Chapter 1759 - Empire's Highlord

System: Congratulations! Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest "Ice Crystal World" completed. Rewarding one Bracelet of Time, Legacy Skill Points +3, Black Dragon Empire Reputation +100, Katie Green's Favorability +50, and +50% to current experience bar.

Suddenly, Shi Feng's experience bar filled up rapidly, going from 41% to 91% of Level 66 in the blink of an eye and saving him several days' worth of grinding.

However, compared to the reward, the part that truly surprised Shi Feng was the system announcements that followed.

Black Dragon Empire Region System Announcement: A player has triggered a new expansion pack, "Ice Crystal World." The empire has conferred Countess Katie Green the title of Highlord, and she will become the empire's Eighth Highlord. From now onward, Lake Heart City will become Highlord Katie Green's territory.

Black Dragon Empire Region System Announcement: In three hours, Highlord Katie Green will open a gate to the Ice Crystal World in Lake Heart City and will lead the Black Dragon Empire's First Division on the conquest of the Ice Crystal World, officially starting the empire's conquest of Otherworlds.

The system announcements repeated three times, echoing in the ears of every player in the Black Dragon Empire.

At this moment, let alone Shi Feng, even the upper echelons of the empire's various large Guilds were stupefied by these announcements.

"Conquest of Otherworlds?"

"Is this a joke? Who managed to trigger such an amazing expansion pack?"

This was definitely the first time they had encountered a situation where an empire launched an expedition against an Otherworld. As for this so-called "Otherworld," ordinary players might not have an idea what it was, but those in the upper echelons of large Guilds had a general notion because the libraries within the empire contained some basic information introducing Otherworlds. One could easily find this information with a careful search.

Meanwhile, the information introducing Otherworlds stated that Otherworlds were incomplete, smaller worlds containing many resources that could not be found on the continent of God's Domain. According to rumor, Ancient Gods created these Otherworlds to store their treasures.

Hence, regardless of which era it was on the continent of God's Domain, there were bound to be kingdoms and empires that would try to conquer these Otherworlds to monopolize the resources available there.

Among the various expeditions launched against Otherworlds in the history of God's Domain, four by ancient kingdoms were especially notable. Back then, these kingdoms hadn't been particularly strong. However, after conquering an Otherworld, they had grown into empires within a very short period.

Hence, the conquest of an Otherworld was a major event in any kingdom or empire.

Meanwhile, this was also a major event to players, as it meant that they would gain access to the resources of the targeted Otherworld. The resources available in an Otherworld were much more abundant than those on the continent of God's Domain. If a Guild managed to monopolize the resources of an Otherworld, they could develop rapidly.

The upper echelons of the Black Dragon Empire's various large Guilds glowed upon seeing the system announcements.

They immediately held emergency meetings to discuss matters regarding the Otherworld expedition.

Lake Heart City, outside of Highlord Katie Green's mansion:

After the steward Milton chased the six players out of the mansion, they all stood stock-still with dumbfounded expressions on their faces as they looked at the latest system announcements.

"Boss, isn't the NPC we just traded with called Katie Green? Why did she suddenly become one of the empire's Highlords? What's more, she's even launching a conquest of the Ice Crystal World."

"No, that's not right The system announcement appeared as soon as we left Katie Green's mansion. And according to that, a player triggered the new expansion pack. It must be related to that cloaked Swordsman."

"Indeed. Based on the Countess's behavior when she was dealing with that Swordsman, there must be some kind of secret between them."

"Boss, what should we do now?"

"Our luck is really good. Since that person triggered the new expansion pack, he should have plenty of information about the expansion pack itself. We'll wait here for him. If we can get some information on the expansion pack from that guy, we'll have a head start over everyone else."

"Right! As long as we get that kid to spill information on the new expansion pack, our Eternal Song adventurer team might be able to become one of the top few adventurer teams of the Black Dragon Empire just like that"

All six in the party nodded in agreement with the Level 51 Swordsman's suggestion.

A new expansion pack signified the appearance of a huge opportunity, offering potential benefits that definitely wouldn't be the slightest bit inferior to the high-ranking items available from the Countess.

Meanwhile, inside the lounge of the Highlord's mansion, Katie Green herself had undergone a massive transformation.

