Chapter 1780 - Initial Unsealing of a Legendary Item

The instant Shi Feng chose to remove the curse, the crystalline, skeletal hand released a purplish-gold glow that lit up the entire room.

The Mana density in the room also started to rise at a rapid rate.

Amazing! So, this is the power of the Philosopher's Hand? Shi Feng was unprecedentedly calm as a white mist surrounded him.

Shortly after, the mist-turned Mana gradually took liquid form. A globe of Liquid Mana then formed before Shi Feng.

A moment later, a scene began to play in the Mana globe.

The footage showed a world enveloped in fire. The world's sky was covered in dense, dark clouds, and from time to time, a tower of flame would rise into the sky. Meanwhile, white flames danced on flowing, white-hot magma in this world's center. The flames were so hot that they even distorted space around them.

However, Shi Feng could faintly see a gigantic gate in the center of the white-hot flames. In addition, a massive, crimson figure paced inside the flames. The figure wielded a trident that seemed to be the ruler of the surrounding flames.

After one minute of the footage, it disappeared. The room gradually returned to its original state, and the Philosopher's Hand quietly hovered before Shi Feng. However, the item was now decorated in carved, divine runes.

The Philosopher's Hand's Attributes had also undergone significant changes.

[Cursed Philosopher's Hand] (Legendary Rank Item)

As the creator of the Philosopher's Hand failed to complete his wish before death, the creator's soul had attached itself to the Philosopher's Hand and cursed it to lose all of its power. As Soul Dissolving Flowers had been used on the Philosopher's Hand, the creator's soul had received Soul Guidance. As a result, the curse has been weakened slightly.

Additional Skill-

Philosopher's Soul: Offers players guidance for 1 hour when crafting items.

Cooldown: 3 hours

What an amazing Skill! I've only partially removed the curse, yet the Philosopher's Hand has gained such a heaven-defying Skill. It's no wonder why it had been known as an alchemy treasure. Shi Feng was astonished when he saw the updated Attribute Panel.

Most likely, the effects of Philosopher's Soul could rival even the value of a Meditation Potion. However, the materials needed to produce the Meditation Potion were incomparably valuable, and the potion itself was impossible to mass-produce. Philosopher's Soul, on the other hand, was a Skill that could be used indefinitely. Although the Skill could only be used to help Lifestyle players craft items, not to learn combat techniques like the Meditation Potion, it was still a precious resource. If the public discovered this Skill, Guilds throughout the game would hunt Shi Feng down to steal it

In God's Domain, players had to invent items, which involved a process of trial and error to become Lifestyle Masters. It would take a very long time for a Lifestyle player to reach the Master rank. However, if one had some guidance, ten inventing an item would become easier. This would help Lifestyle players, who were just a small step away from becoming a Master, cross the final threshold.

After just partially dissolving the curse on the Philosopher's Hand, it offered such a powerful Skill. It was no wonder why Kingdom's Sword had developed its trading firm to the forefront of the Dark Night Empire within a short time. After all, Lifestyle Masters were the core competitive power of a trading firm.

This outcome made Shi Feng even more eager to complete this Epic ranked Main Storyline Quest and obtain the complete Philosopher's Hand.

However, the World Forest's location is a big problem. As Shi Feng recalled the scene the Mana ball had displayed, frowning.

Current players were likely unfamiliar with the flaming world and would take a very long time to find it, but the moment Shi Feng, who was incredibly familiar with God's Domain, had laid eyes on the world of fire, the massive crimson monster, and the trident it wielded, he knew where it was.

The Flame Demon's Valley!

It was a neutral map that was home to Flame Demons. The gigantic monster in the recording was, in fact, the Flame Demon King, the Flame Demon's Valley's Final Boss.

