Chapter 1947 - Bountiful Harvest

Miracle's been annihilated?! Nine Dragons Emperor was dumbfounded when he heard Phoenix Rain's announcement. How can this be?!

Miracle wasn't an ordinary super-first-rate Guild. Aside from its weaker legacy, it was stronger than some Super Guilds overall. Furthermore, Thousand Miles had led the operation personally.

If another superpower had to face Miracle's 30,000-man army, the battle would be bitter even if the superpower thoroughly prepared, much less annihilate Miracle's forces.

Annihilating Miracle's army would be far more difficult than simply defeating it

If Miracle's 30,000 players decided to scatter and flee, no power should be able to eliminate them all even if the army were badly outnumbered. How could Zero Wing possibly achieve such a feat?

"Big Sis Rain, are you sure? Even if Zero Wing managed to obliterate Miracle's army, Thousand Miles shouldn't have died. As one of Miracle's Vice Guild Leaders, he should have plenty of lifesaving tools on him. Killing him should be much harder than annihilating Miracle's army. How could he possibly die?" Not even Blue Phoenix could believe the report.

As a member of a superpower herself, she knew just how serious the various superpowers protected their upper echelons, especially their Vice Guild Leaders. Even before God's Domain, the various superpowers' Guild Leaders and Vice Guild Leaders had faced assassination in other virtual reality games. This wasn't new to them.

However, as the various superpowers adapted to God's Domain, they provided even better protection for their upper echelons.

Take the ambush Phoenix Rain had faced on Savage God Island, for example. While Miracle might have had the ability to slay the main force members under Phoenix Rain, it hadn't been able to kill her. Had Phoenix Rain's subordinates faced annihilation, Phoenix Rain would've used the lifesaving tools the Guild had given her to flee the island. Of course, losing her main force members would've affected her plans.

When Nine Dragons Emperor heard Blue Phoenix's question, he could not help but nod in agreement. He decided that the news must be fake.

It would've already been impressive if Zero Wing's small team of 500 escaped Miracle's forces, but no matter how strong those players were, annihilating Miracle's army should've been impossible, not to mention slaying Thousand Miles.

"I wondered the same thing, but I've just verified the information. Miracle has issued a Red Annihilation Order on Zero Wing. It's the highest-ranking Annihilation Order available in Miracle. Issuing this order means that there are no options for reconciliation between Miracle and the order's target, and only one of them will be allowed to live," Phoenix Rain said. "Why would the Guild issue a Red Annihilation Order if Zero Wing didn't annihilate its army?"

"That is a lie, right? Miracle's army had more than 400 Tier 2 experts. Such a severe loss will certainly affect Miracle's future plans." Blue Phoenix still couldn't believe the news, but faced with the facts, she had no choice but to accept it as truth.

Miracle had issued the Red Annihilation Order in the past but only when the Guild had expected a decisive battle with another superpower. No matter how she looked at it, now that Miracle had used the order on Zero Wing, it must have suffered a humiliating loss against the smaller Guild.

"Nine Dragons Emperor, what a pity. It seems that my ally is quite reliable and no longer requires my help. If you have nothing else, I must ask you to leave! Unlike you, I don't have much free time! I still have to take care of many matters on Thunder Island!" Phoenix Rain smugly dismissed Nine Dragons Emperor.

"You..." Veins bulged on Nine Dragons Emperor's forehead. After taking a moment to calm down, he sneered and said, "Phoenix Rain, don't get excited so soon. Zero Wing might have gotten lucky and defeated Miracle, but you know better than I just how frightening Miracle is. Zero Wing has ignorantly pushed itself onto the path of annihilation! It won't be long before Zero Wing is thoroughly removed from God's Domain!"

After Nine Dragons Emperor finished, he turned and left the office in a huff.

Seeing Nine Dragons Emperor's frustrated expression, Phoenix Rain felt refreshed. However, she knew that Zero Wing had gotten itself into more trouble than ever before.

Phoenix Rain wasn't the only one to learn of Miracle's extermination. All of the various superpowers received reports on the battle on Kama Island.

"Hahaha! Zero Wing really is impressive to cause so much damage to Miracle. Even Thousand Miles was slain! The Guild has dragged Miracle's reputation through the mud. Let's see if Miracle still dares to call itself number-one among super-first-rate Guilds!"

"I had never thought that Miracle would suffer such an upset one day. If Miracle doesn't deal with this matter properly, it will become a laughingstock in the Sea of Death."

"Zero Wing is quite powerful. With such capabilities, it should easily rank among the top five of up-and-coming Guilds."

The news of Miracle's slaughter surprised all of the various superpowers, although they also pitied Zero Wing. With how much potential Zero Wing had displayed thus far, it was guaranteed to become a super-first-rate Guild if given enough time. However, now that Zero Wing had provoked Miracle, the Guild had no future to speak of.

Had Miracle's defeat been minor, it would have, at most, sent some Guild experts to harass Zero Wing. As a superpower, Miracle had a lot on its plate, after all. It couldn't utilize its full strength to deal with some small Guild.

However, this situation was different. Not only had Zero Wing slaughtered Miracle's 30,000-strong army, but it had also killed Thousand Miles, one of the Guild's key figures. This was a great embarrassment for Miracle. If the super-first-rate Guild didn't obliterate Zero Wing and restore its reputation, even as a superpower, it wouldn't survive long in God's Domain.

Meanwhile, Zero Wing, which hadn't been particularly famous in God's Domain outside of Star-Moon Kingdom, had become a household name. Even the kingdoms and empires far from Star-Moon Kingdom now knew the name 'Zero Wing.'

Meanwhile, back on Kama Island-

After working tirelessly for more than two hours, Shi Feng finally collected the items Miracle's members had dropped.

Miracle had dispatched over 30,000 players to Kama Island, and over 7,000 of them were experts. The Guild had also sent more than 400 Tier 2 players. One could easily imagine how powerful the dropped items were.

However, Shi Feng did not store everything in his bag, which only had a limited amount of space. Hence, he only stored the best items, ignoring the common weapons and equipment.

Even so, he still claimed more than 7,000 items, including over 500 Level 50 Fine Gold Weapons and Equipment, and over 100 Level 50 Dark-Gold items...

When exploring a corner of the valley, Shi Feng noticed a crimson crystal globe on the ground. Within the globe burned a golden flame, and as if the flame had a life of its own, it transformed into a small, flaming Dragon as Shi Feng approached.

Fire Spirit! Shi Feng gasped when he saw the item.



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