi Feng's sudden appearance, excited expressions on their faces.

"I believe you all must've heard that our brothers stationed over at the Primordial Divine Ruin have been surrounded and killed by Evil Demons and Evil Beasts. In fact, Beast Emperor, the person controlling those monsters, has even announced that Zero Wing's members are forbidden from setting foot into the Primordial Divine Ruin, and any who dare do so will be killed without question.

"Although that place isn't our Guild's territory, I feel that we should still make a response. Hence, I have gathered you all here today so that we can prepare a surprise for Beast Emperor and his allies! We are going to destroy every Evil Beast and Evil Demon present near the Primordial Divine Ruin! We will let the various major powers know that Zero Wing is not a pushover!"

When Shi Feng was done speaking, gasps filled the entire venue. Even Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose, who stood beside Shi Feng, could not help but turn to look at their Guild Leader, both of them thinking that Shi Feng had lost his mind.

Destroy every Evil Beast and Evil Demon present near the Primordial Divine Ruin?

How can such a feat possibly be accomplished?



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