Chapter 1902 - Overwhelming DPS

"Crap! Just how high is his Strength Attribute?!"

Hunting Blade, who was currently prepared to close in on the Void Serpent, could not help his surprise when he looked at Cola. He could not bring himself to believe that Cola had actually managed to offset the power of the Void Serpent's tail strike.

Although he was currently equipped in the Dark Corrosion Set, he wouldn't have had the Strength to offset the Void Serpent's attack without activating a Berserk Skill. He would only have been able to receive the attack head-on.

The Void Snake's simple, physical attack had deformed its surroundings to such an extent. Its Strength was so great that the resulting shockwave had sent the five Tier 2 MTs near Cola flying back over a dozen yards. The party of healers, who stood roughly 30 yards away from Cola, also nearly lost their footing.

While offsetting a monster's attack was easy for expert players, the precondition for doing so was for the Strength of both sides to be roughly equal. If a player tried to defend against an attack that carried Strength far superior to their own, they would either go flying or get crushed on the spot

Yet, despite Cola not having activated a Berserk Skill, he had managed to offset the Void Snake's attack. Cola's Strength was simply extraordinary.

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart, who stood a short distance away from the Void Serpent, was similarly shocked by this outcome.

Although he had known that Cola possessed frightening Attributes since the Eclipse Throne raid, Cola was like a completely different person compared to back then. If Cola went to raid the Eclipse Throne right now, the Dungeon raid would definitely be a piece of cake.

"Heal Cola! Everyone else, move according to the plan once Cola stabilizes his aggro!" Shi Feng instructed through the team chat after seeing Cola arrive before the Void Serpent

Shi Feng did not find Cola's performance surprising even in the slightest. After all, Cola was equipped with not only a Fragmented Legendary Shield but also a six-piece Level 70 Fine-Gold Set Equipment For him to be able to tank a Level 60 World Boss was very normal. Of course, Cola was still far from capable of dealing with the normal Level 80 Flame Demon King; he would be able to tank the Level 80 World Boss all by himself only if he activated a Berserk Skill.

After hearing Shi Feng's reminder, the healer party promptly snapped out of their daze and started healing Cola and the others. In the meantime, the nine 100-man DPS teams slowly closed in on the Void Serpent from all sides.

The Void Serpent was a World Boss known for its single-target offensive capabilities. Only with an extremely powerful MT would players have a chance when raiding it.

After Cola stabilized his aggro on the Void Serpent, the majority of the team started launching attacks at the World Boss.

The melee players struck at the Void Serpent's sides, while the ranged players mercilessly bombarded the Void Serpent's head with Spells and arrows, using their attacks to disrupt the Boss's vision.

With several hundred players attacking the Void Serpent simultaneously, a series of damages rapidly appeared above the Boss's head.




Practically everyone's attacks dealt damage in the thousands, an outcome that rendered many people speechless.

"Why is this Boss's Defense so high?" Unyielding Heart frowned involuntarily upon seeing everyone's damage.

Even he had barely dealt over -10,000 damage after using a Tier 2 Skill. Compared to other Mythic Bosses he had fought against before, the Void Serpent's Defense was significantly superior. As a Tier 2 Berserker, when he fought against an ordinary Mythic Boss, his Tier 2 Skills could easily deal around -30,000 damage.

With their team's overall DPS, they would most likely take a very long time to kill the Void Serpent.

After attacking for five seconds, they had barely managed to chip away a little over 1% of the Void Serpent's HP. However, when the World Boss's battle recovery kicked in, its HP actually reverted to full.

"What?!" Illusory Words could not help but be surprised when she saw this situation, wondering what the Void Serpent had just done to recover so much HP.

While everyone in the team was puzzled by this situation, Shi Feng knew exactly what was going on. This was the effect of the Void Serpent's Self-healing Passive Skill, which doubled its battle recovery. In other words, the Void Serpent regenerated 2% of its HP every five seconds. This Boss also had another Passive Skill, called Void Body, which halved the damage it received and reduced chances of critical hits occurring by 70%.

