Chapter 1808 - Sword of Violence

The Glorious Will was a golden greatsword radiating a golden glow. A bundle of golden flames encased within its hilt emanated a sacred aura. The weapon's cool design would easily captivate its wielder.

As Shi Feng inspected the greatsword in his hands, everyone else in the arena had their attention drawn to the weapon. "What's that sword? It's so amazing! It's actually giving off such a powerful aura despite being in an inactive state!"

"Why does that sword look somewhat familiar?"

"Huh? That looks like the greatsword the NPC from before had!"

"That sword looks so cool! I wonder, what is its rank?"

"I'm guessing it should be an Epic Weapon at the very least. There's no way a Dark-Gold Weapon would feel this powerful.'

Everyone discussed quietly among themselves as they looked at the Glorious Will Shi Feng had retrieved from the Magic Crystal Treasure Chest Many Swordsmen and Berserkers, the only two classes capable of using two-handed weapons like greatswords, in the team stared at the greatsword greedily, their eyes turning bloodshot

Sure enough, it really is amazing! Shi Feng was astonished as he checked the Glorious Will's Attributes.

[Glorious Will (Replica)] (Two-handed Sword, Epic Rank)

Level 50 - Level 100

Equipment Requirement: Strength 2,000

Attributes adjust according to user's level.

Attack Power +2,320 (Level 50)

Strength +285, Endurance +240, Agility +265 Attack Speed +10 Attacks have:

20% chance to transform into a Sword of Light and penetrate through all defenses;

30% chance to trigger Scorching Radiance, increasing Strength by 40% and damage by 210%.

When equipped:

Increases Strength by 30% and Agility by 10%;

Attack range +2;

All weapon-related Skills +2 Levels;

Ignore Levels +15;

All item level requirements reduced by 5 Levels.

Additional Passive SkiH-

Radiance Domain: Increases the wielder's Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and reaction speed based on the number of creatures within a 50-yard radius. Each additional creature provides a 1% boost, up to a maximum of 30%.

Additional Active Skill 1-

Will of Light Grants the Will of Light onto the weapon, increasing Strength by 150% and inflicting 400% damage to a 5*25-yard area in front. Can be used up to five times. Each use has a one-minute Cooldown.

Additional Active Skill 2-

Myth of Light: Temporarily increases user's tier by one (up to a maximum of Tier 4) to deal one devastating attack in a 50- yard cone.

Cooldown: 20 minutes Additional Active Skill 3-

Light Speed: Allows the user to transform into light and instantly travel a maximum distance of 150 yards. Afterward, increases Movement Speed by 50% for 15 seconds. During this duration, user can also control and attack with 16 Swords of Light formed using the Power of Light Each Sword of Light can attack only once. Each Sword of Light has 80% of the user's Attributes.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

This is a replica forged by Lich Armas using the power of the Sun Crown. Due to insufficient power, Armas failed to complete the replica. Currently, this replica is still in an incomplete state. Gather 100,000 Magic Crystals and 100 Sun Essences to complete the replica. (The replica has currently absorbed 0 Magic Crystal and 0 Sun Essence.)

Looking at the Glorious Will in his hands, Shi Feng felt that the weapon was basically a sword of violence. It possessed paramount Strength. Ordinary Epic Weapons simply could not compare to it Moreover, this greatsword was even useful for chasing fleeing or swiftly moving targets. The Skill Light Speed, in particular, allowed its wielder to cross a distance of 150 yards instantly. With the ability to traverse such a distance in a heartbeat, players would be able to execute many feats.

This greatsword was perfect for Berserkers and Swordsmen lacking in survivability when grinding in the fields.

In the past, thanks to Glorious Will, the Glorious Sword Saint had managed to escape many fatal situations. Moreover, despite the current Glorious Will already being very powerful, it was still incomplete. In its completed state, the weapon's lifesaving capabilities would be much better. This was also the reason why the Glorious Sword Saint had become one of the most difficult Sword Saints to kill in God's Domain in the past. Even when going up against Tier 6 God-ranked experts, the Glorious Sword Saint had been able to attack and flee as he wished.

However, the upgrade conditions sure are stringent. It actually needs 100,000 Magic Crystals and 100 Sun Essences. Shi Feng frowned at the upgrade requirements.

Even for the current Zero Wing, 100,000 Magic Crystals was a considerable amount. Not to mention, in order to defeat the Bosses in the Eclipse Throne, he had already spent tens of thousands of Magic Crystals. Right now, he had only a little over 20,000 Magic Crystals left.

As for Sun Essence, it was even more valuable than Magic Crystals. Right now, one Sun Essence was worth around 50 Gold on the market It was so valuable because it served as the power source of many mechanical tools. For example, practically all engines used by Mysterious-Iron ranked ships needed Sun Essence. Even so, each engine required only 10 or so Sun Essences.

