Chapter 1761 - Pandora's Rubik's Cube

When Shi Feng examined the items he had recently picked up, he was stunned.

Did those six rob a Guild's treasury? When Shi Feng had first seen the items Silent Eagle's party had dropped, he nearly thought he had seen wrong. However, all the items had 'New' tags, which indicated that they were the latest additions to his bag space.

Silent Eagle's party had dropped a total of seven items. Among them, six were equipment the six players had worn; five pieces were Level 50 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, and one was a Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment. To current players, these six pieces of equipment were a considerable fortune. This was especially true for the Secret-Silver Equipment. Even the various large Guilds' Level 50-plus experts would only have a few such pieces.

However, compared to the last item he had picked up, the six pieces of equipment were inconsequential.

This was because this last item was actually an Epic ranked tool called the Pandora's Rubik's Cube!

This had been a well-known and highly sought after item by the various large Guilds in Shi Feng's previous life. However, there was an extremely small number of these tools in the game, and even first-rate Guilds had struggled to acquire one.

The various large Guilds had sought this Epic tool due to the Pandora's Rubik's Cube's ability to strengthen equipment. [Pandora's Rubik's Cube] (Epic Rank Item)

An item cursed by the Gods. Those who abuse Pandora's Rubik's Cube will face a cruel reality.

Skill 1-

Magic Refinement Absorb a large amount of Mana, condensing it and forming high-purity Mana. (Generate one drop of Mana Water using one Magic Crystal. Generate one drop of Mana Source Water using one Mana Stone.)

Skill 2-

Demon God's Curse:

By using 10 drops of Mana Water, infuse Mana into a piece of equipment at a 10% success rate, increasing the Attributes of the targeted equipment by 15% for 12 hours if the enhancement attempt succeeds. There is a 20% chance for nothing to happen. There is a 70% chance for the targeted equipment to be cursed with the Weakened Mana debuff, decreasing its Attributes by 30% for 24 hours.

By using one drop of Mana Source Water, infuse Mana into a piece of equipment at a 15% success rate, increasing the Attributes of the targeted equipment by 25% for 12 hours if the enhancement attempt succeeds. There is a 15% chance for nothing to happen. There is a 70% chance for the targeted equipment to be cursed with the Weakened Mana debuff, decreasing its Attributes by 50% for 24 hours.

Pandora's Rubik's Cube is cursed and will drop upon death.

To ordinary players, the effects of Pandora's Rubik's Cube were meaningless at best. To Guilds, however, its ability was incredibly precious.

Unlike ordinary players, large Guilds had enough equipment and resources to support the expenditure and potential loss incurred from using Pandora's Rubik's Cube. They were also more than willing to take on this cost as long as they could strengthen some of their equipment. This was especially true when their members' weapon and equipment had reached their current limits. If a team's members had a 25% Attribute increase to every piece of equipment they wore, the team would have a much easier time raiding powerful Bosses.

Because of this, the various large Guilds in Shi Feng's previous life had constantly tried to obtain a Pandora's Rubik's Cube. Shi Feng had never thought that Silent Eagle's party would actually have a super-rare tool like this.

With players' current levels, this tool should be impossible to obtain. They must've purchased it from Katie Green. It seems that I've benefited quite a bit from their efforts. Shi Feng suddenly recalled watching Silent Eagle's party purchase items from Katie Green. This Pandora's Rubik's Cube was likely one of the high-ranking items the party had obtained from the Countess.

Lake Heart City, Candlelight Trading Firm:

After Zero Wing had taken control of Lake Heart City, Candlelight had swiftly developed in the city. It had taken no time for Candlelight's Shop to become the city's number one Shop. Including the recent increase in traffic, Lake Heart City's Candlelight Trading Firm was no less lively than the one in White River City. Moreover, in terms of quality, Lake Heart City's players were superior to White River City's players.

Meanwhile, after the recent announcement regarding the new expansion pack, the number of players that visited the trading firm had reached an all-time high.

As soon as Shi Feng left his carriage, he noticed a significant rise in traffic on the street. To secure as much of an advantage as possible in the upcoming conquest of the Ice Crystal World, the various large Guilds had dispatched many of their experts to Lake Heart City. Shi Feng quickly spotted members from two first-rate Guilds, not to mention those from second- and third-rate Guilds.

It seemed as if Lake Heart City had become the Black Dragon Empire's central hub. The various large Guilds gathered in the city in droves.

This only confirmed Shi Feng's need to hasten his plans. Immediately, he entered the Candlelight Trading Firm and visited the trading firm's warehouse.

As Shi Feng was about to enter the warehouse, Gentle Snow contacted him.

"Guild Leader, I just investigated the new expansion pack. Highlord Katie Green has already established a massive teleportation pathway in the city's central plaza. Although players are prohibited from entering the plaza right now, a notice has been issued, stating that only Level 50 and above will be permitted to use the pathway. Meanwhile, each player will have to pay a teleportation fee of 10 Magic Crystals," Gentle Snow said. "With our Guild's current stock, I'm afraid that we won't be able to send many players to the Ice Crystal World."

Initially, she had been fiercely interested in the Ice Crystal World conquest since Zero Wing's Branch Guild was located in Lake Heart City. With the home-ground advantage, Zero Wing would have a considerable edge when developing in this new Otherworld.

Unfortunately, not only had the system set a clearly defined level limit for players, but the teleportation fee was also 10 Magic Crystals per player. This price was simply excessive.

Just sending a 1,000-man team to the new Otherworld would cost 10,000 Magic Crystals. Moreover, 1,000 players wouldn't be enough if a Guild truly intended to join the conquest At the very least, they would need to send two or three thousand players. In other words, participating in this conquest would cost Guilds at least twenty or thirty thousand Magic Crystals. Even first-rate Guilds would endure a headache over this cost. Moreover, it wasn't certain that they would make enough profits to cover the cost.

"Ten Magic Crystals per person?" Shi Feng was astonished when he heard this price. It was too cheap.

He had gone through great pains to clear the Ancient Shrine's trial and obtain the Shrine Warrior title. However, even with the Shrine Warrior title, he still had to pay 50 Magic Crystals to travel to or from the Ice Crystal World, yet the teleportation pathway would only cost 10 Magic Crystals per player. It was infuriating.

Out of all of the Otherworld conquests he had heard about in his previous life, the teleportation fee for this conquest was definitely the cheapest. Generally, the teleportation pathways would cost around 30 Magic Crystals per person before the invading country's army broke through the Otherworld's defensive net. Only after the invading country had established a city and stabilized the teleportation pathway to the targeted Otherworld would the teleportation fee decrease.

Now that the teleportation fee was only 10 Magic Crystals, more players would be able to join the Ice Crystal World conquest The conquest would also finish faster than usual.

It seems I really need to speed things up.

Fortunately, players would only be able to truly enter the Ice Crystal World after Katie Green's army had broken through the Ice Crystal World's defensive net.

He then instructed Gentle Snow to find out more about this conquest. He also instructed her to dispatch a small number of experts to follow the army into the Ice Crystal World and notify him of the army's progress.

As for himself, Shi Feng quickly retrieved the 400,000 Ice Jade and hurried back to the Ice Crystal World.



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