Chapter 1951 - Superior Vein

After Shi Feng clicked to open the Bloodline Box, a loading bar appeared before him. Once the loading bar was full, the Bloodline Box slowly opened, brilliant, colorful light escaping from under the lid.

The colorful glow instantly attracted the attention of Zero Wing's players.

However, as their gaze rested on the strange box, an imposing aura washed over them. Despite the aura's weak pressure, the players instinctively cowered in fear and reverence. They felt like lowly ants standing before some great being.

The party members only relaxed after the colorful light faded, revealing the Bloodline Box's bounty before Shi Feng.

A crystalline bottle laid inside the Bloodline Box, the silver liquid within radiating a cold, tranquil feeling.

Curious, Shi Feng inspected the bottle.

He had only come across a few Bloodlines in the past, so he couldn't determine what kind of Bloodline the silver liquid was based on appearances alone.

However, upon seeing the silver liquid's Attribute Panel, Shi Feng was stunned.

Space-time Bloodline?!

Shi Feng's hands nearly trembled as he gazed at the silver Bloodline.

Although he did not know much about Bloodlines, he knew that those with the three Supreme Attributes—Illusion, Space, and Time—were incomparably rare in God's Domain.

Although the Bloodline before him was only Basic rank, it was far more valuable than any ordinary Advanced Bloodline. [Space-time Bloodline]

Reduces all Spells' cast-time and Cooldown. Improves Vitality, followed by Intelligence, Endurance, Agility, and Strength.

Amazing! Shi Feng was flabbergasted after reading the Space-time Bloodline's introduction.

While increasing magic damage was extremely important to magical class players in God's Domain, their Spells' cast-time and Cooldowns took precedence. Stronger Spells had longer cast-times, but enemies, be they players or monsters, wouldn't give players a lot of time to cast Spells. As a result, magical class players preferred items that could reduce their cast-times over items that increased magic damage.

Moreover, reducing a Spell's cast-time would also reduce the casting difficulty, which would, in turn, increase a player's Spell Completion Rate.

"Guild Leader, what is that? Its aura is almost like Divine Might," Blackie asked curiously as he looked at the crystalline box in Shi Feng's hands.

It took a lot of effort for even the slightest move when subjected to that aura. Fortunately, the aura had only washed over him for several seconds.

"This? It's something that can guarantee expert players a straight path to the apex of God's Domain!" Shi Feng said, chuckling. "Take a look at its Attributes for yourselves."

Saying so, Shi Feng shared the Space-time Bloodline's Attributes with Blackie, Aqua Rose, Alluring Summer, and Violet Cloud.

"Amazing. Whoever gets this Bloodline will have no trouble completing their Tier 3 Promotion Quest once they get that far," Aqua Rose muttered as she stared at the Space-time Bloodline, entranced. She had never expected to find such an amazing item in God's Domain. Its effects could practically rival a Legacy.

Alluring Summer and the others nodded in agreement.

Just the Basic Attribute growth the Bloodline granted could greatly affect the user's future. In addition, the reduced cast-time and Cooldowns would improve as a player reached higher levels. With this Bloodline, even an ordinary magical class expert could become a peak expert with enough time. If the Guild provided further resources, a somewhat talented player wouldn't have any issues reaching Tier 4 in the future.

Looking at the four people before him, Shi Feng could see the burning passion in their eyes. He suggested, "We can't let this Bloodline just sit around. Why don't you discuss among yourselves and decide who will take this Bloodline?"

The Space-time Bloodline was incomparably valuable. Regardless of which player he gave it to, they'd have no issues reaching Tier 4. Unfortunately, relying on a Basic Bloodline wouldn't be enough to reach Tier 5; they'd also need luck and individual strength.

"I already have my Sea God's Legacy. Let someone else have this Bloodline," Aqua Rose said after giving the matter some thought

"I'll pass, too. I'm normally busy with the Guild's management. I won't be able to put this Bloodline to good use," Blackie said as he swallowed his desire. He also felt that someone else should have it.

"Let's give it to Little Sister Violet. She only has an Advanced Legacy. Her current equipment isn't that great, either, but she has the highest combat standard among us," Alluring Summer suggested. "If Violet uses this Bloodline, it'll be a great help when raiding Dungeons or in PvP in the fields."

"I agree," Aqua Rose said.

Healers were inconspicuous to most players, but as a team commander, Aqua Rose knew how important these players were. If a team had a powerful healer, it would alleviate the pressure on the team's MTs. While Violet Cloud's current weapon and equipment were considered high-quality in the various superpowers, the items weren't anything special in Zero Wing. Compared to her and Alluring Summer, Violet Cloud's equipment standard was lacking. If Violet Cloud obtained the Space-time Bloodline, Zero Wing would have one extra peak expert it could rely on.

"Since everyone has already decided, this is for you, Violet," Shi Feng declared as he handed the Space-time Bloodline to Violet Cloud. Considering his companions' points, he agreed with the wisdom of the decision.

Violet Cloud, who hadn't said anything, was speechless. However, she was quite happy to receive the Space-time Bloodline. With this, her Basic Attributes would no longer be so much lower than the other main force members.

After dealing with the Demonkin King's loot, Shi Feng had Fire Dance lead a small group of players to eliminate some of the scattered Demonkin in the nest while he led the rest of the team to take care of the remaining Demonkin patrol squads. He also had Aqua Rose survey the Manatite vein and calculate the mining volume so they could determine the suitable amount of manpower to dispatch. Although teleporting here would be convenient, each teleportation would consume a large number of Magic Crystals. Hence, it was best to plan properly to maximize their profits. Moreover, as it was still necessary to keep the Manatite vein a secret, it was best to inform as few players about it as possible.

After about four hours, they finally killed the last Demonkin near the Manatite vein. In the end, many of the team's players had risen from Level 57 to 58, and Aqua Rose had completed her survey of the vein.

"Guild Leader, we're rich!" Aqua Rose excitedly announced. "Based on the information I've obtained, the various superpowers' Manatite veins required between 1,500 and 2,000 players to mine at maximum efficiency, and their chances of obtaining Magic Crystals are between 5% to 7%. Meanwhile, after our experiments, we'll only need around 1,600 people to mine at maximum efficiency, but we'll have a 7% to 9% chance of obtaining Magic Crystals. Our vein is almost a superior vein!"

"Alright Dispatch players to mine this vein immediately. I'll leave the management to you. Keep the vein confidential," Shi Feng said, nodding. This outcome didn't particularly surprise him. He had long since known that Kama Island's Manatite vein was a superior vein. Otherwise, he wouldn't have chosen to capture it first.

"Also, Guild Leader, I received a message from the Secret Pavilion some time ago, starting that Miracle has issued a Red Annihilation Order on Zero Wing. Moreover, Miracle has secretly dispatched a large number of experts to the Black Dragon Empire. The Guild likely plans to attack our Branch Guild members," Aqua Rose said worriedly.

"They have trouble striking us in Star-Moon Kingdom, so they're starting with the Black Dragon Empire?" Shi Feng chuckled. He then said, "Alright, I got it For now, just focus on the Manatite vein. I'll prove to Miracle that Zero Wing isn't just unshakable in Star-Moon Kingdom, but in the Black Dragon Empire, as well!"



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