Chapter 1976 - Ancient God's Secret Key

Shi Feng could not help but grow a little excited as he looked at the Red Luminaires Stone tablet in his hand.

The Ancient God's Secret Key was an extremely rare item in God's Domain, even rivaling Fragmented Legendary items.

However, the Ancient God's Secret Key was different from Fragmented Legendary items. Fragmented Legendary items could only be obtained by killing powerful bosses, completing Epic or above Quests, or opening Epic or above Treasure Chests. Fortunately, the Ancient God's Secret Key had of chance of dropping from monsters that resided in the various Otherworlds. Of course, the monsters had to be Level 50 Great Lords or above.

In the past, the various major powers had all sought an Ancient God's Secret Key, but the drop-rate was painfully low. Moreover, players' Luck Attribute wouldn't affect the drop-rate, and as a result, regardless of how hard the various major powers grinded for this item, very few had actually obtained one.

"Guild Leader, is it very valuable?" Alluring Summer asked when she saw Shi Feng's excited expression.

"Of course! It is extremely valuable!" Shi Feng nodded. "You could say that it's just as valuable as an Epic Treasure Chest!"

"An Epic Treasure Chest?" When Alluring Summer heard Shi Feng's claim, her eyes glowed as she gazed at the Ancient God's Secret Key.

An Epic Treasure Chest had a very high chance of yielding Epic items. Thus, they were undoubtedly precious to the various large Guilds. Most Guilds only had a small number of Epic items at this stage of the game, and only the Guild's upper echelons or peak experts qualified to use them.

Even in Zero Wing, Epic items were extremely rare. In total, Zero Wing had less than 100 Epic items, and that was already enough to attract the various first-rate Guilds' jealousy.

"However, we can't use this key yet. We need to be strong enough to obtain an Epic item. Otherwise, we will simply waste the Ancient God's Secret Key," Shi Feng said as he stored the key away. He had no intention of using the key right now. Instead, he commanded Zero Wing's members to move deeper into the forbidden land and grind its numerous Field Bosses.

The Ancient God's Secret Key was akin to an Epic Treasure Chest, but unlike a Treasure Chest, players had to rely on their strength to obtain the key's harvest, not luck. Meanwhile, the greater one's survivability was, the more they'd gain from the Ancient God's Secret Key.

There had even been rumors in the past about a superpower obtaining a Fragmented Legendary item from the Secret Key.

With a single Fragmented Legendary item, a Guild could easily nurture a peak expert. It would even of even greater help when players challenged their Tier 4 and 5 Promotion Quests.

That was why all of the various major powers had coveted the Ancient God's Secret Key. Fragmented Legendary items were extraordinarily valuable, and even after a decade in God's Domain, first-rate Guilds had only collected a small number of them. Second-rate Guilds had been lucky if they had one or two Fragmented Legendary items.

Now that he had an Ancient God's Secret Key, he had to be careful with how he used it.

Of course, Shi Feng had no intention of letting it sit around and collect dust. Each Secret Key had a one-week expiration. Whether players used it or not, it would disappear after seven days, so it wasn't possible to save the key until it was most valuable.

Shi Feng then handed the three Resuscitation Potion Recipes to Aqua Rose, instructing her to bring them to Melancholic Smile and start the potion's production as soon as possible.

The potion's necessary materials weren't particularly valuable. There had only been such a small supply of these potions in the past, despite the high demand, due to the recipe's rarity.

God's Domain's superpowers had yet to obtain a Resuscitation Potion Recipe, making this the perfect opportunity for Zero Wing to make a fortune. Once the various superpowers secured the recipes, though, Zero Wing's profits through the potion would plummet. It was the same case with the Strengthening Devices. Initially, Zero Wing had earned quite a bit from selling the devices, but as more superpowers and first-rate Guilds had obtained the Strengthening Device Design, the competition had increased. As a result, Zero Wing's profits from the device had steadily decreased.

Since the Resuscitation Potion didn't exist on the market yet, Zero Wing could monopolize the potion's sales.