As the Flame Demon's Valley was rich in Magic Crystals and Source Fire Ore, it had been highly contested over by the various large Guilds in the past. The Flame Demon King, in particular, was one of the few World Bosses available at this stage of the game. The Flame Demon King's First Kill awarded Fragmented Legendary items and Guild Residence Promotion Orders. As a result, God's Domain's various superpowers had dispatched large armies to raid it. Unfortunately, every Guild that had tried to raid the World Boss had returned in failure.

The Flame Demon King had only been Level 83 back then, the various superpowers' expedition team members had, on average, been over Level 80. The expedition teams also consisted of Tier 2 players, yet they hadn't been powerful enough to stand against the Flame Demon King's strength. Every expedition team had been annihilated. Only after players had reached Level 100 and obtained their Tier 3 classes did they finally defeat the Flame Demon King.

Meanwhile, the main reason that Level 80-plus players had failed to defeat the Demon King was the Flame Demon's Valley's intense environment. The area the Flame Demon King occupied was so hot that players would rapidly lose HP even in full Fire Resistance equipment and with Advanced Fire Resistance Potions. When a team battled the Flame Demon King, the team's healers constantly had to heal every member of their team. One could easily imagine the results of such a disadvantageous battle.

However, not only would players Basic Attributes and physique improve considerably after reaching Tier 3, but their Resistances would also undergo a qualitative transformation. This was also the greatest difference between Tier 2 and Tier 3 players.

This was why players had been able to defeat this Boss after reaching Tier 3.

Although Shi Feng's goal only consisted of traveling to the World Forest and activating the World Gate, not killing the Flame Demon King, the area's scorching fire was no laughing matter. Even if he consumed an Advanced Fire Resistance Potion, he wouldn't last more than 20 seconds in the severe environment without a healer. Furthermore, the Flame Demon King wouldn't just sit by and watch him approach the World Gate.

If he factored in the Flame Demon King's interference, he wouldn't survive for more than a few seconds. Then, how was he supposed to activate the World Gate?

It seems that I'll have to find a way to increase my Fire Resistance.

No matter how Shi Feng thought about it, the only way he could activate the World Gate and complete his quest as soon as possible was to raise his Fire Resistance. Moreover, just increasing his Fire Resistance wouldn't do. He needed to help improve enough players to form a 20-man team at the very least. Otherwise, he wouldn't accomplish anything even if he was immune to the map's heat with the Flame Demon King harassing him. He needed others to distract the Flame Demon King while he activated the World Gate.

At the moment, Shi Feng could only think of three methods to improve a player's Fire Resistance.

The first method was to wear Fire Resistance equipment, the second involved Fire Resistance Potions, and the last required raising one's tier. The last option was unrealistic. Hence, he could only rely on the first and second method.

Creating Advanced Fire Resistance Potions was not a problem for the Candlelight Trading Firm. The problem now lay in how to acquire a large stock of Fire Resistance equipment. Moreover, the Fire Resistance equipment in question had to provide a significant amount of Fire Resistance. Otherwise, players wouldn't be able to survive in the Flame Demon King's abode.

Trying to secure a large stock of powerful Fire Resistance equipment within a short time was unrealistic at this stage of the game. This was because mainstream players were just starting to cross the Level 50 threshold. Team Dungeons that dropped Resistance equipment were still extremely rare. Hence, Resistance equipment was very rare at this level, much less excellent Resistance equipment.

Only after players reached Level 70 and above would Resistance equipment start to become available in greater quantities.

There's no other choice. I can only return and have Aqua Rose and Gentle Snow prioritize Team Dungeons that drop Fire Resistance equipment. Shi Feng sighed.

Following which, Shi Feng stored the Philosopher's Hand and called Yan Ya over to discuss the works that needed to be done in Frozen City after he left the Ice Crystal World. He then filled his bag with the 60,000 Magic Crystals, which he had earned through the Ice Resistance Gemstones that provided +6 Ice Resistance, and a large amount of rare materials he had acquired from Frozen City and Cold Wind City. He then used a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported back to the continent of God's Domain.



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