These two Passive Skills made the Void Serpent extremely difficult to deal with. If a team lacked DPS, it would only be slowly whittled to death.

"Aqua, you guys can start attacking now!" Shi Feng said to Zero Wing's main force members, who had arrived behind the Void Serpent.

"Understood!" Aqua Rose promptly commanded Zero Wing's main force to attack.

At this moment, the advantage in Attributes Zero Wing's main force members possessed revealed itself. Every one of them dealt at least -8,000 damage with their attacks. In the case of Aqua Rose, Flying Shadow, Shadow Sword, and Blackie, their attacks delivered at least -15,000 damage. Occasionally, Aqua Rose would use a powerful water-type Spell and inflict over -20,000 damage on the World Boss.

As for Gentle Snow, Fire Dance, Zhao Yueru, and Alluring Summer, every one of their attacks reaped a minimum of -20,000 from the Boss's HP. Occasionally, they would use a powerful Skill that wreaked around -40,000 damage. Moreover, none of these damages were due to critical hits.

"How are they dealing so much damage?"

"Even when I used a Tier 2 Curse, I only managed to deal around -13,000 damage. How are they dealing over -40,000 damage with normal Tier 2 Spells?"

"Crap! Just what kind of equipment are they using?!"

The members of the two super-first-rate Guilds found this situation unbelievable. They were all experts of super-first-rate Guilds. Quite a few of them were even Refinement Realm experts. Although they were not the strongest in their respective Guilds, they were still in the upper ranks. If placed in a first-rate Guild, they would undoubtedly rank at the very top.

Due to Zero Wing's main force taking action, three distinct tiers immediately formed in the team's DPS counter.

The first tier was occupied by humanoid monsters like Gentle Snow.

The second tier was occupied by Aqua Rose, Shadow Sword, Flying Shadow, Unyielding Heart, Long Soul, Dawnmaster, and other peak experts.

Finally, the third tier would consist of players like themselves.

Moreover, the gaps between each tier were so massive that there was simply no comparison between them.

Meanwhile, due to Zero Wing's main force members joining in on the attack, the Void Serpent's HP finally started decreasing. Even so, the decline was still extremely slow.

99%... 98%... 97%...

After several minutes of battle, the Void Serpent's HP finally fell to 85%, its first HP bar emptied. Suddenly, the Void Serpent let loose an angry roar.

"Irritating ants! Turn to dust!" In the next moment, the Void Serpent incanted, "Children of the void, breath of the wild wind, sword of the sharp blade! Turn into my hands and rend everything apart!"

"Everyone, pay attention to dodging! Do not try to receive the attack, no matter what!" Shi Feng shouted hurriedly when he saw the Void Serpent starting to cast a Spell.

After the Void Serpent spent three seconds chanting, Void Blades suddenly appeared in the sky and rained down on the ground, covering a 200-yard radius around the Boss.

For a time, countless Void Blades bombarded the vicinity of the Void Serpent In addition, the attacks of the Void Blades did not follow any pattern whatsoever.

Tier 4 Domain Skill, Void Storm!

The descending Void Blades forced everyone to focus entirely on evasion. Now, players had to move constantly to dodge the Void Blades. This situation increased the raid difficulty by a large margin.

Moreover, after using Void Storm, the Void Serpent still showed no signs of letting up on its offensive. Suddenly, its body started radiating a silver glow. A moment later, its gigantic body split into two smaller versions of itself—its real body and a doppelganger.

"A Doppelganger Skill?" Illusory Words's complexion darkened immediately.

Among the multitude of Skills Boss monsters could possess, Doppelganger Skills were the most troublesome. Although Doppelganger Skills would reduce the overall Attributes of the Boss, the reduction would not be significant. With how powerful the Void Serpent was, MTs other than Cola still wouldn't be able to tank its doppelganger easily.

Just as the doppelganger was about to strike at a nearby team, a figure suddenly appeared above it.

In the next moment, a blue lightning bolt struck down on the serpent doppelganger's head, the blow forcing a cry from the doppelganger as its body crashed straight into the ground. The impact formed a massive crater with web-like cracks spreading out into the surroundings.



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