Chapter 1854 - Promotion to a 4-star Guild

Dark Night Empire, Lightshadow City, Dark Soul's main headquarters:

"Zero Wing is quite interesting. I don't know if this Guild is brave or overestimates itself. It's provoked so many powers that nobody usually dares to. Not only has Lu Xingluo targeted Zero Wing now, but Blackwater also wants to exterminate the Guild," Tiger Breaker said, smiling as he read the report he had just received regarding Blackwater's official declaration of war against Zero Wing.

This latest move from Blackwater was particularly vicious. Not only could Blackwater's bounty destroy Zero Wing's members regardless of rank, but the Guild would also be able to lure a large number of players to the Crimson Flame Fortress, earning considerable profits. In addition, it would have its pick of peak experts, killing three birds with one stone.

Although Zero Wing's foundation was sturdy, Blackwater was on an entirely different level. It wouldn't be long before Zero Wing's economy crumbled.

"Alliance Master, should we proceed with our original plan?" Pathless, the Tier 2 Elementalist, quietly asked from beside Tiger Breaker.

"Of course. We had only accepted Starlink's commission, but now that Blackwater has joined the fray, not only are we going to proceed with our plan, but we'll also increase the number of participating members," Tiger Breaker said, snorting. "We suffered quite a loss at Zero Wing's hands. It's time for Zero Wing to pay back that debt tenfold! Notify every adventurer team and tell them to send their experts to the Ore Empire. I'll take command of the operation personally. We'll teach Zero Wing to fear Dark Soul!"

"Understood!" Pathless nodded slightly, a hint of excitement flashing in his eyes.

Since Dark Soul had grown famous, his and Tiger Breaker's adventurer team, the strongest in the alliance, had rarely taken action. Normally, they left the toughest commissions to the Dark Hunters and Shadow Claw adventurer teams.

White River City, Adventurer's Association:

As soon as Shi Feng entered the building, he noticed players crowding the lobby, chatting about Blackwater and its Crimson Flame Fortress.

"Blackwater is amazing. It actually captured the Crimson Flame Fortress so quickly. Exploring the Ore Empire will be much easier now. I've also heard that the Crimson Flame Fortress can teleport players to any nearby locations like Zero Wing City. We'll be able to avoid the Ores' inspection points in the empire's inner region and reach its core area."

"That's right. I've heard that the empire's core area is basically a treasure trove. It has a lot of rare ores and herbs, and the monsters in that area provide far more EXP than in the inner region. If we can get into the Ore Capital City, we'll have an even greater time. I've heard that the monsters in the Regional Dungeon have a chance of dropping Magic Crystals."

"I've heard that as well. The Ore Capital City is an extremely rare Asura Mode Regional Dungeon. Moreover, it's a Level 50 to Level 100 super-large-scale Regional Dungeon. Including the fact that it's in a neutral map, it'll offer far better loot than any Regional Dungeon available right now."

"Zero Wing is in trouble this time. Now that Blackwater has made such a vicious move, I'm afraid Zero Wing will struggle to survive in the Ore Empire."

"I've heard that quite a few weH-known and top adventurer teams were doing everything they could to garrison in Silverwing Town, but those that succeeded probably regret their decisions now."

When the players in the lobby spoke about the Crimson Flame Fortress, their eyes glowed with excitement and anticipation. When they spoke about Zero Wing, their tone carried disappointment and pity. At this point, nobody had an optimistic view of Zero Wing's chances against Blackwater. After all, the difference between both sides was simply massive. Previously,

Zero Wing had held its ground thanks to Silverwing Town, but now that Blackwater had secured the Crimson Flame Fortress, Zero Wing had lost the advantage Silverwing Town granted.

News sure spreads quickly. Shi Feng revealed a bitter smile when he overheard the conversations around him. It seems Blackwater had prepared to advertise this matter, waiting for the right moment.

Blackwater's successful capture of the Crimson Flame Fortress had only been announced recently, yet White River City's public was already talking about it No matter how he thought about it, this shouldn't be possible.