Originally, Katie Green was a refined lady dressed in elegant attire. Now, however, she wore an exquisite battle dress decorated in red and white. She looked more like a female general than a noble lady at the moment Although her battle dress was made from cloth and appeared to provide very little in terms of protection, in reality, the dress was made out of enhanced cloth that was stronger than even steel. At her waist hung a light-blue longsword that not only looked dazzlingly beautiful but also radiated a frightening aura.

Meanwhile, Katie Green's statistics had also undergone a heaven-defying transformation. She had become a Level 200, Tier 5 Sacred Magic Knight Currently, only a few people in the entire Black Dragon Empire could hope to rival her in terms of strength.

"I really have to thank you for this. With these Eternal Ice Crystals, I have finally managed to open a pathway to the Ice Crystal World and complete my long-cherished wish. If you ever visit the Ice Crystal World in the future, I will welcome you as a guest," Katie Green said, sending Shi Feng a faint smile. She then turned around and left the lounge to carry out the necessary preparations to launch an expedition against the Ice Crystal World.

System: Congratulations! You have received Katie Green's favor and obtained the Honorary Knight title. [Honorary Knight]

Enjoy the authority of a noble when present within any territory ruled by Katie Green.

When Shi Feng fully processed everything that just happened, a frown formed on his face.

The recent developments were too sudden. Had he known something like this would happen, he never would've completed this Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest so quickly.

The Otherworld expedition meant that a long-term pathway leading to the Ice Crystal World would be opened. It also meant that players on the continent of God's Domain would be able to travel freely to the Ice Crystal World in the future. In that case, his plan to make a fortune via these two worlds was effectively ruined.

I need to step up my operations. After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng stored the Bracelet of Time and left the lounge, his next destination being the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Given the situation, he could only sell the collected Ice Jades in the Ice Crystal World and try to make as much profit as possible right now. Once players on the continent of God's Domain started streaming into the Ice Crystal World, he would definitely face greater competition on this front.

However, as soon as Shi Feng exited the mansion, six figures suddenly surrounded him. These six figures were none other than the six players that had been exchanging items with Katie Green earlier.

"Do you have business with me?" Shi Feng asked as he eyed the party of six.

"You're the person that triggered the new expansion pack, right?" the leader of the party, a Level 51 Swordsman named Silent Eagle, asked, smiling as he looked at Shi Feng.

"What if I say that I'm not?" Upon hearing Silent Eagle's words, Shi Feng understood that his identity as the precipitator of the new expansion pack was already exposed.

"Stop lying. As soon as we left the mansion and you started chatting with the Countess, an expansion pack related to the Countess appeared. Who do you think you're trying to fool?" a Level 51 Shield Warrior demanded angrily.

"Then, what is your goal in stopping me?" Shi Feng asked.

"Is there even a need to say this? Tell us all the information you have on this new expansion pack," Silent Eagle laughed.

"What if I don't speak?" Shi Feng revealed a faint smile as he sent a glance at Silent Eagle. "Are you planning to take action against me?"

"Take action?" Silent Eagle shook his head, chuckling. "No, no. We don't have the courage to take action inside Lake Heart City. However, although we can't take direct action against you, we've already placed a marker on you. We'll be able to find you no matter where you go. I believe the various large Guilds in the Black Dragon Empire will be very interested in meeting with the player that triggered the latest expansion pack. What do you think they will do if we tell them about you?"

"I see." Shi Feng mostly understood Silent Eagle's purpose now. The man was using the large Guilds to threaten him for information. The various large Guilds had branches all over the Black Dragon Empire. As long as his location got exposed, these Guilds would definitely hunt him down relentlessly.

"If you don't wish to get hunted by the various large Guilds, you'd best tell us all the information you have regarding the latest expansion pack. This will be beneficial to both you and me," Silent Eagle said, chuckling.

"Is that so?" Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng eyed Silent Eagle's party of six and then said, "However, I feel that I have an even better option in mind."

"What is it?" Silent Eagle asked curiously.

"For example, I will bury all six of you here."

Saying so, Shi Feng suddenly unsheathed Killing Ray and released four arcs of lightning ahead of him, menacing Silent Eagle's party.

"This is Lake Heart City... You dare?" Silent Eagle stared in disbelief at the approaching lightning arcs.

However, before Silent Eagle's party could say anything else, the four lightning arcs devoured them, transforming them into ash with a bunch of items in their place.



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