Chapter 1794 - Dragon Soul

I finally won. Shi Feng could not help but breathe a sigh of relief as he watched the Black Dragon King's body fade away.

A Dragon's Strength was simply too high. If Heavenly Dragon's Power hadn't suppressed the monster while boosting Shi Feng's Basic Attributes, the battle might have ended differently.

Fortunately, the Black Dragon King had only been a Level 50 Lord, the same level that Shi Feng was trying to upgrade the Abyssal Blade to. Had the Black Dragon King been the same level as Shi Feng, the battle would've definitely been far more difficult. With this knowledge, Shi Feng would have to be more careful during future upgrades. Without preparing for such a battle, upgrading the Abyssal Blade would be extremely dangerous.

Once the Black Dragon King was gone, the gigantic magic array under Shi Feng's feet compressed, transforming into a new Abyssal Blade.

The new Abyssal Blade was a fully silver sword with pitch-black divine runes etched on the blade. Gray mist circled the weapon, and it gave off a chilling aura.

This is the newly upgraded Abyssal Blade? When Shi Feng gripped the new Abyssal Blade, he could clearly feel the sword pulsate. It felt as if the sword had become an extension of his body.

What truly surprised Shi Feng, however, was the new information in the weapon's Attribute Panel.

[Abyssal Blade] (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon)

Attack Power +2,070 All Attributes +170 Attack Speed +27 Ignore Levels +20 Attacks have:

70% chance to cause 220% damage.

30% chance to cause 300% damage.

Every attack increases damage by 2% to a maximum of 24%.

If wielder belongs to a Swordsman-related class, all Skill Levels +5.

Increase Free Ability Points received for every increase in Level by 2 points.

Equipment Level 50. Can be upgraded (Devour one hundred Level 55 Fine-Gold Weapons and thirty Level 55 Dark-Gold Weapons to upgrade to Level 55).

Equipment Tier 2. Can be evolved (Devour 100 Mana Crystals or Eternal Ice Crystals to evolve to Tier 3).

Additional Active Skill 1: Phantom Kill (Tier 2). Instantly creates a doppelganger under the wielder's control. Doppelganger has 90% of the wielder's Attributes and all Skills. The wielder can swap positions with the doppelganger at any time.

Duration: 1 minute, 30 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Active Skill 2: Abyssal Bind (Tier 2). Binds up to 3 enemies simultaneously and prevents movement, reducing Defense and Magic Resistance by 100%. The higher tiered the target is, the weaker the effect will be.

Duration: 5 seconds

Cooldown: 40 seconds

Additional Active Skill 3: Nine Dragons Slash (Tier 2). Instantly creates 16 phantoms of the Abyssal Blade for wielder's use; each phantom sword deals up to 80% damage.

Duration: 30 seconds

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Active Skill 4: Abyssal Curse (Tier 2). Prevents all targets within a radius of 50 yards from moving or attacking for 6 seconds and reduces their Attributes by 20% for 10 minutes. Effect doubles if there is only one target in range.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Additional Active Skill 5: Dragon Soul (Tier 2). Grants a doppelganger a Dragon Soul, transforming it into a Black Dragon. The transformed doppelganger will have the same Life Rating as a Black Dragon.

Duration: 3 minutes

Cooldown: 48 hours

Additional Passive Skill: Abyssal Will. Improves wielder's physique depending on the surrounding Mana density. The higher the Mana density, the greater the improvement

Additional Profound Inheritance: Black Emperor (Tier 2). When activated, every critical hit will accumulate one stack of Death Aura. Each stack can be used to increase all Attributes by 2% and Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 1% for 12 seconds or to reduce the Cooldown of a skill by 4 seconds. Maximum of 30 stacks of Death Aura.

Duration: 10 minutes

Cooldown: 8 hours

The Famed Smith Olysses personally created the Abyssal Blade using the Black Dragon King's fangs as material. It is one of thirty-six Famed Swords, ranking 31st. However, the Black Dragon King himself has cursed this sword. Beyond the immense strength the blade offers, the wielder must face a Backlash after a certain amount of time. However, after Jack had remodeled the Abyssal Blade with a Star Crystal, the strength of the Backlash has been reduced greatly. If the wielder is unable to suppress the Backlash, the wielder will receive the Black Dragon King's curse, permanently reducing all Attributes by 50%.