While it wasn't unusual that the various major powers' upper echelons had learned of the situation very quickly, they had intelligence members everywhere, but the same couldn't be said for ordinary players. Most ordinary players only learned about other countries' news through other players. Normally, it took a few hours or even days before White River City's populace would learn of something happening in the Ore Empire.

Yet, as soon as he had received news about the Crimson Flame Fortress from Gentle Snow, the ordinary players in the Adventurer's Association were already talking about it. The information had spread too quickly.

The only explanation was that Blackwater had sent some of its members to White River City to talk about the news, secretly spreading the word.

However, Shi Feng did not particularly mind as he headed toward the Association's second-floor hall.

As Shi Feng arrived before the VIP counter on the second-floor hall, he received a call. The caller was none other than Phoenix Rain.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, I've just heard about Blackwater's declaration of war on Zero Wing. As an ally, how can I be of help?" Phoenix Rain asked.

Zero Wing's development had progressed well lately. Moreover, Zero Wing's naval force continued to grow stronger, assisting her on Thunder Island. This help gave her more leeway. Now that Zero Wing was in such a predicament, she had to pay back the debt she owed.

"Since Phoenix Pavilion Master has offered, I won't shy away. I've been informed that Blackwater has been quite close with Nine Dragons Emperor recently. I'm guessing that Nine Dragons Emperor helped the Guild capture the Crimson Flame Fortress. I hope that you can help me hinder Nine Dragons Emperor as much as possible," Shi Feng said, his gratitude obvious in his voice.

"That won't be a problem. I'll send some people to cause him some trouble. We'll make sure that Nine Dragons Emperor has no time to assist in the Ore Empire," Phoenix Rain said, nodding. "However, Blackwater and Beast Emperor are still allies. Their combined forces should not be underestimated. I can have Blue Phoenix lead a team of experts to assist you. Although they wouldn't be enough to contend with Blackwater and Beast Emperor's forces, they can deter Dark Players from participating."

"That won't be necessary. Blue Phoenix is your capable and trusted aid. She must have a lotto do, as well," Shi Feng said, chuckling. "As for Blackwater, Beast Emperor, and the Dark Players, I have a plan to deal with them. They'll soon learn that Zero Wing shouldn't be trifled with."

He knew that Phoenix Rain had her own issues right now. The struggle on Thunder Island was far more troublesome than the struggle in the Ore Empire. Every competitor on Thunder Island was a superpower with an extraordinary foundation, and a single misstep could eliminate one from the competition. If Phoenix Rain could prevent Nine Dragons Emperor from joining the fight in the Ore Empire, that would be enough.

"Alright. If you need extra funds, you can contact me for help at anytime." Phoenix Rain was a little surprised that Shi Feng had rejected her goodwill, but it wouldn't be right to insist on sending him reinforcements.

After discussing the Dark Corrosion Set, Phoenix Rain disconnected the call.

"Big Sis Rain, how did things go with Zero Wing? Should I lead some of my men over?" Blue Phoenix asked curiously.

"Not at the moment. It seems that Zero Wing has already prepared for this. However, since Blackwater has decided to go all-out, I doubt those preparations will last very long. It's best if you are ready to head out at a moment's notice," Phoenix Rain said.

"I understand." Blue Phoenix nodded. She felt as if Zero Wing was being too stubborn this time.

Blackwater had occupied the Iron Empire, and its development speed was ridiculously fast. Even the Great Pavilion Master was awed by Blackwater's success. Blackwater even had more experts than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion right now. The Guild only lacked Domain Realm experts. However, while Blackwater didn't have Domain Realm experts, it had countermeasures for such monstrous players. Otherwise, it wouldn't have been able to remove the super-first-rate Guilds that had occupied the empire.

Meanwhile, inside a VIP room of White River City's Adventurer's Association...

"Lord Protector, how may I be of service today?" an NPC senior administrator asked Shi Feng respectfully.

"I wish to promote Zero Wing to a 4-star Guild. Here is the Promotion Order," Shi Feng said. He then retrieved the 4-star Guild Promotion Order and placed it on the table for the senior administrator to inspect.



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