Chapter 1723 - Complete Evil God's Eye

"An Evil God's Eye?" A hint of shock flashed across Capra's wizened face as he stared at Shi Feng. Clearly excited, he asked, "Did you really obtain an Evil God's Eye?"

Seeing the excitement and passion on Capra's face, Shi Feng retrieved dark-gray, runic crystal ball from his bag. As the crystal ball appeared in the room, it began to leak small traces of Evil Energy.

This crystal ball was none other than the Evil God's Eye that he had obtained after destroying the Evil God's sealing magic array.

The moment Shi Feng revealed the Evil God's Eye, Capra's gaze sharpened as he examined the crystal ball. If Shi Feng hadn't known that good-aligned NPCs wouldn't steal from players, he wouldn't have doubted that Capra would have snatched the Evil God's Eye from him without hesitation.

"It's actually real!" Capra became even more excited after a detailed inspection of the item. He then shifted his gaze back to Shi Feng and said, "Although this Evil God's Eye has been damaged, it is still very valuable. It's also the material I've been searching for. If you are willing to sell this Evil God's Eye to me, I will offer you this Elemental Crown and 5,000 Merit Points."

Capra grinned has he retrieved a crown studded with seven resplendent gemstones.

Shi Feng could feel the Mana around him grow restless the moment the crown appeared in the room.

A Fragmented Legendary item? Shi Feng could not help but gasp when he saw the Elemental Crown.

He had never thought that Capra would be so generous!

If he obtained the Elemental Crown now, he could instantly transform one of Zero Wing's members into a peak expert.

Moreover, Capra had also offered an additional 5,000 Merit Points. That was nearly the price of an Epic item…

"Of course, you can choose to repair the Evil God's Eye. However, doing so will be incredibly expensive. In addition to 15,000 Merit Points, you'll need 100 Mana Stones and three units of Seven Luminaries Crystal."

Shi Feng was inwardly astonished. He hadn't expected the repair costs for this item to be so exorbitant.

Generally, players could only obtain Mana Stones from raiding Team Dungeons, but even 100-man Hell Mode Team Dungeons had very low drop-rates. As for the Seven Luminaries Crystals, it was likely that not a single Guild had even one unit at this stage of the game.

"You can take your time to consider your options. There is no need to make a decision now," Capra said, chuckling.

"Lord Capra, I've already decided. I want to repair the Evil God's Eye," Shi Feng said, determined.

His desire for Fragmented Legendary items was intense right now, especially for Fragmented Legendary items that were suited for magical classes. If he gave the Elemental Crown to one of Zero Wing's magical class experts, that expert's firepower would rise to a whole new level.

However, the Evil God's Eye would help the Guild as a whole far more than the Elemental Crown.

Although miniature worlds only produced a small number of resources, the Power Ore they produced was incomparably valuable. Normally, the Power Ore could only be acquired from unstable Otherworlds. Moreover, the miniature world was far rarer and more valuable than a Fragmented Legendary item. Many first-rate Guilds in the past had even been willing to trade over a dozen Fragmented Legendary items for a single miniature world.

Hence, the wisest decision for Shi Feng was to repair the Evil God's Eye.

"How unfortunate." Capra sighed before regaining his usual calm. He then looked at Shi Feng and said, "Hand over the materials, then. If you don't have them ready, you can go collect them. You can find me again once you have the required materials."

Shi Feng nodded in response. He then left the War God's Temple and rushed to the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Others might struggle to gather 100 Mana Stones and three units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, but the task wasn't difficult for Shi Feng in the least. With the Philosopher's Stone, he could synthesize the two items from Magic Crystals and Seven Luminaries Shards.

Following which, Shi Feng transformed 5,000 Magic Crystals and 100-plus Seven Luminaries Shards, which had been left over from the Four Towers of Elements' construction, into 100 Mana Stones and two Seven Luminaries Crystals. He then hurried back to meet with Capra.

When Capra saw that Shi Feng had the required materials, he gave the Swordsman a serious look before asking, "Do you really wish to repair the Evil God's Eye?"

System: Repairing the Evil God's Eye will cost 15,000 Merit Points. As you have 3,700 War God's Temple Reputation Points, you can pay 20% of the Merit Points with Coins. Do you wish to pay with Coins?

System: Based on the system's analysis of the current market, each Merit Point is worth 2 Gold, 10 Silver. Do you wish to proceed?

"Yes!" Shi Feng answered without hesitation.

He currently had over 12,000 Merit Points. If he paid 3,000 Merit Points with Coins, he would have just enough Merit Points to repair the Evil God's Eye.

Instantly, 6,300 Gold vanished from Shi Feng's bag.

After Capra received the materials, he began to chant an incantation and write line after line of divine runes.

The ambient Mana and Capra's runes then gradually flowed into the Evil God's Eye, which hovered before the Vice Temple Lord. As this process continued, Shi Feng could see the runes on the surface of the Evil God's Eye sharpen. The density of the Evil Energy the dark-gray crystal ball radiated also increased.

When every Mana Stone and Seven Luminaries Crystal had merged with the Evil God's Eye, the runes on the orb released a dazzling, gray glow. As he watched the dark-gray crystal ball, Shi Feng could feel a dangerously malicious intent radiating from it.

At this point, the Evil God's Eye stopped leaking Evil Energy. Now, it merely looked like a crystal decorated with mysterious runes.

"Alright, I've repaired the Evil God's Eye. Hopefully, you can utilize it properly. Make sure that you don't let those from the Evil God's Temple find out that you have it. Otherwise, they'll use everything in their power to destroy you," Capra warned as he reluctantly handed the Evil God's Eye back to Shi Feng.

When Shi Feng received the Evil God's Eye, he felt an immense weight in his hands. Rather than an ordinary crystal, he felt as if he had just received a miniature mountain.

If he weren't a Tier 2 player with over 1,500 points in his Strength, he might not even be able to carry the fist-sized crystal ball.

It's so heavy! So, this is the intact Evil God's Eye? As he held the Evil God's Eye, Shi Feng inspected the item's Attribute Panel.

[Evil God's Eye] (Fragmented Legendary Rank Item)

This item had been created by the Evil God for the specific purpose of opening a path through the world's barrier. The Evil God's Eye contains a sealed miniature world, and can be used as a conduit to transfer the miniature world's power to the outside world. The Evil God's Eye also grants its holder sovereignty over the miniature world within.

Additional Skill 1-

World's Power: Can be used as a magic array's power source, improving the magic array's effects by a maximum of 120%.

Cooldown: 48 hours

Additional Skill 2-

Teleportation Pathway: Opens a pathway to the sealed miniature world. The pathway lasts for 10 minutes.

Cooldown: 96 hours

Amazing! Shi Feng was utterly dumbfounded after inspecting the intact Evil God's Eye.

He finally understood why the various superpowers in the past had valued miniature worlds to such an extreme.

As Shi Feng quietly admired the Evil God's Eye, Aqua Rose contacted him.

"Guild Leader, Melancholic Smile has gathered the materials you require. I have also gathered the architects you've requested in Zero Wing City," Aqua Rose reported.

"Alright, I'll head over right away." Shi Feng could not help but smile when he heard Aqua Rose's words.

With this, Zero Wing would soon have a second Stone Forest Town. Only this time, it was in a neutral map.



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