Chapter 1814 - Appearance of the Black Dragon

When the five-meter-tall armored giant got pushed back by over 20 yards, the entire battlefield suddenly fell silent. Even the nine other armored giants fighting some distance away shifted their gaze to their repulsed companion.

"Guild Leader?!"

When Zero Wing's members saw Shi Feng appearing on the frontlines, they all became very excited.

Although Shi Feng had already displayed superb combat power in the Team Dungeon, fighting in a battle against other players was another story. While inside a Dungeon, the contribution an individual player could make was very limited. If one were to say that players only needed combat standards at the Trial Tower's fifth floor to raid a particular Dungeon, then the maximum combat power that players could exhibit in a Dungeon was the sixth-floor standard.

In that case, the combat standard that peak experts, who had reached the Trial Tower's seventh floor and beyond, could exhibit would be no different from that of sixth-floor experts. They would not be able to display any additional strength in a Dungeon despite their advantage in actual combat standards.

However, a field battle against players was a different story. Depending on one's opponent, there was almost no limit to the combat standards one could exhibit.

"What great Strength!" Veiled Spirit, who was commanding the battle from afar, was startled when she saw the armored giant being pushed back. "So, he is Black Flame?"

She knew very clearly what kind of Strength the armored giants possessed.

The armored giants had not only Tier 3 physiques but also extraordinary Strength and Defense. They could easily suppress a Grand Lord of the same level.

The Magic Soldier's Descent was made using a production scroll Shadow Claw had obtained from an ancient ruin. However, as the materials needed to make the magic array were extremely precious and difficult to acquire, Shadow Claw had only managed to make ten of the magic arrays thus far.

Originally, she had intended to keep the magic array as a trump card for when the Starlight Corporation launched an all-out war against Unyielding Soul. She had never thought that a lone player could push back one of the armored giants by such a long distance.

However, after a brief moment of surprise, Veiled Spirit and the other members of Shadow Claw regained their calm.

While it was indeed surprising that Shi Feng had dealt over -7,000 damage to the armored giant despite the attack being blocked, the armored giant currently had 320,000 HP. They didn't even need a healer to handle this minuscule damage; the armored giant's battle recovery alone would suffice. What with the occasional heals sent by the rear line healers, it was simply impossible for Shi Feng to kill the armored giant all by himself.

Just then, the fallen armored giant stood back up and charged at Shi Feng with its great axe raised. Despite the armored giant's massive frame, its Movement Speed was actually superior to even a Tier 2 player's.

The armored giant took only an instant to cross 20 yards and launch an attack on Shi Feng.

"You simply relied on a Skill to push me back. Now, it's time for you to realize the power of the Magic Soldier!" the armored giant shouted.

In the next moment, the black smoke circulating around the armored giant's battle axe turned into a gigantic lion exuding a frightening aura. The lion then pounced, slamming its paws down on Shi Feng.

Tier 3 Skill, Magic Lion's Stomp!

At this distance and with the lion's Attack Speed, Shi Feng couldn't dodge the lion's blow.

Not daring to be careless, Shi Feng met the attack with both his swords.

Purgatory Pentaslash!

In the next moment, Shi Feng's two swords met at a single point and slashed at the descending battle axe.


Immediately, dazzling sparks scattered into the surroundings. The ground beneath Shi Feng's feet cracked and sank under the immense pressure.

After the clash, Shi Feng had actually sunk half a meter into the ground with a small crater around him. Meanwhile, a damage exceeding -5,000 also appeared above his head. The difference in Strength between the two sides was obvious at a glance.

Zero Wing's members turned somber at this situation.

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart and Phoenix Rain, who were currently fighting their own battles, were also astonished by this outcome. They had never thought that the armored giants would be that strong.

An ordinary expert might not be able to discern the technique Shi Feng had used, but they could tell what he had done just now.

The general name of the technique was Strength Combination. It was an extremely difficult technique to grasp and was even more difficult to execute in high-speed combat. Even the slightest mistake in the technique's execution could have the opposite effect. Meanwhile, although Strength Combination didn't directly double the Strength of one's attack, good execution of the technique would still yield a 70% increase in Strength or more. Yet, despite having used this technique, Shi

Feng's Strength had still lost to the armored giant's by such a large margin. The armored giant's Strength was definitely superior to a Grand Lord's of the same level.

