Chapter 1745 - You Lack the Qualifications

"You're Asura's commander?" Vast Heaven revealed a stunned expression as he watched Shi Feng walk towards him step by step. How is this possible?

After he had arrived at Cold Wind City, he had heard many things about the Asura adventurer team. Even the Guild Leader and Vice Guild Leader of the Matchless Family feared them.

Originally, he had been eager to challenge Asura's members to a fight.

However, the performance of the adventurer team during recent times was simply too disappointing. While it was indeed true that Asura had many expert members, in his opinion, these expert members were no different than amateurs that were not worth him spending energy to fight

After all, he had defeated several experts that were originally ranked in the top ten of Cold Wind City. These top-ten experts were only slightly stronger than ordinary experts and were still far from rivaling him in terms of combat standards.

As a result, he no longer paid any attention to the Asura adventurer team. In fact, in his eyes, even Cold Wind City's number one expert was most likely a joke.

But now someone had suddenly appeared before him, declaring that they were Asura's commander. Moreover, this person had even managed to push him back using just a single blow.

How could he possibly believe this situation to be true?


"It's really the commander! Even the vice commanders are with him!"

The oppressed Asura members had excited expressions when they saw Shi Feng and his team members appear. They never thought that Shi Feng's group would actually return to Cold Wind City. Moreover, Shi Feng had even managed to send an expert like Vast Heaven flying with a single hit.

"Huh? So, he is the Asura adventurer team's commander?"

"Didn't they say that Asura's commander brought a group of experts out for an exploration?"

"The matter regarding the exploration should be a lie. They must've known that Hecate arrived at Cold Wind City and used exploration as an excuse to avoid coming across our Guild."

"This is interesting! The Asura adventurer team has constantly refused to join our Guild. The higher-ups have been fussing about looking for Asura's commander all this time. Now that he has actually shown himself before us, we'll see how Boss Vast takes care of him!"

"However, Asura's commander looks quite strong, as well. He actually managed to take away more than one-third of Boss Vast's HP in a single hit"

"That's just because he executed an ambush. He must've used some kind of powerful Magic Scroll for that attack. Don't forget, Boss Vast is a Tier 2 player. If he gets serious, who in Cold Wind City could possibly be his match?"

Hecate’s members could not help but start a discussion among themselves when they saw Shi Feng's group approaching, filled with curiosity about the Asura adventurer team's commander. At the same time, they also eagerly waited for Vast Heaven to teach Shi Feng a lesson.

Nowadays, the Asura adventurer team was in rapid decline. The only reason why the adventurer team's members were still sticking around was that they still held hope that their commander and the top experts of the adventurer team would return soon. Now that Asura's commander had returned, if said commander were to be killed by Vast Heaven, the Asura adventurer team would most likely crumble instantly. After all, every member of Asura had placed their faith in Shi Feng.

As Hecate's members were having a quiet discussion among themselves, Vast Heaven retrieved an Advanced Healing Potion from his bag and drank it, his HP instantly recovering by a significant portion. Afterward, his HP continuously recovered in small increments.

After a short time, his HP fully recovered.

"I never thought that the rumors were actually true. You really do possess some abilities. It's no wonder why you were able to become Cold Wind City's number one expert," Vast Heaven said after recovering from his previous shock. "With such strength, you indeed have the qualifications to be my opponent Come! Let's have a proper fight! Let me see whether your fame as Cold Wind City's number one expert is true or not!" Vast Heaven's eyes started burning with fighting spirit

From the previous clash, he already understood that Shi Feng's Strength was ridiculously high. However, in a battle between players, the outcome could not be decided based on just the Strength Attribute only.

"You want to witness our commander's strength? I'm afraid you still lack the qualifications to do so!" Cleansing Whistle said, clicking her tongue as she looked at Vast Heaven. "If you wish to challenge our commander, you'll have to get through me first" Cleansing Whistle stepped forward from the group.

"Team Leader Whistle, be careful! He is Hecate's Vast Heaven! Previously, even Sky Slicer fell to him, despite being supported by dozens of experts! You mustn't fight him alone!" Stained Maple warned Cleansing Whistle in a panic.

He knew very clearly just what kind of strength Cleansing Whistle possessed. After all, he was originally a member of the Wave Heart adventurer team and had joined Asura with Lifeless Thorn and Cleansing Whistle.

While Cleansing Whistle was indeed very strong, she should only be roughly equal to the Centurion Dynasty's Sky Slicer.

