Chapter 1948 - Special Epic Tool

Snapping out of his daze, Shi Feng stepped forward and picked up the crystal globe.

Although he had seen this crystal globe at an auction during his previous life, he found it hard to believe that the item before him was the same one. He had to verify his suspicion.

Sure enough, it really is a Fire Spirit! Miracle is amazing! It actually got its hands on this. Shi Feng could not help his elation as he inspected the crimson globe.

Current players should be wholly ignorant of the Fire Spirit. Even if they managed to find one, they wouldn't know the Fire Spirit's true value.

Based on the Fire Spirit's Attribute Panel, it was a weak Epic tool that could only cast one Spell, the Tier 2 Spell, Fire Spirit. When cast, the Spell would summon a Tier 2 Fire Spirit of the same level. In other words, obtaining the Epic tool only granted players one additional Summoning Skill. While a Tier 2 Fire Spirit might be of some help to Tier 1 players, it was hardly of any use to Tier 2 players and above.

Moreover, each Fire Spirit summon cost five Magic Crystals. Although the summoned Fire Spirit did not have a duration, to Tier 2 players, five Magic Crystals per summon was very expensive. Moreover, the summoned Tier 2 Fire Spirit wasn't even stronger than the summoners. Rather than wasting five Magic Crystals to summon a meatshield, it was cheaper to party with an MT.

Because of this, the various large Guilds paid no attention to the Fire Spirit, despite being an Epic tool.

However, Fire Spirit had one Passive Skill called Devour Mysterious Flame, which allowed the Fire Spirit to absorb Mysterious Flames, growing stronger. Unfortunately, no Guild dared to use this Passive Skill.

Mysterious Flames were incomparably precious in God's Domain, helping Lifestyle players increase their production success rates. Losing a Tier 1 Mysterious Flame might not be so painful, but only a fool would sacrifice Mysterious Flames at Tier 2 and above to strengthen an Epic tool. Tier 2 Mysterious Flames were, after all, just as valuable as ordinary Epic items.

Sacrificing a Tier 2 Mysterious Flame to upgrade the Fire Spirit was simply unprofitable. No one knew what the Fire Spirit would do after devouring the flame, and on the off chance that it received a minor Basic Attribute boost, the sacrifice would be an utter waste.

Hence, the powers that obtained a Fire Spirit generally considered it useless. Even worse, the Fire Spirit would drop upon death. If one accidentally died after expending a Mysterious Flame to upgrade the Fire Spirit, they'd die a second time from regret.

However, players hadn't yet discovered the Fire Spirit's frightening growth rate after devouring a Mysterious Flame, especially a high-tiered flame. Not only would feeding the Fire Spirit Mysterious Flames increase its tier, but its Life Rating would also improve.

One Guild in the past had become incredibly famous due to the Fire Spirit. The Guild had been Thunder Family, a first-rate Guild. A super-first-rate Guild had backed Thunder Family into a corner, and all of its territories, save the Guild's main city, had been taken.

Everyone had thought that the Thunder Family was finished, but the Guild had summoned a Fire Spirit. The highest-tiered Fire Spirit in God's Domain had only been Tier 3 back then. However, the Thunder Family had summoned a Tier 4 Fire Spirit. Moreover, it was an Archaic Species ranked Fire Spirit.

Fire Spirits might not be as durable as ordinary monsters of the same rank and level, but as pampered children of fire, they had plenty of Tier 4 Curses. A Tier 4 Archaic Species was already a challenge to take down, not to mention one with multiple Tier 4 Curses. One could easily imagine what the influence the Thunder Family's Tier 4 Fire Spirit would have on a large- scale battle. In the end, Thunder Family had won the final battle at its main city.

Afterward, the various major powers had paid more attention to the Epic tools known as Fire Spirits. Although Thunder Family had remained a first-rate Guilds even after ten years in God's Domain, no superpower underestimated it. The Guild had eventually nurtured its Fire Spirit to Tier 5, and its Life Rating had risen to Fallen Angel. It had become almost invincible among opponents of the same tier, and even Tier 6, God-ranked players had fled from one-on-one battles with the Tier 5 Fire Spirit Including its many Tier 5 Curses, the Fire Spirit had become a terrifying adversary.

One could say that obtaining a Fire Spirit was the equivalent of obtaining a capable Tier 5 helper. It was unimaginably valuable.

However, nurturing a Fire spirit wasn't easy. Thunder Family had practically bankrupted itself to nurture its Fire Spirit to Tier 5. Even superpowers had a hard time getting their hands on Tier 3 and 4 Mysterious Flames, and unless one obtained them in secret, countless problems would plague the player.

Even so, the Fire Spirit was worth the cost.

The Fire Spirit tool had another amazing aspect, as well. After devouring enough Mysterious Flames, the tool's rank would increase. Once it became a Fragmented Legendary item, it would gain an additional Skill called Flame Refinement. The Skill could grant a maximum often players the Fire Spirit's flames. Naturally, the strength of these flames would depend on the Fire Spirit's strength. The stronger the Fire Spirit was, the stronger the flames would be.

In the past, various superpowers and first-rate Guilds would frequently rent these flames from Thunder Family, which, in turn, allowed the Guild to make a fortune.

Although Aqua and Snow failed to find any clues leading to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Mysterious Flames, they did obtain quite a few Tier 1 Mysterious Flames. I can use them to feed the Fire Spirit. Shi Feng was quite satisfied as he gazed at the crimson globe in his hand.

Tier 1 Mysterious Flames might not upgrade the Flame Spirit by much, but if it devoured enough of them, it would undergo a qualitative transformation.

After Shi Feng finished organizing the loot, he returned to the cave that contained the Manatite vein. He then set up an Abyssal Barrier and a teleportation point outside of the cave. In the future, Zero Wing's members would be able to teleport directly there without worrying about the abyssal monsters.

From now on, the Manatite vein belonged exclusively to Zero Wing. The Guild wouldn't have to worry about competition from other superpowers, and it wouldn't have to dispatch players to guard the mine. The island's abyssal monsters would serve as a natural deterrence.

Following which, Shi Feng regrouped with Aqua Rose and the others, continuing to lead them deeper into the Demonkin nest, defeating one patrol squad after another.

The Demonkin nest was quite large, and the pathways within were incredibly complex. As a result, exploring the nest was far more difficult than Shi Feng had assumed.

"Guild Leader, I found the nest's Boss!" Fire Dance excitedly announced.

To mine the Manatite vein, they first had to defeat the nest's Guardian Boss to stop the Demonkin from respawning. The Demonkin would only respawn once the Guardian Boss had, but the Bosses based in ore veins had very long respawn times. Although the Guardian Boss would grow stronger with each respawn, it wasn't a cause for worry since players would be much stronger by the time it did.

"Alright, I'll lead the team to you." Shi Feng rejoiced when he heard Fire Dance's sudden declaration. He immediately led his team to her location.

However, when Shi Feng made it to the cavern Fire Dance stood in and saw the Demonkin, he was stunned. The Demonkin was six meters tall and fully geared in dark-gray armor. Its back was decorated with all sorts of longswords. Currently, the Demonkin stood in the middle of the cavern with its eyes shut.

A Tier Master?!



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