Chapter 1921 - Duel of Strength

The Death God Workshop's members shot Fire Dance chilling expressions after hearing her statement.

"You're here to bury us? How bold!"

"This woman must be dreaming!"

Although Fire Dance's Level 60 was surprising, a two- or three-level difference was nothing to experts like them. They were merely on alert due to her successfully ambushing and killing a Tier 2 MT.

However, Fire Dance was dearly mistaken if she thought that she could slay them all.

Several melee experts immediately charged at the Assassin, striking with axes, spears, and greatswords simultaneously. These experts' coordination blocked all paths of retreat available.

However, Fire Dance did not remain idle. Unsheathing Thousand Transformations once more, she met the approaching weapons with her Fragmented Legendary Sword.

When the weapons collided, something astonishing occurred.

The impact threw the several charging melee players, and despite all of them being Tier 2 experts, they felt their arms numb from the force, their weapons trembling violently.

"How can an Assassin have so much Strength?"

The several Death God Workshop members that had attacked stared at Fire Dance as she charged towards them in horror. Their movements were still stiff, so their mobility was limited. They couldn't even defend themselves.

Realizing that something was amiss, the Workshop's ranged players hurriedly launched attacks at the darting Assassin.

Countless Spells and arrows rained down on Fire Dance, covering enough area that she couldn't avoid all of the attacks in time.

However, just before the attacks struck Fire Dance, a giant of a figure appeared before her. It was none other than Cola, who was more than eager to join the fray. With his shield raised, a barrier of light formed before him, preventing any ranged attacks from reaching his comrade. Even after taking a beating from the ranged attacks, the light barrier remained intact.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance arrived before the several stiffened melee players. Executing Absolute Strike and Shadow Turmoil, she killed two of them instantly.

This turn of events made the Death God Workshop members frown deeply.

When Fire Dance had ambushed and killed the Tier 2 MT, they hadn't gotten a clear view of the Assassin's combat standards, but after this clash, they knew that both Fire Dance and Cola were extremely powerful experts. Their grasp on timing and their coordination were incredible.

"So strong!" Troubled Madness, who watched the battle from a safe distance, gasped when Fire Dance had instantly eliminated two players.

After fighting the Death God Workshop earlier, he had learned how powerful the Workshop's Tier 2 experts were. Even in a one-on-one, he was not confident of defeating those experts decisively, let alone several of them at once.

"It seems you're not all talk after all! I finally get to have some fun!" Chopped Axe licked the corner of her lips before raising her gigantic battle axe and charging at the human Assassin.

Although Chopped Axe was a Berserker, her Movement Speed was even higher than ordinary Assassins'. Fully displaying the benefit of being a Tigerkin, she left afterimages wherever she passed.

By the time Fire Dance had killed her fourth Death God Workshop member, Chopped Axe had appeared before the female Assassin. Raising her battle axe with a single hand, she sent a powerful chop at Fire Dance. As the weapon descended, space around its blade showed faint signs of crumbling.

Tier 2 Skill, Spatial Quake!

Not only did Spatial Quake temporarily increased her Strength, but it also dealt damage in a 5*15 yard area before her. It was one of the few AOE Skills the Berserker class possessed.

Not one to fall behind, Fire Dance used the Tier 2 Skill, Shadow Edge.

Unlike the earlier clashes, neither player had been thrown when Fire Dance's short sword met Chopped Axe's colossal weapon. However, the resulting impact was so powerful that space around them cracked. The women looked at each other in astonishment

How is this possible? How can a human Assassin have so much Strength? I'm a Tigerkin, for god's sake!

This Berserker's Strength is actually a match for mine?

The outcome even surprised the Death God Workshop's Frost Rain and Zero Wing's members.

Chopped Axe was a Tigerkin. Her body's innate Strength far surpassed that of a human. She had also learned super-rare Passive Skills and wielded a special Legacy. Moreover, her weapon was an Epic Battle Axe. Her strength was even unrivaled within the Death God Workshop.

The unexpected outcome put Chopped Axe in a very bad mood. She, someone famed for her Strength, had failed to defeat a human Assassin in a duel of the Attribute. This was unforgivable.

As for Cola and the others, they were fully aware of just how powerful Fire Dance was. Not only did she wear multiple pieces of Epic Equipment, but she also wielded Thousand Transformations. Since Cola had his own Fragmented Legendary item, he could guess that her shortsword was the same rank. If that were the case, only Shi Feng and Gentle Snow could likely surpass Fire Dance's Strength.

Yet, despite being so powerful, Fire Dance's clash with the Tigerkin Berserker had ended in a tie...

While everyone was still shocked by the collision, neither Fire Dance nor Chopped Axe gave their opponent an opportunity as they continued to launch frenzied attacks. For a time, afterimages of Fire Dance's short sword and Chopped Axe's axe filled the battlefield.

Chopped Axe had better techniques than Fire Dance, and it was evident that she had reached the Flowing Water Realm. She could perceive Fire Dance's attacks as soon as the human Assassin began to execute them. However, Fire Dance was an Assassin. Strength wasn't her forte. Her true power lay in her speed, so even though the Berserker could read her movements, she still had an advantage with her Movement Speed, making up for her weaker combat standard.

Despite such a thrilling battle, where her life would be forfeit if she made a single mistake, Fire Dance very much enjoyed this moment. Throughout this battle, she recognized many of her deficiencies and perfected her techniques. Fortunately, the same could not be said for Chopped Axe. She could only watch, displeased, as the human Assassin continued to improve as they dueled.

"You dare use me as a grinding stone?! Do you think I will give you enough time to grow stronger?!" Chopped Axe immediately activated her Berserk Skill, Savage God's Power, her muscles rapidly expanding. In the blink of an eye, she transformed into a three-meter-tall giant. At the same time, an extra crimson battle axe had appeared in her hand, radiating waves of bone-chilling Mana. "You are the first person in the Fairy Country to force me to use this move! Now, go to hell!"

Chopped Axe then swung her blades in a powerful downward slash towards Fire Dance.

Tier 2 Taboo Skill, Meteoric Annihilation!

Suddenly, over a dozen crimson axes descended from the sky, each carrying the weight of a mountain.

In response, Fire Dance activated Power of Darkness before brandishing Thousand Transformations, sending countless water whips at the falling axe blades.

Domain Skill, Water Binding!



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