Its Strength is at the peak of Tier 3? Shi Feng thought to himself as he eyed the Magic Soldier before him. Currently, both his hands were numb.

He was currently a Level 67, Tier 2 Sword Master. After executing Strength Combination, his Strength should easily rival that of a Level 55 Grand Lord. Yet, even with such Strength, he was still inferior to the Magic Soldier before him. While part of the reason for this disparity was the difference in Skills used, a large part of the reason was the difference in Attributes. If the Magic Soldier's Strength wasn't at the peak of Level 55, Tier 3, Shi Feng wouldn't have suffered so much damage in just one attack.

Moreover, the combat standard of the Magic Soldier before him was actually at the Flowing Water Realm. The Magic Soldier had a very accurate grasp of his location. Otherwise, with Shi Feng's speed, there was no way that attack could've cornered him and prevented him from dodging.

"As expected of the leader of a Guild. You really are strong," the armored giant said as he eyed Shi Feng. The armored giant then turned to a nearby armored giant and said, "Ape, come over and help me. I want to see how long our dear Guild Leader here will be able to last against two of us."

"Sure thing!" The armored giant wielding a greatsword nodded.

The battle axe-wielding armored giant launched a frenzied assault on Shi Feng. Relying on his high HP and Defense, the armored giant completely abandoned all forms of defense and simply focused on trading blows with Shi Feng. The armored giant named Copper Ape dashed over from over a hundred yards away.

"Do not let that giant get close to the Guild Leader! MTs, stop him!" Aqua Rose hurriedly instructed.

One armored giant was already more than enough to push Shi Feng to his limits. If another armored giant joined the battle, the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw members gave Zero Wing's members no opportunity to assist Shi Feng. They all persistently pinned down Zero Wing's members. Cola, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, and Fire Dance, players capable of holding their own against the armored giants, were similarly tied up in battle and couldn't move away from their positions for the moment.

In the end, Zero Wing's members could only watch as the greatsword-wielding armored giant closed in on Shi Feng.

Upon seeing that the armored giant named Copper Ape was about to reach him, Shi Feng could not help but sigh. Due to the recent Dungeon raid, he had already used all his Berserk Skills, which were still on Cooldown. If he could use a Berserk Skill, even if his Strength couldn't rival the armored giant's, he could rely on his techniques to suppress his opponent. Now, however, the disparity in Strength was simply too great

I originally wanted to keep this a secret, but it seems there's no other choice now. Following which, Shi Feng used Phantom Kill.

Immediately after summoning his doppelganger, Shi Feng sent it charging at Copper Ape.

"You want to stop me with a measly doppelganger?" Copper Ape sneered. He then swung his greatsword horizontally.

His attack carried the Strength, Attack Speed, and reaction speed of a Tier 3 player. Even a Tier 2 player would have great difficulty dodging his attack, not to mention a doppelganger controlled by a player.

However, as Copper Ape's greatsword neared Shi Feng's doppelganger, a powerful Mana torrent suddenly surged towards the doppelganger. When the greatsword got within three yards of the doppelganger, its advance halted abruptly, and no matter how much more strength Copper Ape put into his arms, he couldn't push his weapon even an extra centimeter forward.

A moment later, Shi Feng's doppelganger gave a loud war cry. Its entire body then disintegrated and transformed into a bundle of pitch-black flames. The surging Mana gathered madly in the pitch-black flames, causing the flames to flare up.

In the next moment, a pitch-black claw covered in scales suddenly emerged from the gigantic bundle of flames. When the claw touched the ground, the ground immediately shattered and sank. Once the flames subsided, a five-meter-tall Dragon covered in pitch-black scales appeared in everyone's vision.


Immediately after appearing, the Black Dragon let loose a powerful roar that echoed throughout the wetland forest, the horrific aura it released stifling the breath of every player on the battlefield.

"A Dragon?"



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