Chapter 1721 - Upgraded Sacred Sword

After Shi Feng opened Killing Ray's Attribute Panel and read it, he could not help but gasp.

[Killing Ray] (One-handed Sword, Sacred Sword, Epic Rank)

Level 30 - Level 120

Equipment Requirement: Strength 1,200, Agility 1,000

Attributes adjust according to user's level.

Attack Power +2,440 (Level 65)

Strength +173, Agility +165, Endurance +162

Attack Speed +25

Ignore 30% of the target's Defense.

When equipped:

Strength increased by 20%, Agility increased by 15%, and Attack Speed increased by 10%

Ignore Levels +20

All Sword Skills +3 Levels

All item level requirements reduced by 5 Levels.

Attacks have a 40% chance to trigger the Lightning effect, increasing initial Attack Speed to 50% of the maximum and damage by 260%.

Additional Skill 1-

Summon Lightning: Summons lightning to deal 600% lightning damage to enemies within a range of 20 yards and inflict the Numb effect for 5 seconds. Afterward, attack range increased by 20 yards for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Skill 2-

Thunder God's Descent: Become immune to all Control Skills. Movement Speed and Attack Speed increased by 150%, damage increased by 50%, and all damage received decreased by 60% for 30 seconds.

Cooldown: 1 hour

Additional Skill 3-

Lightning Slash: Imbue the Power of Lightning on the body of the sword, increasing Strength by 330% and Attack Speed by 100% to execute a frontal attack that covers an area of 3*80 yards.

Cooldown: 15 minutes

A Sacred Sword created by the Godsmith Arnold using a piece of mysterious sword fragment. Killing Ray is one of the 36 Famed Swords of God's Domain, ranking 20th. It was once a sword used by the Thunder Emperor Kaiser. Allows the wielder to have the speed of lightning. When fighting against Dark Creatures, damage increased by 100%. Can be evolved. Cannot be destroyed.

For a moment, Shi Feng even suspected that his eyes were playing tricks on him.

Not only had Killing Ray's Equipment Requirement increased by a significant margin, but even its Attack Power had risen drastically. At Level 65, its Attack Power already exceeded 2,400—close to rivaling the Attack Power of an Epic two-handed weapon of the same level.

Originally, Killing Ray was already a top-tier Epic Weapon. After being upgraded by the Limit Gemstone, its Basic Attributes had improved by 20%. Even the other effects were 5% better.

The weapon's Skills had also been strengthened to a certain degree, and there was even the addition of a new Skill, Lightning Slash.

Although Lightning Slash did not deal a lot of damage, the increase in Strength it provided was crucial to expert players because higher Strength allowed players to suppress their opponent and create gaps to land a fatal blow.

With my current Attack Power, I can most likely break through even a Tier 2 MT's Defense. Shi Feng was startled as he looked at his own statistics.

In God's Domain, even if players landed a direct hit on another player's body, their target's Defense would weaken their attacks, preventing 100% damage dealing. To deal 100% damage with an attack, a player would have to overcome their opponent's Defense limit, which was determined by a player's Defense value and armor type. Even at the same Defense value, different armor types would grant different Defense limits. For example, at the same Defense value, the Defense limit of plate armor would greatly exceed that of cloth armor. However, once a player's Strength and Attack Power reached a certain measure, they could break through even an MT's Defense limit and deal 100% damage with their attacks.

After achieving such a measure of Strength and Attack Power, what kind of armor one's opponent wore would no longer matter.

Just as Shi Feng was getting a feel for Killing Ray's newfound power, the advanced horse carriage he was riding finally arrived at the entrance of the War God's Temple.

Currently, the War God's Temple was as lively as ever. The number of players visiting the temple was not the slightest bit lower than that of the city's Auction House and of the Adventurer's Association.

However, in Shi Feng's opinion, the traffic at the War God's Temple was still relatively low.

The War God's Temple was the protector of the entire continent of God's Domain. As players reached higher levels, they would come across the dark forces, such as Demons, Evil Demons, and abyssal creatures, more frequently. Moreover, after players got promoted to Tier 2, so long as their War God's Temple Reputation Points reached 300, they could receive special quests to deal with these dark forces. These quests generally awarded plenty of Merit Points, in addition to some special resources.

Meanwhile, after players accumulated 500 Reputation Points with the temple, they could start accepting large-scale Crusade Quests, which required players to target the gathering points for the dark forces. In the past, this was the type of quest that the various large Guilds enjoyed accepting the most because at least half of the Town Building Orders they obtained originated from these Crusade Quests.

If a large Guild wished to have a better time developing in neutral maps, they would shift their focus to the War God's Temple.

