Chapter 1864 - Crazy Operation

"The garrison rights to the Secret Stone Fortress?"

"What?! With the rights to garrison the Secret Stone Fortress, doesn't that mean our Guild is now the fortress's manager?" Upon hearing Shi Feng's words, everyone immediately revealed surprised and excited expressions.

The various large Guilds were currently contesting crazily over the Secret Stone Fortress. They were all looking for ways to become the fortress's manager, so that they could use it as a springboard to acquire the nearby resources, particularly those around the Copper Mountain Fortress.

A fortress allowed players to gain control of an area much more easily than a town.

This was because the fortresses in the Ore Empire allowed players to teleport to anywhere within their vicinity. In other words, a fortress's entire teleportation range was its defended territory, and Guilds could send large numbers of reinforcements at any time. With this, enemy players would have difficulty mounting ambushes or encirclements.

In addition, the Secret Stone Fortress was partly managed by human NPCs, which made it the safest location in the entire Ore Empire. It was not a fortress that current players could threaten. Hence, becoming the manager of the Secret Stone Fortress was equivalent to taking control of an impregnable fortress.

Due to this reason, the various large Guilds were doing everything they could to become the fortress's manager.

Yet, now, Shi Feng suddenly informed them that he had already acquired the garrison rights to the Secret Stone Fortress. How could this revelation not surprise them?

"I understand. I'll head back to White River City immediately and start gathering the required manpower." Aqua Rose's eyes glowed brightly when she heard Shi Feng's words. At this moment, she finally understood why Shi Feng wanted to transfer an additional 150,000 Guild members over to the Ore Empire.

The acquisition of the Secret Stone Fortress meant that Zero Wing's territory had grown to include all areas within the Secret Stone Fortress's teleportation range. The current number of Guild members they had in the Ore Empire was naturally insufficient to fully take advantage of all that territory.

Moreover, with the increase of so many Guild members in the Ore Empire, Zero Wing's strength in the empire would also skyrocket.

"Hold on for a second. Wait till you're done listening to my plan," Shi Feng said. He could not help but shake his head and laugh when he saw Aqua Rose's eagerness to occupy the Secret Stone Fortress now. "Having a large number of Guild members garrison the Secret Stone Fortress is only the first step. Our true goal is the Dark Witch's Tower, in the southeastern region of the Ore Empire.

"The Dark Witch's Tower was originally an abandoned tower. However, after the dark forces and the Ore Empire became allies, it became a temporary teleportation point for the dark forces. Due to the existence of this tower, Dark Players have easy access to the empire's southeastern region from the Ore Capital City.

"Destroying this temporary teleportation point would not only hinder Dark Players' operations in the empire's southeastern region but also prevent them from cooperating with the Blackwater Guild in targeting us."

Although everyone in the room agreed with Shi Feng's sentiments, they still had to shake their heads in disapproval after giving the matter some thought.

"Guild Leader, although the Dark Witch's Tower's defenses aren't comparable to a fortress's, it is still guarded by Dark NPCs. A large number of Dark Players normally gather there as well. The various superpowers have also thought about destroying this gathering point before, but Beast Emperor simply isn't giving them any chances. He has dispatched a large number of Evil Beasts and Evil Demons to guard the place long-term. Even if we double the forces we currently have in the Ore Empire, the likelihood of us succeeding in destroying that gathering point is very low."

"That's right. Moreover, if we execute such a large-scale operation, there's no way that Blackwater won't find out about it. At that time, Blackwater will no doubt dispatch its own army to launch a pincer attack on us."

At this point in time, the Dark Witch's Tower had become a target of hatred of normal players operating in the Ore Empire's southeastern region. Many wished they could burn it to the ground. Unfortunately, their hatred was useless. Not only did Dark NPCs guard the Dark Witch's Tower, but there was also the presence of Beast Emperor's minions. Current players couldn't do anything about the place. If not for these reasons, the various superpowers would've long since eliminated the tower from God's Domain and curbed the activity of Dark Players in the Ore Empire.

