Chapter 1945 - Miracle Defeated

How is this possible? Silent March stared at Thousand Miles's empty HP bar with wide eyes, shocked.

That attack had been too fast and sudden!

The escort team had clearly trapped Shi Feng in a magic barrier that even a Grand Lord would need some time to struggle free from, yet Shi Feng had broken free and killed Thousand Miles with the same, single attack...

Any player capable of rising to the position of Vice Guild Leader in a superpower had more than just strong management abilities but also had enough individual strength to convince others to follow them obediently.

Although Thousand Miles had been focused on activating the Wind God's Orb, landing a ranged attack should've been impossible, but Shi Feng had taken advantage of the moment Thousand Miles had lowered his guard due to the magic barrier, claiming the man's life.

God's Domain had many Spells and Skills that quickly took effect, and by the time these abilities activated, even experts would be hard-pressed to dodge them Normally, players had to predict the attack's trajectory, taking preemptive measures to dodge or block the attack.

However, Shi Feng's execution had been so fast that she hadn't even noticed his movements when he activated the Skill. Needless to say, it would have been impossible for Thousand Miles, who had been distracted, to notice the attack.

The other members around the Vice Guild Leader's corpse were just as stunned. They stared at the body with incredulous looks.

Thousand Miles was one of their Guild's Vice Guild Leaders. Not only was he extraordinarily powerful as an individual, but the Guild had also given him plenty of treasures. Even Super Guilds would have a difficult time killing Thousand Miles. In fact, regardless of the several thousand abyssal monsters on Kama Island, they had never considered that the monsters might kill Thousand Miles, yet their Vice Guild Leader was dead.

Moreover, Thousand Miles hadn't died at the hands of a superpower. He hadn't even died while surrounded by enemies, overwhelmed and outnumbered. Instead, a Guild Leader from a Guild that had only recently become famous had claimed his life.

If news of this spread, it would cause a sensation throughout God's Domain.

"Black Flame!" The escort team's leader turned ashen as he shot Shi Feng a glare. "From today on, neither you nor Zero Wing will have a place in God's Domain! Not even the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion can protect you!"

Had someone from another superpower killed Thousand Miles, it would not have had much of an impact on Miracle's reputation. At most, the public would think that the offending superpower had grown stronger. However, the fact that a minor power like Zero Wing was responsible for the Vice Guild Leader's death was humiliating. If word of this got out, Miracle would become a laughingstock among the various superpowers. Others might even assume that Miracle had grown weaker, doubting its qualifications as a super-first-rate Guild.

If Miracle did not annihilate Zero Wing after such an insult, it would have no hope of mingling in God's Domain in the future. "That's my business!" Shi Feng said while slashing the Abyssal Blade at the escort team.

Lightning Edge!

Countless arcs of lightning streaked toward the dazed escort members.

Although a portion of the escort members had reacted to the attack quickly and dodged Lightning Edge's trajectory, the attack killed more than 70% of the team.

"I'll kill you!" The escort leader, Nameless Hacker, gnashed his teeth in rage as he watched his teammates die.

Nameless Hacker and the other survivors charged at Shi Feng, killing intent flashing in their eyes. They would slay this Swordsman even if they had to sacrifice their own lives.

"I'll support you!" Silent March was just as resolved to kill Shi Feng. After activating her Berserk Skill, she began to chant an offensive Spell, aiming for the Guild Leader.

Although Nameless Hacker was not a match for Miracle Dragon, he was a peak expert at the Void Realm. If he had 20-plus melee Refinement Realm experts supporting him, not even a Domain Realm expert would dare to take him on. Furthermore, he had the support of a magical class expert, Silent March. She could make up for the melee players' flaws by launching attacks at Shi Feng's blind spots, which the melee players could not reach.


As Nameless Hacker reached Shi Feng, he raised his greatsword and executed a downward slash. The greatsword transformed into a rainbow that descended on Shi Feng. As the rainbow passed, even space began to crack.

At the same time, the other escort members circled to Shi Feng's sides and executed their strongest Skills. As they attacked, they paid no attention to defense. They were fully intent on trading blow for blow with Shi Feng.

Once Silent March saw Nameless Hacker use his ultimate move, she followed by releasing her channeled Spell, the Tier 2 Curse, Death Coffin. With Shi Feng in the center, Death Energy filled a 30-yard radius, constantly corroding the players' lives. Silent March planned to use the escort team to buy time for Death Energy to detonate, killing the team and Shi Feng.

Meanwhile, Nameless Hacker and his comrades paid no head to Silent March's Spell. Now that Thousand Miles was dead, they had no way to escape Kama Island before the abyssal monsters killed them, in any case. They were more than willing to sacrifice themselves if it meant Shi Feng's death.

In response to his opponents' suicidal attacks, Shi Feng used Dragon Breath and Nine Dragons Slash. He had no intention of dodging the attacks. His Basic Attributes were far beyond Nameless Hacker and Miracle's members. He could simply stop the attacks with brute force.

Boom... Boom... Boom...

The moment Dragon Breath collided with the descending rainbow, a massive explosion shook the valley. Dragon Breath shattered the rainbow and blew Nameless Hacker away. Abyssal Blade's phantoms, meanwhile, put a stop to the melee Refinement Realm experts' assault.

Before the Death Energy Silent March had summoned could detonate, Shi Feng used Instant Strike to appear before her and swung Killing Ray at the female Necromancer. Although Silent March tried to block the attack with her staff, she was too late. Killing Ray shattered the magic barrier protecting Silent March and cut straight through her neck, instantly obliterating her HP.

"So fast!"

The escort team members were stunned.

First, Thousand Miles had fallen. Now, even Silent March had died before the rear line healers could do anything about it...

Shi Feng's Attack Power and Attack Speed were terrifying!

Without Silent March's assistance, Nameless Hacker and the others were utterly helpless against Shi Feng. Even though they still had their healers' support, Shi Feng killed one after another. With the abyssal monsters' interference, the entire escort team had been eliminated in less than 20 seconds.

Seeing this, Miracle's surviving experts, who had been rushing over to help, turned and fled, losing any motivation to attack Shi Feng.

Unfortunately, the flying abyssal monsters gave Miracle's members no opportunities to escape Kama Island. In less than 10 minutes, all of the 30,000-plus players Miracle had dispatched to the island were dead. None left the island alive...



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