Chapter 1891 - Another Method Dark Night City, Purple Night Plaza:

As the barrier disappeared, silence filled the entire plaza, and every player that had been trapped behind the barrier turned to stare at Shi Feng.

"So strong!"

"Didn't the barrier just shake a little after the Valkyrie's attack? How did he straight-up destroy the barrier?"

Whether it was the spectating players outside of the plaza or the two super-first-rate Guilds' members within, all looked at Shi Feng with incredulous expressions. The expert players Starlink had stationed to observe the situation from outside of the plaza stared at the scene with bulging eyes.

They had only formed the Illusory Spatial Barrier after sacrificing 288 players to the magic array, yet Shi Feng had shattered it without much effort

The Illusory Spatial Barrier had been formed with a set of special magic tools the Guild had found in ancient ruins. Starlink had exhausted a lot of time and resources to explore the various ruins, and by the time the Guild had completed the required set to form the magic array, the Guild had suffered over 5,000 casualties, all of which had been elite or expert players.

Once the Illusory Spatial Barrier had been activated, not even a Tier 4 monster should be able to escape. The Tier 4 monster would have no choice but to wait through the barrier's eight-hour duration. Moreover, even if players died inside the barrier, they would resurrect within it instead of in the nearest graveyard.

Yet, Shi Feng had shattered the barrier in one hit...

While everyone was still shocked, Shi Feng sheathed Killing Ray and turned to Unyielding Heart and his companions.

"The magic array has been dealt with. Let's hurry to the Sea of Trees," Shi Feng said as he gestured to the magic array in the heart of the Purple Night Plaza. Calmly, he continued, "It hasn't been long since Starlink's members left. We should be able to catch up if we hurry."

Hearing Shi Feng's reminder, Unyielding Heart and Mu Lingsha quickly snapped out of their daze and gave the swordsman grateful looks. If Shi Feng hadn't shattered the magic barrier, they wouldn't have been able to compete with Starlink. Immediately, Unyielding Heart took a key from his bag and activated the teleportation gate to the Sea of Trees. Mu Lingsha then directed their experts to enter the teleportation gate.

Meanwhile, Illusory Words couldn't pull her gaze from Shi Feng, astonishment filling her eyes.

Strength Combination? When Illusory Words recalled the attack Shi Feng had executed with the Valkyrie, a playful smile graced her lips. It seems that Black Flame is far more capable than I thought. It's no wonder why the Secret Pavilion has such a high evaluation of him.

The Valkyrie's Strength hadn't been quite high enough to shatter the Illusory Spatial Barrier alone. Shi Feng had actually combined his Strength with the Valkyrie's to compensate. Executing the Strength Combination technique with another individual was many times more difficult than using it alone. One's grasp of timing and positioning had to be extremely accurate. It wasn't a casual feat to accomplish.

Yet, Shi Feng had smoothy executed the technique, which even Domain Realm experts found challenging...

Although Shi Feng hadn't combined his full Strength with the Valkyrie's, it had been enough to exceed the magic barrier's limit Thus, the magic barrier had shattered.

"Vice Guild Leader, the magic barrier is gone. Let's hurry as well," a tall, muscular Berserker said.

"Alright. Activate the teleportation gate." Illusory Words nodded. She then directed her selected players into the teleportation gate.

Following which, white light enveloped Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members, one after another, as the players teleported to the Sea of Trees.

While Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members left for the Sea of Trees, the observing Starlink members hurriedly reported to Lu Xingluo and Bright Dawn.

"What did you say?! Unyielding Soul broke through the Illusory Spatial Barrier?!" When Bright Dawn heard his subordinate's report, his mind instinctively wanted to reject the notion. "That's impossible! Not even Tier 4 monsters can break out of the barrier! I know full well what Unyielding Soul is capable of! They definitely don't have the power to destroy the Illusory Spatial Barrier!"

