Chapter 1950 - Demonkin King's Loot

System: Congratulations! You have killed the Demonkin King, Auva. Due to the Demonkin King's death, all Demonkin in the area will not respawn.

System: Congratulations! You have obtained the First Kill on the Demonkin King Auva. Rewards doubled. Guild Popularity +500 and Humanity Reputation +20.

When they heard the system announcements, Zero Wing's members cheered in joy.

Now that they had killed the Demonkin King, the Manatite vein had finally come under Zero Wing's control. Their Guild could now mine the vein freely.

Currently, only a few superpowers had possession of ore veins that produced Magic Crystals.

Once the system notifications ended, the Demonkin King's corpse burst into countless particles of light. Items began to manifest in the air, falling to the ground one after another. These dropped items glowed with colorful lights, dazzling the watching players. By the time they stopped appearing, a small mountain had formed on the ground.

As expected of the First Kill reward. The loot is frightening. Shi Feng was a little astonished as he gazed at the small mountain of loot.

Although the Demonkin King hadn't dropped a much loot as the Void Serpent, it still surpassed ordinary Mythic monsters of the same level.

After Shi Feng had the healers start resurrecting the dead, he began to organize the loot. As his team watched expectantly, Shi Feng spent more than 20 minutes inspecting the items.

The Demonkin King had dropped a total of 176 items. Although more than half consisted of materials, there were still 33 weapons and equipment, a considerable amount. As many as 17 were Level 60 Secret-Silver Weapons and Equipment.

Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment was better than Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment At this stage of the game, even Level 50 Secret-Silver Equipment was extremely rare among the various large Guilds, let alone Level 55 Fine-Gold Equipment.

Without hesitation, Shi Feng held an internal auction for the 17 Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment pieces. Although Level 60 Secret-Silver Equipment was too high-leveled for most of the players on the team, there were Level Reduction Gemstones in the Guild Warehouse. They should be able to equip Level 60 weapons and equipment after equipping the gemstones.

Everyone on the team fervently bid for the weapons and equipment

As for the eight Level 60 Fine-Gold and six Level 60 Dark-Gold Weapons and Equipment pieces the Demonkin King had dropped, he had no intention of distributing them via internal auction. Instead, he stored them in the Guild Warehouse and made them available to the Guild's core members for purchase. Not only did these items cost a large number of GCPs, but players also needed to contribute sufficiently to the Guild. After all, weapons and equipment of such level and rank could even tempt superpowers. He would not allow other Guilds to claim the items by spending a few GCPs.

The Demonkin King had also dropped two pieces of Epic Equipment: a pair of cloth armor boots and a leather armor belt. Both pieces offered excellent Attributes. The boots granted magical class players a chance to reduce their spellcasting time by half, while the belt increased physique by 5% and granted players the Leap Skill, which gave players greater flexibility.

After some consideration, Shi Feng decided to give the boots to Aqua Rose and the belt to Fire Dance. Both women's combat standards ranked among the top in Zero Wing, and they could best utilize the power of these two Epic Equipment pieces.

At this point, Zero Wing lacked peak experts more than anything else. Compared to the various superpowers, the Guild's number of peak experts was pitiful. Moreover, as the various superpowers gathered more peak equipment, Zero Wing's Attribute advantage would decrease. Hence, instead of splitting the Guild's peak equipment among its many experts like the various superpowers, Zero Wing needed to concentrate its resources for greater effect.

After Aqua Rose and Fire Dance equipped their new Epic Equipment, their Basic Attributes soared. Among the two, Fire Dance's current equipment lineup was simply dazzling.

Fire Dance currently wore six pieces of Epic Equipment, as well as the Fragmented Legendary Weapon, Thousand Transformations. Not even a Super Guild's Guild Leader was a match for her equipment now. Even if she encountered a superpower's apex experts, she'd have a high chance of triumphing.

However, the Demonkin King's remaining items delighted Shi Feng far more than the materials, weapons, and equipment the Boss had dropped.

No matter how many Demonkin patrol squads they had killed, he hadn't been able to get his hands on the last fragment of the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design. Fortunately, it had finally dropped from the Guardian Boss, completing the design.

So, this is the Magicbreaking Crossbow? Sure enough, its production method isn't easy. It's no wonder why only superpowers had managed to mass-produce the weapon. Shi Feng could not help his excitement as he gazed at the complete design in his hands.

The Magicbreaking Crossbow had been the perfect tool for ordinary players to combat experts in the past.

Even ordinary, Tier 0 players could defeat Tier 3 and 4 experts with the power of this weapon. Because of this, the various large Guilds had treated it like a precious treasure. Unfortunately, the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design was incredibly rare, and as a result, most Guilds, those that hadn't acquired the design, had only amassed a small stockpile of the tool.

Even Shadow had only collected around 500 crossbows after spending a long time accumulating them. Even so, a 100-man expert team that was fully equipped with Magicbreaking Crossbows could kill a Tier 4 player, much less 500 crossbows.

The only downside to the Magicbreaking Crossbow was that it was a Consumable item. It would disappear once its durability ran out. Hence, Guilds avoided using the weapon unless they had no other choice.

But now that Shi Feng had the complete design, this flaw wouldn't be a problem.

Although crafting the Magicbreaking Crossbow required very rare materials, a Master Engineer, a Master Forger, and a Master Alchemist, these requirements weren't a problem for Zero Wing.

After Shi Feng stored away the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design, he shifted his attention to a small, Magic Crystal box. Among the items the Demonkin King had dropped, this small box's value was only second to the Magicbreaking Crossbow Design.

This item was a Bloodline Box, capable of randomly generating a single Bloodline when opened!

The Bloodline this box would generate would range between Basic and Advanced rank; the box was no less valuable than an ordinary Fragmented Legendary item.

Hopefully, it gives me something good.

Once Divine Providence's Cooldown had ended, Shi Feng took a deep breath and activated the godly Skill. He then activated the Bloodline Box.



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