Chapter 1955 - Foothold

"A surprise?" Gentle Snow watched Shi Feng on the screen in confusion.

Naturally, she welcomed the confrontation with Miracle, but it was a very powerful super-first-rate Guild. Moreover, based on Miracle's reaction, the Guild seemed quite intent on Zero Wing's destruction. Defeating their 50,000-man army wouldn't be easy. There was also a huge difference between the number of experts in Zero Wing and those in Miracle.

"Mhm. In a moment, I want you to visit Zero Wing City's Candlelight Trading Firm. I've got something good for you," Shi Feng said, nodding.

If this had happened before he had obtained the Basic Combat Device Design, he wouldn't have dared to drop all pretenses with Miracle on Kama Island. Any superpower was terrifying once it got serious, after all.

He had watched superpowers slaughter many large Guilds in the past, including plenty of first-rate Guilds. Top-ranked first- rate Guilds might put up a fight against super-first-rate Guilds and Super Guilds normally, but in a serious confrontation, they had no hope of surviving.

"Alright, I'll head there now!" Seeing Shi Feng solemn expression, Gentle Snow understood that the item he spoke of was immensely important. Otherwise, he wouldn't have told her to make the trip personally.

After Gentle Snow disconnected the call, she took out a Guild Transfer Scroll and teleported to Zero Wing City's Residence. She then donned a Black Cloak and made her way toward the Candlelight Trading Firm.

Candlelight Trading Firm, Shi Feng's Special Forging Room:

As Gentle Snow entered the workshop, she could feel the strange Mana in the room. It felt particularly violent. Logically, players should feel clearheaded in places with high Mana density, but she felt her blood boil and her heart pound as she entered the room.

"What are these?" Gentle Snow asked as she around the room at the pitch-black Rubik's cubes. She could sense that these cubes were the cause of the strange Mana.

"These are Basic Combat Devices, and the items I wanted to give you," Shi Feng, who was in the midst of forging another Basic Combat Device, explained as he stopped his work.

The magic arrays engraved on the Basic Combat Devices were extraordinary, capable of changing the nature of Mana. If he hadn't been an Advanced Magician, he wouldn't have been able to complete the devices.

Despite their passive state, the Basic Combat Devices were still effective. Even though the effects were much weaker in this state, they changed the room's Mana as the pile of cubes increased.

"Basic Combat Device?" This was the first time Gentle Snow had heard of this item.

"You'll know once you inspect them," Shi Feng said as he traded one of the completed devices to Gentle Snow.

Outsiders couldn't inspect or take items in a workshop in God's Domain to prevent theft. After all, the materials within workshops were extremely valuable.

Gentle Snow was dazed as she inspected the Basic Combat Device's Attributes.

Not only could one of these devices increase a player's Life Rating by one grade, but it could also increase Skill and Spell Completion Rates. She had never heard of such a tool.

The various powers had already investigated the Life Rating feature and understood its implications.

After equipping the Basic Combat Device, players would become Boss-like existences among their peers. They'd receive an overall increase to their strength.

"Guild Leader, are all of these cubes the same?!" Gentle Snow could not help but ask, shocked, as she surveyed the pitch- black Rubik's cubes around the room.

Although Shi Feng had said as much, she needed confirmation. The revelation was just too shocking.

Most tools that increased players' combat power only improved one or several aspects. Take a tool that increased players' Strength, for example. The Strength boost might increase a player's combat power, but if the player couldn't land an attack, it would be meaningless.

Unlike most tools that increased combat power, the Basic Combat Devices increased their user's Life Rating, which was far more effective than increasing several Attributes. A Life Rating boost wouldn't just improve a player's Basic Attributes, but it would also sharpen players' five senses and qualitatively transform their physique. With such an overall boost, players could better exhibit their combat power.

Gentle Snow couldn't believe that so many of these valuable items existed.

"Not all of them are the same." Pointing at the two Rubik's cubes on his worktable, Shi Feng said, "These two are Strengthened Basic Combat Devices. Although there's no change to Life Rating, it provides an additional 10% to physique. It will help players better-exhibit their combat power."

These two Strengthened versions were a result of his Blacksteel Insignia's effect, which improved an item's Attributes by a fixed percentage.

"Ten percent to physique?" Gentle Snow gaped at the items.

Basic Combat Device was already impressively powerful, yet there were Strengthened versions of it as well.

While a 10% boost to physique might not seem like much, it significantly increased a player's actual combat power.

"I have only started production. Take these and use them for now. It's best if you let the Guild's Tier 2 experts test them," Shi Feng said as he traded the 22 Basic Combat Devices and Strengthened Basic Combat Devices to Gentle Snow. "I'll deliver more Basic Combat Devices later. However, do not engage Miracle in any large-scale fights before you get the next delivery."

Although he wanted to use the Hell Tanks, they were necessary to fend off Beast Emperor and Blackwater. If they found out that the Hell Tanks had been moved to the Black Dragon Empire, they'd take advantage of the opportunity to strike at Zero Wing's territory. The best he could do was rely on the Basic Combat Devices.

"I understand." Gentle Snow nodded.

Thus far, Zero Wing's forces had used guerilla tactics against Miracle, and the Basic Combat Devices were perfect for that strategy. Zero Wing had the upper-hand numerically, only lacking quality experts. Besides, Miracle's ordinary experts weren't the cause of her headaches; its peak experts were.

Peak experts could exhibit far greater combat power in small fights than in large-scale combat.

However, if Zero Wing's Tier 2 experts equipped the Basic Combat Device, they might be able to put up a good fight.

Following which, Gentle Snow returned to Lake Heart City with the 22 Basic Combat Devices. She then recalled all of the Guild's Tier 2 experts in the area, anxious to test the devices' effects.

Meanwhile, in one of Lake Heart City's high-class restaurants...

"Boss Soul, we've just received a report from the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion. Zero Wing has sent a 100-man team to quest in Blue Wave Rock," a Level 58, Tier 2 Assassin reported after approaching Shredded Soul.

"Zero Wing still won't give up?" Shredded Soul chuckled. "Notify the nearby teams and get rid of them. Teach Zero Wing that it no longer has a foothold in Lake Heart City!"



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