"Relax. I've already thought about this point. When the time comes, Aqua, you'll lead an army of 100,000 players and 200 Miniature Ballistas to assault Beast Emperor's Ancient Rock City. If we do that, Beast Emperor will definitely gather his minions to defend the fortress, drawing down his forces at the Dark Witch's Tower. Not to mention, those Dark Players will no doubt come seeking to take advantage of the siege battle, which will further reduce the number of players defending the tower. When the time comes, I'll personally lead a 1,000-man team and thoroughly destroy the Dark Witch's Tower!" Shi Feng said.

"Destroy the Dark Witch's Tower with just 1,000 players? Guild Leader, isn't this too dangerous? After all is said and done, that place is a gathering point for the dark forces. No matter how deserted it becomes, there should still be around 2,000 or 3,000 players inside the town. Not to mention, there are also several hundred Dark NPCs there." Everyone in the room chimed in worriedly.

"A team of 1,000 is just right. Any more and our movements will be discovered very easily. Plus, even if our team of 1,000 is discovered, our enemies will just treat us as a team that's going out to grind or do a quest. They will never think that we are actually going to destroy the Dark Witch's Tower," Shi Feng said, shaking his head. "For the operation this time, the key point will be whether the main army will be able to lure away the Evil Beasts and Evil Demons. The more monsters lured away, the higher my side's chances of success."

"Guild Leader, leave it to me. I'll definitely make our movements known. I'll let Beast Emperor and Blackwater think that we're going for a final stand. At that time, they'll surely spare no effort in trying to deal us a heavy blow," Aqua Rose said. "Only, are you really fine with just 1,000 players?"

"One thousand is more than enough," Shi Feng replied, chuckling. "If nobody has any problems, we'll start the operation right away. With this battle, Zero Wing will claim the entire southeastern section of the Ore Empire in one fell swoop!"

The 1,000-man team he planned on bringing with him to the Dark Witch's Tower wasn't actually meant for battle. The team would be there only to serve as support and scouts. The main actors in this operation would be the six Hell Tanks he produced.

Although six Hell Tanks were still far from enough to siege a city, destroying a small gathering point for Dark Players would not be a problem for them. Moreover, he also wished to take a good look at the power of the Hell Tanks.

"Understood!" Everyone felt their blood boil with excitement at Shi Feng's words.

Although they weren't sure whether Shi Feng was actually capable of destroying the Dark Witch's Tower, they had been waiting a long time for such a large-scale war.

The fights they fought before had been scuffles at best. They had also been suppressed by the Dark Players and Blackwater's members all this time and had long since gotten fed up.

Now that they had an opportunity to fight on a real battlefield, they more than welcomed it!

Immediately, everyone took action according to Shi Feng's arrangements. As for Melancholic Smile, she hurried back to Star- Moon Kingdom and started gathering the Guild's elite and normal members, readying them to head toward the Secret Stone Fortress.

For a time, the entire Zero Wing Guild was a beehive of activity. This situation befuddled the spies the various large Guilds planted in Zero Wing. They all wondered what Zero Wing was trying to do this time.

After getting a thorough understanding of the situation, they all involuntarily fell into a daze.

"What's going on? Zero Wing is actually planning on making a last stand against Beast Emperor and attack Ancient Rock City?"

"Is Zero Wing insane? It has just obtained an airport, and it is already trying to pick a fight with Beast Emperor?"

News of this situation quickly spread into the ears of the various major powers of Star-Moon Kingdom and sent the kingdom's players into an uproar.

As for Shi Feng, he had arrived at the Secret Stone Fortress by himself.

Currently, although the Secret Stone Fortress had yet to be fully opened to the public, players belonging to the various major powers had already gathered here. These players easily numbered more than 100,000. Including the independent players that had come here to rest, the fortress's total player population already exceeded 500,000.

After taking a look at the general situation inside the fortress, Shi Feng made his way to the fortress's Administration Building.

"Lord Claude, I have already collected the 60,000 Gold according to our agreement" Once Shi Feng met up with Claude, he handed over 60,000 Gold to the NPC.

"Excellent. This is indeed 60,000 Gold. With this, we'll finally have enough funds to reconstruct the Secret Stone Fortress," Claude said, smiling as he looked at the bag of Coins in his hand. He then took out a golden token and said, "Here is the Secret Stone Fortress's token. From now onward, you are the Secret Stone Fortress's Advanced Manager. I hope you can contribute more towards the fortress's development in the future."



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