As Unyielding Soul's ex-Vice Guild Leader, he was fully aware of the Guild's current prowess. He even knew the Guild's trump cards. At best, the Guild could expend five Tier 4 Offensive Magic Scrolls, which wouldn't be enough to destroy the Illusory Spatial Barrier.

"The Illusory Spatial Barrier really shattered, but Unyielding Soul's members didn't do it," the reporting Assassin said.

"Not Unyielding Soul's members? Was it Crimson Emperor?" Bright Dawn's expression darkened. "It seems that I've underestimated Illusory think that she had such card hidden...."

While the Illusory Spatial Barrier could be broken, doing so required immense power. One would need enough power to destroy a town's defensive magic array in one hit, and players had no chances of encountering such power at this stage of the game.

However, God's Domain had countless opportunities to offer. With how widespread a superpower's influence was, it wasn't impossible to acquire a tool with enough destructive power.

" wasn't Crimson Emperor's members either. Based on our information, one of Zero Wing's members destroyed the barrier," the Assassin said as he sent an image of Shi Feng to Bright Dawn.

"Zero Wing?" Bright Dawn blinked in surprise as he looked at Shi Feng's cloaked figure and the Sacred Sword in the Swordsman's hand.

When Lu Xingluo heard the report, he was surprised as well. He had never thought that Zero Wing actually had a means to destroy the Illusory Spatial Barrier.

"It seems that Zero Wing isn't all talk after all. It's no wonder why Unyielding Soul agreed to share some of its profits with the Guild," Lu Xingluo said, chuckling. "Unfortunately, even if they get into the Sea of Trees, it's too late! Starlink will claim the first 20 slots!"

Not long ago, they had learned that not only could a limited number of players class-change to the Traveling Bard class, but the quest only accepted a limited number of applicants as well. Only 300 slots would be available once every two hours. Each application also cost 60 Gold. Although the price was high, it wasn't much to Starlink.

In the end, they had spent 18,000 Gold to purchase all 300 slots, sending 50-plus Intermediate Magician experts to attempt the quest The Guild then gave the remaining 240 or so slots to weH-equipped Tier 1 experts.

As Lu Xingluo and his companions, who didn't plan on challenging the Class-change Quest, were about to leave to explore the Sea of Trees' city, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members finally made their appearance, arriving in the temple that served as the venue for the Traveling Bard Class-change Quest.

"Damn it! Why does the quest have this restriction, too?!" Unyielding Heart's gave the female Elf clerk a grim expression after receiving her reply.

They had just broken through the barrier with great difficulty, yet they had been told that there were no applicant slots remaining; they'd have to wait another two hours before they could attempt the quest. Unyielding Heart felt as if the system were playing some cruel joke.

Illusory Words wore a similarly ugly expression. She hadn't expected the restriction, either.

Sure enough, there are no more slots available. Shi Feng could not help but sigh as he looked toward Lu Xingluo and his group, who stood a short distance away. Well, I didn't plan for them to take the normal class-change quest, anyway.

Following which, Shi Feng switched his title to Demon Hunter and approached the exchange counter beside the registration counter.

There was more than one way to obtain the Traveling Bard class. The first was the normal method, but the second required purchasing a Trial Emblem and taking part in the original class-change trial the Primordial Elf Kings had left behind.

However, the Trial Emblem wasn't easy to purchase. One needed to be a noble of the Sea of Trees to gain access.

Other players would have to complete a long string of quests to become a noble in this city, but Shi Feng, who had the Demon Hunter title, didn't. Players with the Demon Hunter title were considered World Nobles, so Shi Feng would be viewed as a noble in an NPC city like the Sea of Trees.

"Lord Demon Hunter, how may I be of service?" the NPC Elf asked, smiling brightly. "Here, we can provide a Trial Emblem that will allow you to take part in the trial the Primordial Elf Kings had left behind for us. If you pass this trial, you'll become a valiant Traveling Bard!"

"Mhm. I wish to purchase nine Trial Emblems," Shi Feng answered.



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