Meanwhile, Vast Heaven was someone who had single-handedly slain Sky Sheer together with dozens of experts from the Centurion Dynasty. Vast Heaven's strength was no trivial matter!

It was a feat that even Lifeless Thorn, Cold Wind City's previous number one expert, was not capable of accomplishing! Stained Maple did not think that the current Cleansing Whistle had any chance of winning against Vast Heaven. In his opinion, only their commander, Shi Feng, could possibly contend against Vast Heaven in a one-on-one match.

However, Stained Maple's warning was obviously ineffective, since Cleansing Whistle still continued walking towards Vast Heaven.

Although Stained Maple wanted to try and stop Cleansing Whistle again, his attempt was hindered by one of Asura's vice commanders, Solitary Nine. When Stained Maple turned to look at the rest of Shi Feng's group, he noticed that nobody on the team showed any intention of stopping Cleansing Whistle. Instead, they simply took on the attitude of spectators, making it look like this upcoming fight had nothing to do with them whatsoever.

This is insane! Every one of them has lost their minds! Stained Maple was rendered speechless by his allies' actions.

Despite having clearly stated that even the Centurion Dynasty was powerless against Vast Heaven, Shi Feng and the others were actually allowing Cleansing Whistle to go into battle all by herself. This was basically sending Cleansing Whistle to her death!

Besides Stained Maple, his team members were also very anxious.

"Boss Maple, what should we do? The commander and the other higher-ups are refusing to listen to your advice. I heard that Vast Heaven has a special tool that can increase the death penalty of the players he has killed. If he uses that special tool..."

"We don't have a choice. If Cleansing Whistle looks to be getting pushed back, we'll charge in together!" Stained Maple said through the team chat as he gritted his teeth. He was determined that he would not let Cleansing Whistle die.

Currently, the Asura adventurer team was in a precarious situation and in urgent need of powerful experts to take charge of it Meanwhile, Cleansing Whistle was one of the top ten experts in the adventurer team. The adventurer team could not afford to let her get killed and lose multiple levels.

The other members in Stained Maple's team nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, seeing Cleansing Whistle slowly walking towards Vast Heaven, Hecate's members started making a clamor.

"Who is this lady?! She actually dares to challenge Boss Vast?! Boss, let us take action! We'll teach this little girl a proper lesson!"

"Asura's members sure are arrogant!"

Hecate's members were greatly displeased with Cleansing Whistle's arbitrary decision to take Shi Feng's place in battle.

They all wanted to charge forward and kill Cleansing Whistle now.

"You're going to fight me? You sure know how to speak bold words." Vast Heaven could not help but laugh as he looked at Cleansing Whistle's slender figure. "I know who you are. You're the sixth ranking expert of Cold Wind City, right? However, even the ones ranked above you failed to last more than ten moves against me. How many moves do you think you can possibly last against me?"

He was filled with feelings of ridicule as he watched Cleansing Whistle walking towards him.

Even before he had completed his Tier 2 promotion, he had managed to defeat experts ranked higher than Cleansing Whistle with great ease. Now that he had reached Tier 2, he could easily defeat those experts in just two or three moves. After all, the difference between tiers was massive!

"You sure speak a lot of nonsense. Or are those your last words?" Cleansing Whistle replied in annoyance.

"Die!" Vast Heaven shouted in rage. He readied his spear and activated Charge, his body transforming into an afterimage as he instantly arrived before her, although she stood over twenty yards away. He then thrust his spear, sending eight rapid jabs at Cleansing Whistle's defensive blind spots.

Tier 2 Skill, Star Piercer!

The combination of a Tier 2 Skill's power and his Strength Attribute meant each one of his jabs carried Strength rivaling that of a Great Lord of the same level.

Just as the eight streaks of silver light were about to come into contact with Cleansing Whistle, the female Swordsman brandished her two swords. They created multiple arcs of light before her.

Tier 2 Skill, Split Flash!

Dang... Dang... Dang...

When swords and spear collided, sparks scattered into their surroundings. The sounds of miniature explosions also rang out one after another.

In the end, not only did Cleansing Whistle block all eight spear jabs, but she even managed to force Vast Heaven to retreat three steps, damages ranging in the hundreds appearing above the Berserker's head in succession. In contrast, Cleansing Whistle remained standing steadily in her original position, her HP still completely intact.

Although both sides had only clashed once with each other, the difference in strength was already clear for all to see...



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