Meanwhile, a Mysterious-Iron ship was currently more valuable than even Epic Equipment. Nonetheless, the Glorious Will actually required ten times the number of Sun Essences needed to run a Mysterious-Iron ship.

Sun Essence was extremely rare. It could only be acquired from special Regional Dungeons and maps, although, most of the time, players got it through quests or exchanges with NPCs. However, these quests were tough, and the items needed to trade for Sun Essence were likewise very valuable and difficult to obtain.

It seems I have no choice but to gather Sun Essences. Shi Feng sighed as he looked at Glorious Will. He then stored the weapon in his bag, not intending to share its statistics with the team.

This was a replica of Glorious Will, one of the Ten Great Legendary Weapons of God's Domain. Moreover, although it was currently only an Epic Weapon, it had the potential to reach Fragmented Legendary rank. If information of this weapon leaked, it would definitely cause a huge commotion. Hence, the fewer players that knew about the weapon, the better. This was just like Gentle Snow's Seven Luminaries Battle Armor, Zhao Yueru's Frostflame's Wrath, and Fire Dance's Thousand Transformations_items that needed to be kept a secret.

Currently, less than seven people in Zero Wing knew what these items were. Hence, even until now, their details had yet to leak to the public. Nobody aside from these people knew that the number of Fragmented Legendary items and items capable of being upgraded to the Fragmented Legendary rank in Zero Wing's hands was close to ten.

If this matter became public, every superpower in the game would instantly target Zero Wing.

When everyone saw Shi Feng exiting the cage, they were all sensible and refrained from asking about the contents of the treasure chest Zero Wing's members, in particular, understood that if he wished to share information about the loot with them, he would naturally do so. If he didn't, however, he absolutely would not tell them.

"Snow, learn this Skill Book. I'll also leave this weapon for you to use," Shi Feng said after walking up to Gentle Snow. He then passed the super-rare Skill Titan's Hand, which he acquired previously, and the Glorious Will replica to Gentle Snow.

Currently, in Zero Wing, aside from himself, the only other person who possessed over 2,000 points in Strength was Gentle Snow, who had claimed one of Star-Moon Kingdom's Five Great Legacies. Even Fire Dance's Strength was still a little far from 2,000 points. Moreover, Fire Dance was an Assassin and, thus, incapable of using two-handed weapons. As for the other players in Zero Wing, while some Berserkers might be close to attaining 2,000 Strength, their techniques were far from equal to Gentle Snow's. Besides, Gentle Snow was the Vice Guild Leader managing Zero Wing's Branch in the Black Dragon Empire. She would need greater power to have others submit to her commands.

As for Titan's Hand, it was a useful Skill that would boost Gentle Snow's combat power. Titan's Hand allowed Berserkers to temporarily wield two two-handed weapons simultaneously. Although only one weapon's Basic Attributes would apply, the Skills and effects of the inactive weapon could still be used like normal.

"For me?" Gentle Snow was slightly confused as she received the Titan's Hand Skill Book and Glorious Will. However, after she inspected the items, she was dumbfounded, especially when she saw the Attributes of Glorious Will. "Guild Leader, this..."

"You are the only person in the entire Guild who has enough Strength to use this weapon. Nobody else can use it Letting it sit inside the Guild Warehouse would be a huge waste," Shi Feng said.

"I understand. I'll make sure to put it to good use." As an expert sword-user, Gentle Snow could not help but be excited as she held Glorious Will.

After trading Glorious Will to Gentle Snow, Shi Feng had everyone exit the Team Dungeon.

The team disappeared from the arena and appeared outside the Eclipse Throne's entrance in the blink of an eye.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, we'll be leaving first, then. Once you collect another Dark Corrosion Set, you must remember to contact us," Unyielding Heart said.

"Of course. Once I have the second set, I'll contact both of you immediately." Shi Feng nodded. He was also very eager to sell the Dark Corrosion Set. After all, this was a huge money-making opportunity.

However, right when the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion and Unyielding Soul members were activating their Return Scrolls, a magic array suddenly appeared in the sky. In the next moment, the activation process of everyone's Return Scrolls was forcibly halted.

"You've made us wait for quite some time now. Do you think you can leave this place so easily?"

Just as everyone was trying to find the caster of the magic array, a cold laugh suddenly entered their ears. Then, a large group of players, easily numbering over a thousand, suddenly jumped down from the trees of the wetlands before them. A short moment later, a Level 55 middle-aged man holding an ancient black-horn bow walked out of this group.

"Black Shark?" Unyielding Heart's complexion darkened when he saw this middle-aged man.



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