Chapter 1940 - Shi Feng's Decision

"Big Sis Rain, how are things on Zero Wing's side? Based on the latest update, Miracle's forces should arrive on Kama Island in ten minutes or so," Blue Phoenix asked anxiously as she read the most recent report she had received from her subordinate.

It might be fine if Miracle had simply sent 30,000 elite players, but a considerable portion of its army was expert players.

This wasn't a trivial matter. If such a powerful team trapped Zero Wing's team, it would be annihilated.

Aqua Rose's sea-based Peak Legacy couldn't help them, either. The battle would take place on land, and Aqua Rose wouldn't receive a boost to her combat power.

"Based on Black Flame's attitude, I doubt that Zero Wing will leave Kama Island without a fight," Phoenix Rain said, shaking her head. She felt that Shi Feng was simply too reckless. She then ordered, "Blue, relay my commands. Have all nearby Guild members gather on Kama Island. We'll hurry and reinforce Zero Wing immediately!"

"I'll get it done!" Blue Phoenix nodded.

Meanwhile, in the Demonkin's nest on Kama Island, Zero Wing's members were horrified when they heard about Miracle's mobilization. They had never thought that the Guild would be so ruthless as to dispatch an army of 30,000 players.

This was the army of a super-first-rate Guild, not a first-rate Guild. Moreover, Miracle had only dispatched slightly fewer Tier 2 experts than the number Zero Wing currently had on the island. If they tried to stand their ground against Miracle's army, the battle would definitely end with their deaths.

"Guild Leader, are we going to retaliate?" Aqua Rose asked Shi Feng.

"No. With our current strength, fighting Miracle would be suicide," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

They might have had a chance if Miracle had merely dispatched ordinary and elite players. With Zero Wing's team of Tier 2 experts, they could use guerilla tactics and have a chance of surviving Miracle's 30,000-strong army.

Unfortunately, reality was cruel. The expert players Miracle had dispatched were far stronger than ordinary expert players, and if they tried to take these experts on while so drastically outnumbered, not even guerilla tactics would save them from a miserable death.

Miracle was a veteran super-first-rate Guild that could rival veteran Super Guilds in terms of overall strength. It simply hadn't earned the title of 'Super Guild' due to lacking a legacy. Miracle's Tier 2 experts were of a far higher quality than those from first-rate Guilds or recently-risen superpowers.

The quality difference wasn't a result of a gap in Basic Attributes, but due to a difference in combat standards. Refinement Realm experts were considered top-ranked players in first-rate Guilds, but to superpowers, Refinement Realm experts ranked nowhere near the top. Naturally, the difference between a Refinement Realm expert and one who hadn't reached that realm wasn't easy to make up.

Zero Wing had been able to stand against super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds because these powers had only dispatched a small number of their Refinement Realm experts or by relying on its players' overwhelming advantage in Basic Attributes.

However, this situation was different. In an era where weapons and equipment drop-rates had decreased, Zero Wing's Tier 2 experts no longer had as much of a Basic Attribute advantage. In a one-on-one fight, Miracle's Tier 2 experts would stomp on most of Zero Wing's.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be helped. Miracle had secured its foundation after many years of hard work and investment.

This was also why the various large Guilds tried so hard to nurture experts.

In God's Domain, experts were a Guild's true support pillar. Weapons, equipment, and tools were only one of the many means used to improve a Guild's strength.

"Then, are we going to retreat?" Aqua Rose asked.

"No. We cannot afford to do that. This is a Manatite vein we are talking about Finding another one won't be easy," Shi Feng said, shaking his head.

Aqua Rose was speechless. If they weren't going to fight or retreat, what were they going to do?

"For now, you'll continue to lead the team and clear out the Demonkin next. Leave Miracle to me. No matter what happens, don't leave the cave," Shi Feng said, chuckling in response to Aqua Rose's confusion.

"Guild Leader, you're not planning on dealing with Miracle by yourself, are you? That's too dangerous! I'll go with you!" Aqua Rose anxiously insisted after realizing that Shi Feng intended to act solo.

He might be alright if he were surrounded by dozens or hundreds of Tier 2 experts, but if Miracle used magic arrays or traps to suppress him, the army would even whittle his HP down to zero, regardless of how extraordinarily strong Shi Feng was. The various superpowers were even capable of killing Mythic monsters, much less a Tier 2 player like Shi Feng.

"Do I look that stupid?" Shi Feng laughed when he noticed Aqua Rose's nervous reaction. "Relax. I know what I am doing."

After saying so, Shi Feng left the Demonkin nest alone.

Meanwhile, a large fraction of Miracle's members had gathered on Kama Island's beach. Even Thousand Miles had arrived to command the battle personally.

Miracle's 30,000-strong army occupied more than half of the island's beach. Even the lowest-leveled player present was Level 56, and they were all well-equipped. As for Refinement Realm experts, just the ones participating in the expedition this time numbered more than 150, and every one of them was a Tier 2 player.

"Vice Guild Leader, the Manatite vein is located in a massive pit in the island's valley," the leader of the Assassin party that had tracked Zero Wing's team reported from Thousand Miles's side. "I've already stationed my party outside the cave entrance to deal with Zero Wing's members. Thus far, the Guild hasn't shown any signs of retreating."

"Zero Wing must be suicidal. They still haven't fled." Thousand Miles laughed. "Haven't they made peace with losing their Manatite vein?"

Miracle had not tried to hide its large-scale mobilization. With Zero Wing's connection with Phoenix Rain, how could the Guild have possibly missed Miracle's movements?

The only explanation was that Zero Wing was being stubborn.

But it didn't matter. The difference between the two Guilds' strength was already massive, and the Sea of Death's inner region was Miracle's territory. Zero Wing didn't stand a chance.

Suddenly, the gray-clad Assassin's expression darkened as he reported to Thousand Miles.

Sensing the change, Thousand Miles demanded, "What happened?"

"A moment ago, Black Flame abruptly charged out of the cave. Moreover, he discovered the five players I left to guard the entrance and killed them all..." the Assassin muttered softly.

"Interesting! He dares to emerge alone? Does he plan to use guerilla tactics with the power of a single player?" Thousand Miles's lips curled into a smile. "Perhaps we should play along. Relay my orders! Have every team prepare a magic array and use it the moment they spot Black Flame! I want to see what he is capable of in the face of Miracle's army!"

After Thousand Miles issued the command, Miracle's members swarmed Kama Island in 100-man teams, sweeping across the island like a fine-toothed comb in their search for Shi Feng. With how closely the various teams operated, if one of them discovered their quarry, reinforcements would reach the scene quickly.

Meanwhile, roughly 2,000 yards away from Miracle's army, Shi Feng grinned as he watched Miracle's approaching army from the top of the island's valley. He then pulled a tome that radiated Demonic Energy from his bag.

This tome was none other than the Ancient Abyssal Book, an abyssal treasure that he could use to open an Abyss Passage.

"Dark Abyss, descend!



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