Zero Wing wasn't like the various superpowers. Not only did the various superpowers have a lot of territory in the game, but they also had support from major corporations. Superpowers didn't have to worry about resources or funds since the corporations backing them provided a constant supply. However, Zero Wing didn't have that kind of support, relying on its own power to acquire funds and resources.

Unfortunately, developing a Guild's territory and increasing member-count required a lot of both.

This was especially true for the situation in the Ore Empire. While Zero Wing had been preoccupied with Miracle, according to the Secret Pavilion's report, Blackwater had made significant progress in raiding the Ore Capital City's armory, obtaining quite a few war weapons. In addition, the Guild had recently occupied another fortress in the Ore Empire. Due to this success, Blackwater had transferred even more members from its main headquarters to the Ore Empire.

Moreover, Beast Emperor, Blackwater, and Dark Soul had secretly formed an alliance and intended to take over the Ore Empire. Annihilating Zero Wing was the first step in their plan.

The alliance between these three powers wasn't good news for Zero Wing.

Most importantly, unlike Blackwater and Dark Soul, Beast Emperor and Zero Wing were irreconcilable enemies. Shi Feng had severed Beast Emperor's path to promotion, and an active Evil God's Temple still existed within Star-Moon Kingdom. So long as these two factors continued, only one could survive the war between Zero Wing and Beast Emperor.

Hence, Shi Feng needed to prepare for this eventuality. Silverwing couldn't withstand a joint assault from these three powers with its current defenses.

After organizing the rest of the loot, Shi Feng continued to lead Zero Wing's members as they gradually cleared out the monsters in the forbidden land's outer region, venturing farther towards its core.

Although the forbidden land's outer region was home to a lot of monsters, the strongest in the area were Grand Lords. With Void Field's suppression, Zero Wing easily took care of these monsters, and although they would respawn after some time, there weren't as many as there had been initially. Once they had limited the population, Level 60, Tier 2 experts would have no problems grinding these monsters efficiently, even without the Void Field. Zero Wing's players would be fine as long as they didn't provoke the Grand Lords.

As the team reached the forbidden land's inner region, their gazes settled on a gigantic, scaled lizard.

[Void Lizard] (Void Creature, Mythic Rank) Level 70

HP 600,000,000/600,000,000

Shi Feng had formed a 1,000-man team to raid the Void Lizard, over 600 of which were Tier 2 players, and the lowest- leveled among them was Level 60.

Once everyone was in position, Shi Feng had Cola, now Level 61, begin the raid.

If they had to face the Void Lizard under normal conditions, Shi Feng would have kept his players as far from the Mythic Boss as possible. Level 60 players had no hope of taking down a Level 70 Mythic monster, and even a Tier 2 MT like Cola would only be able to tank the Boss if he activated his Berserk Skill.

However, they didn't have to fight under normal circumstances. The strengthened Void Field was still in effect, and the Void Lizard's Basic Attributes had decreased by 20%. In addition, Shi Feng had nine members of the team utilize the Nine-stars Polar Domain Magic Array to suppress the Void Lizard further, ensuring that the Boss only retained 70% of its Basic Attributes. With it this weak, even Cola could tank the Void Lizard without a Berserk Skill, albeit barely.

Unfortunately, the team wasn't able to deal much damage to the Boss due to the level suppression. Even among the Tier 2 damage dealers, very few dealt more than -10,000 damage. However, with players like Shi Feng and Zero Wing's core upper echelons, all of whom had monstrous Attributes, the team's total DPS exceeded the Void Lizard's battle recovery, steadily whittling away the Mythic monster's HP.

90%... 60%... 30%...

When the Void Lizard had 30% of its HP remaining, the Boss went Berserk. In response, Shi Feng ordered his team to activate their Berserk Skills to endure the Void Lizard's berserk period. After more than an hour, the team eventually defeated the Mythic Boss.

As the Void Lizard died, everyone on the 1,000-man team received an abundance of EXP. Cola and a few other Level 61 players instantly rose to Level 62, and the other Tier 2 players watched their experience bars increase by a sizable chunk. As for Shi Feng, a golden glow enveloped his body as he climbed from 69 to 70.



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