Unable to be dropped.

Unable to be traded.

Unable to be destroyed.

After this latest upgrade, the Abyssal Blade's Attack Power was on par with a two-handed Epic Weapon of the same level, although it wasn't quite as strong as Killing Ray. After all, the Abyssal Blade was only Level 50, whereas Killing Ray's level automatically increased to match its user's level.

Regardless, the Abyssal Blade was still very powerful. The new Skill, Dragon Soul, was particularly impressive.

He could turn one of his doppelgangers into a true Black Dragon.

Just thinking about this excited Shi Feng.

That was a bona fide Dragon they were talking about. An Archaic Species was insignificant before a true Dragon. Even Angels had a slightly lower Life Rating than Dragons. This Skill was now Shi Feng's greatest trump card. Unfortunately, the Skill only had a short, three-minute duration.

Once Shi Feng had finished marveling at the new Abyssal Blade, he sheathed the weapon and contacted Silent Wonder, Candlelight's current Chief Alchemist.

Aside from the Lifestyle players with the highest chances of becoming Masters, Shi Feng had also brought the Candlelight Trading Firm's top five Alchemists to the Holy City of Titan. Naturally, after Silent Wonder had become an internal member and read the Moon God's Secret Journal, she had quickly become a Master Alchemist. Now, she was the trading firm's number one alchemist in terms of alchemy techniques.

Since Candlelight had too many Lifestyle Players for Melancholic Smile to manage alone, Shi Feng had split the management responsibilities for each subclass among their respective Chiefs.

"How is the Elven Silver production coining along?" Shi Feng asked.

Elven Silver was an alchemy recipe that could only be found in Titan City. Each copy cost an exorbitant 800 Magic Crystals. Elven Silver was also very difficult to produce. Even if an Advanced Alchemist had the help of various support tools, they would be fortunate if they could achieve a 20% production success rate, and each attempt cost roughly 4 Gold...

Elven Silver only had one function-temporary physical reinforcement. Not only could it increase one's physique and Stamina, but it would also improve their Resistance significantly. It was an extremely valuable potion and had been a must-have when raiding super-large-scale Team Dungeons during Shi Feng's previous life.

Since Candlelight's alchemy standard had been lacking, Shi Feng hadn't had his alchemists attempt to produce Elven Silver. However, Silent Aspiration had also become a Master Alchemist, so Shi Feng had decided to give them the recipe.

"Guild Leader, the Elven Silver Potion's brewing procedures are too complex. Even now, we only have 217 bottles. May I know if that is enough?" Silent Wonder said, a little embarrassed.

"Two hundred and seventeen?! So many?!" Shi Feng was slightly surprised when he heard Silent Wonder's report. He knew that even a Basic Master Alchemist would only have a 25% theoretical success rate, roughly 30% if they had the proper support tools. Moreover, each bottle of Elven Silver required a very long time to brew. A Basic Master Alchemist would be fortunate to brew around 100 bottles after a full day of work, yet despite having only been in Titan City for half that, the two Master Alchemists and three Advanced Alchemists that had been given the task had produced over 200 bottles. "Good. Bring them to me."

"Understood." Silent Wonder nodded before disconnecting the call.

Shi Feng then turned his attention to crafting All-rounded Devices.

The Eclipse Throne had a chance of dropping top-tier Fire Resistance equipment. The Dungeon's recommended raid level was Level 55 to Level 60, and it was far more challenging than the Level 50 super-large-scale Team Dungeons at kingdoms and empires' borders. Aside from the Dungeon's corrosive gas, its low Mana density made it particularly difficult. Shi Feng's team needed the All-rounded Devices to raid the Dungeon.

Shi Feng spent the rest of the day producing 80-plus All-rounded Devices. Including the All-rounded Devices he had made some time ago, he had more than enough to outfit a team of 200 players.

Time is almost up. They should've arrived in White River City by now. Shi Feng smiled as he took a look at the time. Before he had realized it, a new day had arrived in God's Domain. There were less than 20 minutes remaining before the agreed meeting time. Immediately, Shi Feng took out a Return Scroll for White River City. After activating the scroll, his body transformed into a streak of light and left the Special Forging Room.



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