Chapter 1927 - King of the Seas

"Retreat! All ships maintain a distance from the enemy and break through the encirclement with everything you have! Absolutely do not let enemy ships close in on you!" Blue Phoenix commanded hurriedly when she saw the approaching Bronze and Mysterious-Iron Speedboats.

The attacks of ships had very long Cooldowns. Moreover, while these attacks were effective against sea monsters, they were not as effective against players. After all, the attacks of ships were very monotonous with long preparation times. Expert players could easily avoid them. Hence, if a ship allowed enemy players to get close, it would no longer be able to exert its might. Then, the outcome of the fight would be decided by a fight between the players of both sides.

The Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion had received a report stating that Miracle had obtained a secret sea-based Legacy and had used said Legacy to nurture a large group of experts specialized in naval combat—which was very likely to be the legion Wild Aggression led. Otherwise, Wild Aggression would have no reason to close the distance between their two Guilds' fleets and waste time on a battle between players. Rather than risk dying to random cannon fire, it would be much better for Miracle's ships to simply bombard them with their own cannons. Although doing so would damage the Pavilion's ships and reduce the harvest Miracle could gain, this method was comparatively safer.

Under Blue Phoenix's command, the Pavilion's ships maintained a steady bombardment while simultaneously keeping their distance from Miracle's ships.

For a time, the Water Ghost Legion's speedboats couldn't approach the Pavilion's ships at all.

"What a bunch of slippery eels! You sure know how to run away!"

Whenever the Water Ghost Legion's speedboats got too close, Blue Phoenix's ships would accurately launch a round of attacks that forced the legion's speedboats to either reduce their speed or swerve to avoid the attacks. This, in turn, opened the distance between the two fleets.

"You wish to escape? Try it if you can! We have long since set up a magic barrier around this area! Not a single one of you should think of leaving this place alive!" Wild Aggression bellowed in rage when he saw that the distance between their two Guilds' fleets was not shortening at all. "Activate the magic array!"

Following Wild Aggression's command, walls of ice suddenly started emerging from the ocean surface, blocking off the direction Blue Phoenix's and Shi Feng's fleets were heading. The ice walls were over a dozen meters tall and several meters thick. Moreover, they kept expanding into the surroundings. It was simply impossible for the ships to break through this barrier.

The Glacier Seal? Shi Feng felt a little surprised when he saw the gigantic ice barrier forming a distance away from his fleet

The Glacier Seal was the product of the Glacier Orb, a rare magical tool meant for naval combat. However, activating the Glacier Seal required 100 Glacier Orbs. Moreover, each activation cost 10,000 Magic Crystals. Once activated, the Glacier Seal would lock down a 5,000-yard radius for 30 minutes.

Only Small Sailboats ranked Secret-Silver or higher and warships at Mysterious-Iron and above could break through the Glacier Seal.

"All ships gather together! Do not engage the enemy by yourself! Make sure to operate in two-man units or more!" Blue Phoenix understood that escape was already impossible. Now that they had been cornered, the only thing they could do was concentrate their forces and hope for the best.

Moreover, players could not use Return Scrolls while on a ship. Only after jumping into the ocean could they use one. However, Return Scrolls had very long activation times. If they tried something like that, Miracle's ships would shoot them like fish in a barrel.

Hence, their only choice was to fight to the death.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, I am truly sorry for this," Blue Phoenix said, looking at Shi Feng apologetically. "Later on, my fleet will delay Miracle for as long as possible, so you should store away a portion of your ships. Once the ice barrier is gone, you can try to use those remaining ships to flee this place. At that time, Miracle will most likely not bother to give chase."

After saying so, Blue Phoenix quickly had her ships fall into a defensive formation, separating Miracle's fleet from Zero Wing's fleet entirely. With this, if Miracle wanted to target Zero Wing, it would have to go through her ships first.

"Do you think our Water Ghost Legion will let Zero Wing's members escape?" a Level 57, Tier 2 Berserker, who was a team leader from the Water Ghost Legion, sneered. "Use Instantaneous Movement Scrolls to break through the defensive line! Prioritize killing all of Zero Wing's members! Let's see what the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion can do about it!"

After this team leader said so, a 100-man team from the Water Ghost Legion immediately used Instantaneous Movement Scrolls after arriving at a location a short distance away from Blue Phoenix's ships.

