Chapter 1893 - Age-Old Secret "Borrow Tier 2 experts?"

Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words stared at Shi Feng in confusion, unable to fathom why Shi Feng would need so many experts.

At this stage of the game, Tier 2 experts were still quite rare in God's Domain. Even a first-rate Guild would only have around 30 to 50 Tier 2 players, yet Shi Feng wanted their Guilds to lend him 200 Tier 2 experts each. This was close to half of the Tier 2 experts in their Guilds.

Such a large number of Tier 2 experts would be far too many to raid a Team Dungeon. The largest Team Dungeon at this stage of the game could only accommodate 200 players, yet Shi Feng wanted 400. Furthermore, Zero Wing had its own Tier 2 experts.

"That's right I want to raid a Field Boss, but I currently lack manpower," Shi Feng said, nodding. "Of course, Zero Wing will compensate for any deaths incurred during the expedition. May I know your opinions on this?"

He might earn 30,000 Gold or so if he resold the Trial Emblems to the two Guilds at a markup, but 30,000 Gold was not enough to change Zero Wing's situation. Besides, Zero Wing's financial need wasn't limited to the money required for Silverwing Town's upgrade. The Guild also had to pay back the loan for the airport. In total, Zero Wing needed 500,000 Gold. It was a significant sum, even for a superpower.

Most importantly, Zero Wing wasn't as weH-off as everyone thought.

While it was true that Zero Wing's members were improving their equipment and leveling rapidly thanks to the Guild's expansion into the Ore Empire's southeastern area, there was a saying: 'the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.' Now that Zero Wing had secured a large fraction of the Ore Empire's benefits, the various superpowers watched the Guild closely. The only reason they had not taken any actions was Zero Wing's war weapons and teleportation abilities.

However, now that Blackwater had opened the Ore Capital City's armory, it was only a matter of time before the various superpowers obtained a large number of war weapons or designs for them. If Zero Wing did not take any preventive measures now, the Guild would suffer later on.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng had been nursing a headache over the last few days while trying to figure out a solution to this problem. Fortunately, an opportunity had just presented itself.

He had planned to wait until Zero Wing had 1,000 Tier 2 experts before initiating the next step of his plan, but it seemed that he wouldn't have to wait that long. If he had the help of these two super-first-rate Guilds' Tier 2 experts, he could definitely defeat the Void Serpent, a Level 60 World Boss!

Although World Bosses seemed like ordinary Field Bosses, they possessed a unique Domain that prevented players from using external tools. Players had to rely on their own strength to face these World Bosses. Hence, raiding World Bosses was far more difficult than Field Bosses of the same rank and level.

However, due to the extremely high raid difficulty, every World Boss dropped impressive loot World Bosses also dropped some unique materials. Because of this, God's Domain's countless powers had constantly challenged World Bosses in his previous life. Guilds had still raided Level 70 or 80 World Bosses after players had reached Level 200.

Shi Feng's interest in slaying the Void Serpent wasn't only because of its loot. The Void Serpent also held a secret that Shi Feng wanted.

Only with the Void Serpent's blood could players activate the greatest secret the Witch's Hill had hidden for several centuries—the Otherworld Gate!

The Void Serpent was in a secret, underground temple in the Witch's Hill, and since the map was so large, locating the underground temple was quite difficult The fact that the Witch's Hill was so far from civilization only made the temple even more difficult to find. As a result, the Void Serpent had remained hidden even after mainstream players had reached Level 100 in Shi Feng's past

Players had only learned of the Void Serpent after a party exploring the Witch's Hill had discovered the World Boss. After news of the creature had gone public, Guild teams had rushed to the underground temple to kill the Void Serpent. They then discovered the Witch's Hill's secret.

Although the Otherworld Gate had been activated relatively late in the past, the various powers had still treated it like a priceless treasure. Within the Otherworld Gate, players had discovered an abundance of rare, precious materials, all of which were difficult to acquire in Star-Moon Kingdom. Among the most notable materials was Void Silver.

Void Silver was no less valuable than Mana Stone. Not only could it strengthen weapons and equipment, but it could also increase production success rates for forgers, engineers, enchanters, and alchemists by a large margin.

The Otherworld Gate was also a good place to acquire Level 50-plus top-tier weapons and equipment for independent players. Hence, the Witch's Hill had instantly become Star-Moon Kingdom's focus.

If Shi Feng could activate the Otherworld Gate now, Zero Wing City, which occupied the Witch's Hill, would become the most popular city in Star-Moon Kingdom. Not only could Zero Wing rake in a fortune, but it could also acquire tons of rare materials, allowing the Guild to grow rapidly.

He had wanted to raid the Void Serpent for a while, but unfortunately, Zero Wing lacked the strength to do so. A World Boss was not an easy raid, and he didn't have a quest to take advantage of, drastically weakening the Void Serpent as he had with the Flame Demon King. If he wanted to raid the Void Serpent, he'd need at least 1,000 Tier 2 players.

Meanwhile, after pondering on Shi Feng's suggestion for a short moment, both Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words nodded.

"Alright, I'll agree to your proposal on Unyielding Soul's behalf," Unyielding Heart said. Although he did not know what Shi Feng wanted with so many Tier 2 players, saving over 10,000 Gold by lending the Swordsman 200 experts to raid a Boss was a worthwhile transaction.

"May I know when Guild Leader Black Flame needs our players?" Illusory Words asked.

"Naturally, the sooner, the better," Shi Feng said.

"My side will need some time to gather the necessary manpower. After all, many of our Tier 2 experts are either questing or raiding Dungeons right now. I'll need a little over a day to gather 200 Tier 2 experts, so can we gather in two days?" Illusory Words proposed a time after giving the matter some thought

"That won't be a problem. I need to see to certain preparations, as well," Shi Feng replied, nodding. In truth, even if Illusory Words hadn't suggested it, he'd still need one or two days to prepare. "Since both of you have agreed to the arrangement, let's establish a contract."

Following which, Shi Feng signed a contract with Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words. In exchange for helping the two Guilds purchase 1,000 Trial Emblems in total, each of the Guilds would send 200 Tier 2 experts to help Shi Feng hunt a Boss.

Once the contract had been signed, the two Guilds handed Shi Feng the Coins to purchase the Trial Emblems. When Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words had the emblems in hand, they turned to distribute them to their respective Guild members. These players then activated their Trial Emblems and teleported to the Legacy Grounds.

While the exchange between Shi Feng and the two super-first-rate Guilds seemed cumbersome, they had completed the entire process in less than five minutes. It wasn't enough time to provide Starlink any noticeable advantage. Moreover, to the two super-first-rate Guilds' surprise, they had the option of choosing the quest's difficulty, and Hard Mode didn't have a slot limit.

However, the two Guilds sent the majority of their experts into Normal Mode to increase their chances of success. They only sent a small number of experts to test the Hard Mode Quest

Suddenly, 1,000 players vanished from the lively hall, stunning Lu Xingluo and the other nearby Starlink members.

How is this possible? They ignored the application limit? Lu Xingluo's expression darkened as he watched Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor's members disappear. He then turned to Shi Feng, killing intent flashing in his eyes. Black Flame! You dare to ruin my plans once again?! Do you really think that I won't strike at Zero Wing just because you managed to partner with Unyielding Soul?!

One thousand players!

If these players participated in the Class-change Quest, it would severely affect Starlink's performance.

However, Shi Feng paid no attention to the killing intent Lu Xingluo directed at him. He simply glanced at the man before leaving the temple and heading for the City Hall. They were in the Sea of Trees; if Lu Xingluo and his companions wanted to attack him here, they'd suffer the consequences, not him.



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