Currently, most of the players visiting the War God's Temple were independent players; only a small minority were Guild players. In the future, however, the situation would be reversed with a large majority of the players visiting the War God's Temple being members of large Guilds.

As soon as Shi Feng arrived at the main entrance of the War God's Temple, he attracted the attention of the nearby players.

"Crap! That's a six-winged Bronze ranked Guild Emblem! That person must be a member of Zero Wing's main force!"

"It would be great if I could get acquainted with such a big shot. That way, I'll have an easier time joining Zero Wing."

"Keep on dreaming. How could people like us possibly come into contact with a big shot from Zero Wing? He belongs to an entirely different world. Not to mention, everyone trying to join Zero Wing has to go through the same entrance test. I heard that even players personally introduced by Zero Wing's Guild Leader, Black Flame, have to pass the test to join the Guild."

The eyes of the players standing outside the War God's Temple's main entrance were filled with awe and envy as they looked at the Guild Emblem pinned on Shi Feng's Black Cloak.

From the recent battle at the Primordial Divine Ruin, both the various large Guilds and independent players could already tell that the odds of Zero Wing becoming a super-first-rate Guild in the future were excellent. Super-first-rate Guilds were powers that stood at the apex of God's Domain. Even a first-rate Guild backed by multiple major corporations would have to treat super-first-rate Guilds with great respect lest it provoke them.

Meanwhile, who wouldn't want to join a Guild with such great potential?

In the virtual gaming world's past hundred years of history, players that belonged to first-rate Guilds that eventually grew into super-first-rate Guilds had received great benefits. Particularly, expert players that originally belonged to the first-rate Guild had been able to live the rest of their lives without worry. Those that had contributed greatly towards the Guild's promotion into a super-first-rate Guild even lived an enviable and affluent life.

Now that Zero Wing had displayed the potential to become a super-first-rate Guild, let alone Star-Moon Kingdom's players, even players from other kingdoms and empires had come to Star-Moon Kingdom to apply to Zero Wing.

When Shi Feng overheard the hushed conversations of the surrounding crowd, he simply chuckled as he continued into the War God's Temple.

After entering the temple's lobby, he immediately went to the third-floor hall.

"Lord Protector, how may I be of service to you today?" Senior Administrator Roland asked as he approached Shi Feng.

"I have caught an Evil God Apostle and wish to hand him over to Vice Temple Lord Capra," Shi Feng said.

"Another Evil God Apostle?" Roland's eyes twitched slightly as he looked at Shi Feng in surprise. Every Evil God Apostle was incomparably cunning and extremely difficult to catch. Since Shi Feng had already caught an Apostle before, logically, other Evil God Apostles should operate with even greater care, increasing the difficulty of capturing them. Yet, now, Shi Feng had actually managed to capture another one shortly after he captured the last one. "Lord Protector, please follow me."

This time, Roland did not bother verifying the truth of Shi Feng's words. Instead, he directly brought Shi Feng to the fourth floor's Triumphant Hall.

Afterward, Shi Feng entered the same Astrology Room he had gone to during his last visit to the Triumphant Hall. Currently, Vice Temple Lord Capra was carrying out research through the gigantic magic water ball at the center of the room.

"Lord Capra, I caught another Evil God Apostle. Please verify it," Shi Feng said as he took out the Mobile Jail detaining Flame Blood.

"Young adventurer, you truly are the nemesis of the Evil God Apostles," Capra said, laughing as he paused his work. With a light wave of his hand, Shi Feng's Mobile Jail then suddenly appeared in his palm.

After Capra received the Mobile Jail, Flame Blood's figure appeared before Capra.

How is this possible? Flame Blood's complexion paled when he saw Capra and the nearby Shi Feng. Beast Emperor actually failed?

At this moment, he could easily guess what kind of place he was at. Only, he never thought that Shi Feng would actually elude Beast Emperor's capture and successfully deliver him to the War God's Temple.

"Black Flame! You cannot do this! If you hand me over to the War God's Temple, Beast Emperor definitely won't let you get away!" Flame Blood shouted as he glared at Shi Feng. Right now, he was pinning all his hopes on Beast Emperor's deterrence. He knew that, unless Shi Feng gave up on turning him in, he no longer had any hope of escaping from the War God's Temple.

"You should give up now if you think Beast Emperor will save you. If you really wish to survive, tell me the location of Star-Moon Kingdom's Evil God's Temple!" Shi Feng said, chuckling. He remained wholly unperturbed by Flame Blood's threat. Right now, the Cleric was still ignorant of Beast Emperor's overwhelming defeat. "Remember! You have only five seconds to consider."

After saying so, Shi Feng began counting down from five. Meanwhile, an incomparably ugly expression appeared on Flame Blood's face, his heart filled with misgivings.



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