In the blink of an eye, this 100-man team broke through the defensive perimeter Blue Phoenix erected and appeared above Zero Wing's One-horned Sailboat Drawing their weapons, these Water Ghost Legion members revealed sinister smiles. Meanwhile, the Berserker team leader unsheathed the bloodstained greatsword slung on his back. When he did so, a faint layer of water vapor appeared around it. This was none other than the power of the sea-based Legacy he had acquired.

Tier 2 Passive Skill, Flowing Water Blade!

So long as the owner of this Skill was in a sea zone, the Skill would increase their Strength by 30%, Attack Speed by 40%, and attack range by 50%.

"Zero Wing, it's time to put an end to your game of friendship with the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Who'll be the first to die to my blade?" the Tier 2 Berserker, Spirit Ox, said, grinning sinisterly as he glanced at the Zero Wing members before him.

However, just as the Water Ghost Legion members thought that they would get to watch their team leader start a slaughter and were about to let out a cheer...

A faint blue streak of light suddenly passed through the space where Spirit Ox stood. In the next moment, his tall and muscular body split in half, the top half sliding smoothly into the ocean below and disappearing with a splash of seawater.

At this moment, it was as if the entire world had frozen over as silence filled the battlefield. The Water Ghost Legion members standing on the One-horned Sailboat's deck couldn't utter a single word as they gaped at their team leader's bisected body, their eyes as wide as saucers.

Even the Level 50 Fine-Gold chest armor their team leader was proud of had been cut through cleanly, the cut surface as smooth as a mirror. A short moment later, blood started spewing out from the lower half of Spirit Ox's body, dyeing the entire deck he stood on in crimson.

"You people sure speak a lot of nonsense. Didn't you want a fight? Come at me together, then!" Aqua Rose, who was clad in dark-blue robes and held an aqua-blue crystalline staff, said with an indifferent expression.

"Team leader Ox got instant-killed?!"

"Is she a monster?! I didn't even see her chant an incantation! How did she cast such a powerful Spell!?"

"Everyone, don't be afraid! That kind of Spell must be a Sure-kill Spell! She should not be able to use it again within a short while! Besides, even if she is a monster, we're out at sea right now! This is our playing field! If we work together, there is no way we'll lose to one person!"

"Right! Even sea monsters are no match for us!"

"Kill! Let Zero Wing know the might of the Water Ghost Legion!"

The Water Ghost Legion members present were all experts of Miracle. Moreover, they had all obtained a sea-based Legacy. Setting aside their combat power on land, they were confident that they could contend against even peak experts with ordinary classes when fighting out at sea.

After regaining their fighting spirit, over a dozen ranged players bombarded Aqua Rose with attacks.

Immediately, Spells and arrows flew at Aqua Rose one after another, every one of these attacks containing power at the peak of Tier 2. A Tier 2 MT of the same level would not survive such a bombardment easily, not to mention a magica卜class player. As long as an attack landed, Aqua Rose would sustain heavy injuries, even if she did not die.

At the same time, over a dozen melee players started moving toward Aqua Rose from two different sides. If she tried to dodge the ranged attacks, her defense would definitely lapse. They could then take advantage of that opening to kill her.

However, Aqua Rose held her ground and simply watched quietly as the numerous Spells and arrows flew toward her.

"Is she suicidal?'

"Doesn't she know that these Spells and arrows are buffed by the ocean's power?"

Just as the approaching melee players were wondering why Aqua Rose was not reacting to the incoming attacks, the Spells and arrows actually started disappearing after getting within half a yard of her. It looked as if something was devouring these attacks one after another.

"A magic barrier?"

"Impossible! The power of those attacks is at the peak of Tier 2! Even if she used a Tier 2 magic barrier, there is no way she can stop all those attacks without suffering any damage!"

Just as the Water Ghost Legion members were wondering what was going on, Aqua Rose tapped the butt of her staff on the deck. The water barrier surrounding her promptly expanded, transforming instantly into a ten-meter-tall tsunami, which then devoured every Water Ghost Legion member standing on the One-horned Sailboat.

Even Tier 2 MTs were utterly powerless in the face of the tsunami. After getting devoured by the towering wave, everyone's HP fell to zero in no more than two seconds.

In the blink of an eye, all 100 Water Ghost Legion members were killed, leaving behind a bunch of ownerless weapons and equipment on the deck.



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